The CEO's loser wife
50 She has a boy toy Part 3
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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50 She has a boy toy Part 3

Disturbed by the noise, Su Lin walked out.

" What happened ?"

Runyan hesitated for a split second and then made up her mind. "Aha Ha ha .. sorry sis .. nothing nothing.. my bad. Carry on"

She quickly closed the tab and opened something else. Unfortunately for her, Su Lin caught the awkwardness and the strange behavior.

"Lying to me now huh?"

"It's really nothing. Oh look at that ... phone is ringing. More orders ?! Can you see who is on the phone sis ? I am too lazy to get up from here"

Changing the topic smoothly this time, Runyan continued working on making more herbal moisturizer mix.
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When a loud blaring voice on the phone interrupted both of them.

"You are a plague on this family Su Lin !!! Even after the divorce, do you have to disgrace us like this !! How much did you pay the reporters this time !! Aren't you ashamed to be called Mrs. Meng still ?!"

Hrmmm.. no need to even think hard. This was obviously the other Mrs. Meng, mama Meng. Her shrill voice was pretty hard to imitate. Su Lin chuckled amusedly, wondering what erupted this time ?!

Mama Meng's shrill voice continued in the phone, "Why are you not replying you dumb girl ?! When are you planning on leaving this family alone ?"

And another voice, now a much more melodious one could also be heard in the background, expressing a lot of understanding and concern.

"Please aunty. Don't scold her so much. She must be very upset that Shi left her. She is probably doing all these out of desperation. If Shi ever hated me, I will also be very depressed."

Su Lin sneered. These two drama queens.. Why is her life full of special characters sigh.. I hate dealing with these pests ... arghh..

"Listen madam Meng. I don't know what you are talking about and it would do you some good to not call me again. I will not repeat this a second time."

"Woah .. Look at this !! Someone is talking big ! Shameless bitch. Do you think I enjoy talking to you ! I am giving you the same warning. Don't bother our family again ! Else you will regret it."

Mama Meng cut the call fuming in anger. Even that trash is talking back to me these days huh.

Shi Meng, mama Meng and Tang Yue, who had barged in earlier that morning, were having breakfast, chatting and gossiping.

Shi Meng occasionally responded and was getting ready to leave for office, when Tang Yue purposefully showed mama Meng the latest gossip about Su Lin.

These past few months had been very difficult for her. At first, she was elated because Su Lin had disappeared somewhere out of sight for months together.

Tang Yue herself had confirmed this by visiting Su Lin's store and home. But then this blonde bitch Angela Hissenger almost ruined her life, by constantly hanging around and hogging Shi Meng.

And worst of all, Angela was on a completely different level than Tang Yue and she knew it. Family background, beauty, intelligence, wealth and what not, she can't even be compared with Angela.

That blonde bitch had everything in excess! But she didn't have the favor of mama Meng though! So Tang Yue had been hanging out more and more with mama Meng at her house.

And it looked like they were both on the same page as well! Mama Meng even broached the topic of Shi Meng remarrying last week.

Though .... all he did was smirk sarcastically and walk away.

But Tang Yue did not care about that one bit. Because more than anything, Shi Meng was a filial son. If mama Meng stresses it enough, he wouldn't hesitate to even drink poison.

That's how grandpa Meng had gotten him to marry Su Lin in the first place. If it was up to him, he would have just stayed on as a bachelor.

And then this morning, a juicy snippet flashed in Tang Yue's notifications. If anything, it was only normal to put an alert on your romantic rival !

And of course, she timed it perfectly and showed both mama Meng and Shi Meng this new and exciting gossip.

Yes, she couldn't touch Angela but Su Lin was a piece of joke. That trash is done for now. There is absolutely no chance for her to come back from this !!

"Mrs. Meng's latest acquirement !"

"Mrs. Meng has a new boy toy in town"

"Su Lin and her conquests: disgrace to entire female society."

Interestingly, neither Shi Meng nor Tang Yue was behind the scandal this time around.

An over enthusiastic young and naive female reporter wanted to get ahead in her career through some exclusive content.

And what news could be hotter than the recently divorced couple, leaving behind a most eligible bachelor in the city !

She hung around Su Lin's place in vain for months now and she was finally rewarded ! She got to see a pretty boy being intimately shoved inside the house by Su Lin.

And just as expected, the news picked up like wild fire !! Everybody wanted to know more about this new handsome hunk who is a mystery!

He was dressed messily and was literally in really cheap worn out clothes. But who cared about that !! This guy was just too good for the eyes !!

The stunning looks and the perfect build, coupled with a manly aura made everyone stare at his weird hazy picture.

And this was the real reason why this small piece of information suddenly gathered mass !

And to make matters worse, no one could find anything about him online. He was just a random nobody, adding more mystery and spice to the scandalous news.


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