The CEO's loser wife
44 Is he dead ? Part 1
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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44 Is he dead ? Part 1

After a few hours of rest, Su Lin finally heaved a sigh of relief and was able to relax. Runyan had invited her to stay in her unit for the night.

Clearing her mind and sitting in a cross legged position, Su Lin again tried to focus and sense any potential spiritual energy presence.

After almost three hours of silence, a loud shriek was heard from Su Lin's bed. Startled Runyan woke up and checked on Su Lin.

"Girl you almost gave me a heart attack. Are you okay?"
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And Su Lin just grabbed her and shook her, grinning wildly and laughing like a lunatic.

"I am back baby ! Fucking shit heads. Did you hear that ?! I am back."

Runyan got scared and backed away slowly. "Umm.. is everything alright sis? Some food maybe or water ?"

Still laughing like a lunatic Su Lin patted her shoulders and smiled. "He he he . I have never been better ! Ha ha ha. Everything is perfect! Ha ha ha. You go to sleep. I don't think I will get any tonight."

Su Lin closed her eyes and went back to meditation. She searched for that familiar energy sensation again. Her soul quivered in joy and cradled the energy wisp like it was a precious treasure.

Su Lin's previous world has high amounts of spiritual energy. The air, water, soil and everything contained rich spiritual energy. Cultivators were able to harness that energy and build strong cores, which essentially strengthened their soul.

A strong soul was immortal. Your blood might dry, bones might break and your body might decay, but your soul lived forever. Su Lin had reached the final core stage and a grand master alchemist at that.

So she was able to successfully evade the soul-crushing attacks from the old foggies and escape into this world.

This world was dry and devoid of any spiritual energy. But like a rain drop in a dessert, this wisp of spiritual energy was hiding in plain sight, spread like a thin layer of fog, all over the wild unexplored regions of the Kawa Karpo mountain peak.

This small wisp of energy Su Lin sensed was almost useless and infinitesimally smaller than what was needed to strengthen and heal her wounded soul.

But it was more than enough to get her to a fully healed first stage soul core. With this first stage soul core, she can expand her spiritual sense more throughly and would be able to see through most things.

This was actually a basic stage which almost everyone reached in her previous world. But she was still very excited about it ! At least now she won't be taken down by something as simple as food poisoning.

"Fucking shit heads. Try drugging me now bitches." Su Lin was snickering in the dark night, with moonlight illuminating her frail gentle body, perfectly painting a scary picture.

Soon it was morning and both Su Lin and Runyan had big dark circles and eye bags. While one was cranky and whiny from the lack of sleep, the other was grinning happily, all ready to start her day.

"Again your plan absolutely doesn't make sense! Are you sure you can camp alone in the middle of a forest ? That too in the second layer of the mountain? Only very experienced hikers climb there you know ?!"

"Ya I can do it. I have to do it. There is no other way for me." Su Lin replied with determination.

"Hmm. Looks like you have made up your mind."

"Yes girl. Don't worry I will be fine."

Su Lin picked up her backpack containing a small tent set up, some food and water. She also grabbed her support sticks, in case her legs cramped.

Watching her walk out the door, full of smiles and very apparently oblivious to the difficulties and underestimating the climb, Runyan was worried.

"Arghhh. See this is why I threw away all human connections ! Fine I will come with you ! "

"Aww. Look at you ! So kind and helpful, aren't you an amazing saint! Oops monk."

Rolling her eyes, Runyan prepared another backpack, with more food and water. Looking at Su Lin, she threw in some extra medicines as well.

"This girl is going to be the death of me."

Though she was grumbly and worried in the beginning, this was sort of an adventure to both the women and after a while, they were excitedly covering good distance in the hike.

After a while, Runyan stopped near a particular trail marker. "Hey bimbo slow down. This is where we usually try to venture into the second layer. See the path is over there."

Both of them chatted happily and slowly climbed and walked across the second layer. They were almost a height of 5000m above sea level.

Many experienced climbers have walked across this trail and it was not that dangerous. The only issue was the sheer amount of horizontal and vertical distance they had to cover.

The place Su Lin had in mind was a little bit inside the third layer of the mountain, forcing them to camp in the forest for the night.

After a few more hours of walking, both the ladies got tired and decided to set up camp for the night.

"Hey you set up babe. Let me walk out a bit. Nature calls !"

"Don't go too far." Runyan immediately got busy and started assembling everything.

Su Lin walked a good amount of distance and squatted on the ground to relieve herself.

Rustle .. rustle ...

Su Lin's ear perked up and she felt like something moved in the bushes. She cautiously moved ahead and looked to see what was moving, when her feet touched something and she almost stumbled forward.


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