The CEO's loser wife
46 I have dibs on her
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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46 I have dibs on her

Su Lin grunted and heaved finally reaching the edges of the mountain's third layer. It was not quite where she wanted to be but it could potentially be just barely enough.

Holding on to a couple of sturdy rocks for her dear life, she crawled forward and propped herself against a nearby tree.

Closing her eyes she slowly tried to concentrate. She extended her wounded soul sense and tried to reach the fog like sheet of dispersed spiritual energy.

Yup. This was going to be painful and take a pitifully long time. This concentration of energy was way too low. But still, there was only a smile on Su Lin's face.

Like a fisher man waiting for the fish with the casted net, Su Lin patiently waited for the energy molecules to randomly and entropically reach her soul sense. There was no other way.

And with this insanely low concentration, no mortal living in this world, with an undeveloped soul could even touch this energy. So there was absolutely no competition of any kind.

Soon hours passed and days passed.... The entire thing was extremely boring and inefficient. But what to do ?! Sigh.

An entire month passed and Su Lin finally managed to collect about 5% of that foggy dusted energy. Even this much had a tremendous amount of effect.

During this time, she also had to take several trips up and down to replenish her food reserves and check back with Runyan.

The absorbed energy coupled with the frequent rock climbing improved her physical fitness as well.

Today she was finally able to climb that additional few meters and reach the spot she aimed for.

Grinning she sat down on the lush green ground and absorbed the energy veil like a vacuum cleaner. Her wounded soul quivered and ate the dispersed spiritual energy like a starved animal.

This process was much faster in comparison and within a few minutes, she had completely absorbed everything in this area. This had been a very satisfying and fruitful trip!

Grinning she decided to go back down to the monastery to celebrate this small victory with Runyan.

"Are you going back up again ?" Runyan still couldn't understand her friend's motive and asked.

"Yup. Let's just say my work is only half done." Su Lin grinned and continued wolfing down the food.

"As long as you are feeling better!" Runyan had long back given up convincing Su Lin to stop this madness.

After a good night's rest, Su Lin came back up to her usual spot again. She sat down trying to consolidate all the gathered energy.

Forming a stage 1 soul sense needed a lot of energy, but healing a stage 1 wounded soul sense didn't need much.

When Su Lin transmigrated to this world, all her soul cultivation completely broke down but the foundation was still there.

This should hopefully restore her basic stage 1 soul sense. And thus another month passed in silent isolation....

"Boss the cutie is at it again ! What do you think she is doing ?" Monkey wondered.


"Boss I think I am going to go for it. Jump in with my arms open. Do the deed. Go to town. It's time for me to get a girl friend."


"Boss listen I know that look. You damn womanizer. Cutie is all mine okay. I saw her first. I have dibs on her. You were sleeping when she peed on you."


"Boss... please....."


"Hmph. Let the best man win !"

Panther and some other guys had returned back from their respective missions and the cave was pretty lively today.

"Who are you guys fighting over ? That woman sitting near the tree and crying everyday ?"

Monkey immediately got defensive and retorted, "hey she is not crying okay ! It's called finding inner peace."

"Pfftt.. find your sister. I bet some dude dropped her ugly ass and missy is crying everyday to get over it."

Watching the shenanigans, Luther chuckled and remained silent. But monkey continued roaring, "hey hey she is not ugly okay. She is pretty darn cute."

"Loser. You need to get the hell out and do some missions once in a while. She is an ugly ass bitch compared to those blonde babes in California !"

"Say whatever you want, she is my princess!" Monkey puffed out his chest and declared.

Then noticing the silent Luther, "boss I don't like this silence. Open your mouth and say something."


"Boss boss come on now"

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"You heartless bastard." the burly man called monkey whined.

"He he.... it does get lonely here.. think I might need a girl friend as well", Luther winked at monkey with an evil grin and left for his daily work out.

"Ha ha ha sorry monkey. Looks like you are out of luck."

"Too bad monkey"

"You will get your chance the next time for sure"

"Bastards you are all laughing aren't you! Why god ?! Why me?! How will I ever get a chance when that bastard seduces everything in sight ! Why did you make that fucking womanizer more handsome than me."

Monkey cursed and sulked and went back to his room, leaving behind a sea of mocking giggles and chuckles.


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