The CEO's loser wife
43 You are so weak
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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43 You are so weak

The majestic Kawa Karpo mountain peak rises to a whooping 10000m above sea level, with vast portions of the mountain range largely unexplored and completely uninhabited.

The mountain range is draped in thick dense forests and is home to many almost extinct flora and fauna. The layers and layers of strong sturdy rocks have been flourishing undisturbed for years and years.

Only the lower most layer has been encroached till date and this trail which goes as high as 4000m above sea level is actually considered as a holy pilgrimage.

In fact, the entire mountain peak is considered sacred by Tibetans and multiples monasteries are strewn all over the lower layer trail.

Su Lin woke up early in the morning ready to start the day hopefully and optimistically. Yesterday night, she had tried her best to focus, concentrate and sense any spiritual energy in the surroundings but wasn't really successful.

But this is expected, since she was still in the outer and lower regions. After a sumptuous breakfast, she started walking slowly, with the lofty aim of reaching the highest point in the lower layer.

But .....

In barely an hour, she was all out of breath. Summoning her remaining will power and biting her lips, she treaded drudgingly onwards and upwards.

And another hour passed, with almost 10 miles covered, when her legs finally gave out. Her feet were only going to cramp further if she kept on walking forward.

Sulking, she made a decision and dragged herself to a nearby monastery.

It was a simple abode with plain pillars and a neat roof structure. Buddhist figurines were arranged here and there, encircled by flower and plants.

Coupled with the magical scenery and the fresh air, it was a mystical atmosphere. Breathing in the air would make one feel alive and writhe with energy.

The foggy air and the green blanket commanded anyone and everyone to stop and stand still, observing and inhaling in this magical feeling.

Dragging her frail almost dead body to the monastery, Su Lin sat next to a pillar, leaning on it for some support. Her plain white shirt and light blue jeans were completely drenched in sweat.

This made her shiver and the chill even reached her very bones, every time a gentle breeze grazed her.

"Fucking shit. Weak. So pathetically weak. Who treat herself this badly ! Fuck."

Cursing and mumbling, she took out some food from her back pack and started munching.

Weirdly, she heard some giggling noises nearby and a childish melodious voice greeted her.

"You are indeed weak sister."

"Who is your sister ?" replied a very much annoyed and cranky Su Lin.

A smiling female monk looked at Su Lin amused and handed her some water.

Pfft.. Su Lin almost spit out her food.

" What the heck is this ? I thought only old weirdos became a monk and ached for distance from the amazing materialistic world. What are you even doing here?"

The female monk Runyan who seemed to be in her twenties smiled gently and replied with a calm demeanor, " There is no set age to become a child of the mother earth you know."


Even surprising herself, Su Lin used all of her remaining strength and out of no where slapped the smooth, soft cheeks of that young bald woman.

Stunned for a second, Su Lin immediately understood why she had felt such anger and familiarity with a stranger. This girl... her behavior.. everything .. was similar to the pathetic Su Lin, the previous owner of the body.
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So she released all of her pent up anger and frustration on this complete random stranger. Not stopping there, she looked at Runyan, who was now rubbing her cheeks and authoritatively commanded.

"Enough of this bullshit. What are you really doing here ?"

Perhaps because no one had cared about her in the recent years, Runyan unexpectedly started to tear up and jumped forward to hug Su Lin, like a wounded kitten.

Both of them sat there.. just like that for a while... One heaving and panting and crying her heart out and the other silently patting and comforting.

After what seemed like an hour, Runyan slowly raised her head from Su Lin's shoulder and wiped her eyes and cheeks dry.

Looking into the distance, Runyan painfully recollected "It is a long story and I don't want to talk about it. Just that I am very lost and I don't see any point living anymore."

"It was too burdensome to even get up in the morning. I don't think you will understand. I just couldn't stay there anymore. I couldn't breathe."

Su Lin just sat there silently and listened to her. But did not feel sorry for her. Everybody has their own path and their own pains and gains.

She chuckled and replied, " and you are calling me weak ? Ha ha "

Smiling through her tears and Runyan also chuckled, "bitch please. I can at least hike the lower layer trail completely. You are barely half way there."

"Aren't monks not allowed to curse ?!"

Giggling both of them sat there and chatted for a long time.


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