The CEO's loser wife
47 I got you
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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47 I got you

It was a bright rainy afternoon and without being concerned about the slippery rocks, Luther jogged across his usual path with tremendous ease, his eyes scanning for Su Lin.

It's been almost 3 months now. He saw that young woman sitting in the same pose every day and every night. And....

He could barely keep monkey in control any longer. He had become too infatuated with the idea of her.

He he. Chuckling Luther crossed the usual spot and watched that woman getting drenched and sitting cross legged from a distance. "She is going to catch a cold"

Smiling at the totally lost and oblivious woman, he was just about to take another step, when Su Lin suddenly opened her eyes and looked right at him.

There were several trees and shrubs between them. So Su Lin couldn't exactly see him but she could sense that someone was there.

Surprised and shocked, Luther suddenly stumbled and almost fell down. The next instant, Su Lin went back to her closed eyes meditative pose again, leaving behind a perplexed man.
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Luther shook it off and continued with his workout, just a bit confused. What in the hell ?

After he was a good distance away, Su Lin slowly opened her eyes with a smile on her face. She was finally done! She did it.

It was unbelievable and she had completely given up on the thought of it. But now she did it! Stage one soul core completely healed and stabilized.

With this she will be able to extend her soul sense like a blanket and scan everything. Only experts at a higher stage than her will be able to hide their presence or conceal any poison.

But oh wait ?! She was the highest tier expert here ! With a smug and satisfied expression, Su Lin got up from her place and prepared to go back down for good.

There was still some amount of spiritual energy left in the mountain, but it was at a much higher elevation. It was not possible to scale this humongous mountain peak to get at those bits.

And it was better to let the stage one soul core stabilize for a while. Considering these limitations, she decided to return to the city for now.

This much progress should be enough for now. At least she can protect herself a bit.

Deciding to return back to the city, she climbed down reluctantly. She felt at home in these forests and hated to part with them.

She was almost out of the third mountain layer when suddenly she felt a huge disturbance a good distance away from her.

Sensing danger, she immediately hurried, rushing in the opposite direction and back to the monastery. Climbing down was relatively easier and she literally slided and skidded for most parts of it.

The wet and slippery rain didn't help at all. She almost got out of the danger zone, when she saw a familiar figure wounded and bleeding. It was the handsome bum !!!

The handsome bum was sprawled against a rock and was barely breathing. His body had more scars and wounds, than the last time she had seen him.

Now that she had the power of her complete stage 1 soul core, she could immediately sense that he was in mortal danger.

Stopping in her tracks, she turned back to look at him hesitantly. Did she really need to get involved?

She herself was pretty powerless. All she could do was sense and scan things. She was a nothing and nobody when it came to combat.

If those people catch up to them, she too will be as good as dead. But ....

She just couldn't let someone stay on the death door and keep walking, especially knowing that she had the power to change that fate.

Su Lin's heart rate sped up and she made an instant decision.

Neither here nor there, she decided to help him for a second and then be on her way. She quickly sprang next to him and propped his head on her lap.

Luther was helpless. He could only lay there and be subjected to whatever she was going to do.

He coughed up some blood and just watched her calmly. His sharp eyes searched for a meaning and reason, but he did not show any fear or pain.

She slowly moved her hand over his body and identified the shrapnel that was close to his heart, threatening his life.

Without hesitation, she inserted her hand into his wound and dislodged the shrapnel to a safer location.

In the middle of no where and in under a minute, this was the best help she could provide him.

Gently placing him back down again, Su Lin ran away, without looking back. She could already sense people approaching them.

Watching her disappearing figure, Luther groaned and stared at her. He forced himself to stay conscious.

If he closed his eyes, even for a second, then it would all be over. He had to stay conscious to survive.

And .... Su Lin had sensed correctly. Soon a few burly thug like men showed up next to Luther.

But she was wrong. These were not enemies.

"Boss boss boss" Monkey ran forward with all his might.

"Panther get the hell over here and diagnose his condition."

A man wearing spectacles stepped forward and checked on Luther.

After a few minutes he gasped in surprise, "Our boss is lucky. The bullet barely missed his heart. Let's get him to a safer location. There is no danger to his life at the moment."

The six or so men got to work and completely evacuated their hideout from the Kawa Karpo peak, taking their boss to a different location.

Soon, two helicopters left the forest area and just like that, within minutes, the entire mountainous region was restored back to its natural peace and serenity.


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