The CEO's loser wife
49 She has a boy toy Part 2
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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49 She has a boy toy Part 2

After recovering from her initial shock, Su Lin stuttered, "What on earth are you doing here ?!!"

Not even giving him time to answer, she grabbed his hand and dragged him inside.

"Slow down honey. I am not going anywhere." Luther chuckled wryly and felt very amused with this welcome.

For some reason, he had expected a different treatment ... he he... looks like this cutie has already fallen for me..

Breaking his day dream into a million pieces, Su Lin pushed him roughly onto the couch. "Why are you here ?"

She had already tried to scan their surroundings and check for any suspicious auras or unusual number of people.

But there is only so much she can detect, after all only her first stage soul core was healed.

Also this was a civilian place and not in the middle of a mountain or a forest ! There was no point in scanning for suspicious people. There are people everywhere!

There is no way she will be able to return any blows or protect herself even if someone attacked them.

And this guy had like a million war wounds on his body. What the heck is a thug like him doing in my extraordinarily normal home.. Su Lin was flipping out..

Realizing her frustration, disappointment flashed across Luther's face. "Sorry babe. Don't worry. I am here alone and it's completely safe."

Su Lin rolled her eyes and looked at him up and down. Somehow the words coming out of your mouth, doesn't match your looks !!!

"You .... why are you here ?" Su Lin asked a bit flustered. Something about him made her feel very uncomfortable.

It was weird.. it was as if he had the aura of a king.. demanding her submission to him.

Look at him sitting on the couch... tsk.. tsk.. not even a bit of modesty.

Hmph. He is not all that. I already have my hands full with one bum ! I definitely do not need another prettier one.

"Hrmmm.. ahem ahem .. after a lot of thought I have decided something." Luther spoke seriously.

Growing more and more impatient and flustered by the second, Su Lin tapped her feet. "And ..?"

Adjusting his thick long black hair, he puffed out his chest and then suddenly stood up and declared, "I am yours."

"Ughh huh ?"

But Luther didn't bother explaining further....

Leaving a stunned Su Lin staring at him, he put his feet across the couch and closed his eyes, all set and ready to take a nap.

And adding to this ...

Without bothering to open his eyes, he murmured. "Babe I need lunch soon, I am starving. Some grilled chicken legs with teriyaki sauce would be awesome. Thanks dear."

Babe ? Dear ? What the fuck ?!! This guy ... I will deal with him later. She looked at Runyan helplessly, who was equally dazed and confused.

Su Lin stepped out or rather ran out of the house, with a lot of herbal supplies and went to her shop in the hospital district with Runyan.

"Wow.. Sis.. You didn't tell me you had a handsome boy friend ?!" Runyan remarked, slowly broaching the topic.

Su Lin who was calm, just a second ago, immediately flared up. "In what angle does that homeless fellow look handsome to you ?! Wait, who the hell is my boyfriend ?"
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Runyan chuckled and shrugged her shoulders.

"If I knew this would happen, I would have definitely let him die in the forest. Fuck ..", and the cursing continued for a good amount of time.

After learning what had happened, Runyan was tearing up with laughter and gave a thumbs up to Su Lin. "Don't worry sis. So far, it doesn't feel like he means any harm ?"

"Hmm.. But what about the people who attacked him ? Forget it. Let's first see if he is still home when we get back in the evening. ughh ... This is going to be a headache."

Su Lin put this anomaly off her mind and grabbed her supply of herbs.

Comfortably settling down with Runyan, she started explaining and demonstrating to her, the process of making herbal moisturizing mixture.

As she was showing Runyan, picking up each and every herb individually, Su Lin could feel that her senses have gotten deeper and she could understand these now much better.

After a few minutes, Su Lin went inside the shop to study the herbs further and asked Runyan to not let anyone disturb her.

"Roger that sis." Runyan repeatedly nodded her head smiling in an obedient manner like a fanatic. She was very impressed with Su Lin's god-like understandings and explanations of herbology.

Even her previous monastery elder might not be as knowledgeable as Su Lin in this field. How did sis get so good at such a young age ?!

Shrugging her shoulders, Runyan went back to work and before long she started getting bored.

Thinking that she might as well catch up on some celebrity gossip, she was browsing weibo for a bit.

After a few minutes, Runyan let out an yelp and her eyes almost popped from her socket. "Su Lin is famous !!!"


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