The CEO's loser wife
48 She has a boy toy Part 1
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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48 She has a boy toy Part 1

Grandpa Han pushed open the front door and dashed in, "What happened child !! It's been 4 months now. You know how to make a old man worry kid !"

"Sorry grandpa"

"Just one phone call child ? You know you can do better." and .... the lecturing went on for a while...

Luckily for Su Lin, Runyan woke up and walked downstairs to check out the commotion.

She had grown out her hair these past few months and was looking more normal now.

A few smiles and exchange of pleasantries later, grandpa Han's mood finally changed and he left after chatting for a few minutes.

Su Lin lazily yawned and stretched, walking out to check on the growth of her herbs.

She really did not have any expectations of Wang Yu and was pretty sure she had to start everything all over again.

But to her surprise, all the plants were well taken care of and had grown quite lush.

Impressed with the effort, Su Lin searched for Wang Yu around the garden, when he swaggered in from outside, "And here I thought you were already dead or something!"

Looking at the lazy figure with his usual cigarette in the mouth, Su Lin didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"Looks like you have been a busybody."

"Oh you have absolutely no idea. Get in here." Wang Yu ignored Runyan and dragged Su Lin to her laptop.
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Soon there was an eye catching website staring at Su Lin's face. "Organicaa"

Wang Yu explained how this allows them to cater to a wider public and offer them the convenience of shopping from home.

Su Lin listened for a while, but she had her own doubts. Luxury products and online shopping seemed to be two clashing ideas.

From what she gleaned about Shi Meng's mom and her friends, they seemed to prefer visiting stores, and the chatter and gossip accompanying that experience.

But the convenience couldn't be ignored..

Before Su Lin could express her doubts, Wang Yu did several clicks on the screen. "Here you have some 20 pre-orders."

He then threw the office keys and walked out disappearing into the garden.

"Oh and consider that money from the products my salary.. he he he"

Chuckling Su Lin told Runyan, "I bet he did this just so that he didn't have to go to that office space everyday."

"You are lucky ! You seem to have some nice and caring people in your life." Runyan smiled.

"Hmmmm... Ha ha .. I guess you could say that. " Only she knew that this poor girl didn't have anyone and ended up committing suicide.

"So .... what do you plan on doing now ?" Su Lin asked.

Shrugging her shoulders, Runyan made an innocent helpless face. "I used to work several jobs before. I suppose I should start job hunting again."

There was a pained uninterested expression in her face, that was impossible to not notice. But she didn't want to offer more help. Sometimes too much of something can be smothering and suffocating.

Su Lin made some herbal tea for both of them and scanned through this new website again, while casually suggesting, "You should just relax and take a break for a while."

"Oh better yet. Help me please ! Look at this. I need to make all this product !!!! It's so boring. I would rather work on something else. Please please pretty please."

Looking at this woman awkwardly acting cute with puppy dog eyes, Runyan laughed and snorted, with a little bit of tea coming out.

"Yes yes anything for you sis."

Discussing with Runyan for a while, Su Lin stepped out to gather some herbs from the garden.

Now that she had reached stage 1 soul sense, she should be able to understand these herbs better and dig deeper into their uses.

Getting busy, she gathered everything she needed and sat in the courtyard for a long session of analysis and more analysis.

She looked so focused and happy that Runyan didn't even have the heart to bother her for lunch or dinner.

It was almost midnight, when Su Lin was forced to acknowledge the loud grumbling sounds coming out from her stomach and reluctantly got up from her work space.

"Finally !!!" Runyan exclaimed. "I am dying from hunger here babe !"

"Ha ha. I am too apparently. Let's go grab some food."

Runyan and Su Lin walked out the house, when Su Lin saw that familiar sight of Wang Yu sitting outside and smoking like a chimney.

"What is it with you and sitting outside the house ?! Can't you get inside like a normal person." Su Lin chided him.

When suddenly, Wang Yu's slender bony hand extended and handed over the cigarette to someone else...

There wasn't just one bum sitting at her doorstep anymore.

Now they seemed to have multiplied and there was a new one on the other side.

"Fuck .." Su Lin was startled and took a step back, as if she had seen a ghost.

What the hell is he doing here ?!!


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