The CEO's loser wife
42 Can’t I also vacation here? Part 4
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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42 Can’t I also vacation here? Part 4

Angela smiled sarcastically and leaned against the door of the dimly lit restaurant booth. Shrugging her shoulders, she calmly watched the drama unfolding in front of her.

Being a Hissenger and especially Robert's sister, what drama hasn't she been a part of ! Women have fawned over her, plotted against her, used her to get close to Robert ! The list really was endless !

And pitifully, this woman seems a little amateurish, compared to all those other wily foxes. It was even a tad hilarious.

Snickering, Angela thought about it for a moment. Is this even worth it ?!

She then looked at the handsome chiseled man, who was floundering like a fish right now. He looked so cute and helpless, making her almost laugh out loud.

This evening had taken several interesting turns for sure...

Earlier this evening, Angela was supposed to meet someone for a date but she decided to cancel it in the last minute. This was the one and only evening she was free this entire month.

Lazy and tired, she was not feeling particularly social today. She just wanted to go back to her hotel and binge on some tv show with lots of fries and ice cream.

Yup. That sounded perfect ! Since she was already here, she might as well head back after a couple of drinks.

Sitting in a corner of the bar, she sipped on her cherry margarita and was reading old Warren Buffett's annual letters to shareholders. Rather than her dad, she considered him her idol and mentor.

After getting in a few drinks, she was about to walk out of the bar, when she mistakenly bumped into someone.

Oops. She dropped her file and her papers were strewn across the floor. Sighing, she bent down to pick them up, when another pair of hands nimbly helped her.

And a deep coarse voice sounded, "If you really want to double your principal amount, I would suggest investing in Microsoft rather than Amazon, which is very bloated right now."

"What?! No way. That is utter bull shit. Online shopping is only projected to increase every month, at least in this economy and fast paced world." Immediately getting into a defensive tone, Angela looked up arguing, but didn't continue for some reason.

A tall drink of water was standing in front of her, suddenly turning her night into a much more delectable one. If it was him, maybe this was going to be better than the ice cream night she had in mind. Oh well ! They might still end up eating ice cream.

Those sculpted cheeks and sharp eyes did a complete 360 on Angela's attitude and she flirtatiously replied, "and who might this gentle man be .. giving me a not really needed financial advice this fine evening"

She took a step forward and playfully teased the handsome man by tugging his tie.

And then came the crisp reply, with a tone that was obviously amused "Heh .. Nice to meet you. I am Shi Meng."

Shi Meng was ridiculously happy right this second. When he dragged himself to the bar this evening, he was very reluctant and mentally exhausted. His original plan had been to get black out drunk and chill for the rest of the night.

But.... who knew that a heaven sent chance would be waiting for him this night !!

Go ahead and do anything and everything you want my dear wife. With this, I should be able to crush all your schemes. He he he.

He obviously immediately recognized Angela Hissenger with a single glance. And he of course knew the effect he had on women.

But this was just way too easy... he he he. She was literally throwing herself at him.

He smirked and politely invited her for dinner with his friends, which of course was met with a resounding and flirtatious yes.

And thus .... they ended up together at Tang Yue's and Su Han's booth, resulting in Tang Yue's dismal evening.

Gazing at those discerning eyes, Angela hesitated a bit. But eventually gave in and went straight for the goal.

Charmingly smiling, she sat gently on an empty spot near Shi Meng. "Ha ha looks like the party started without us. And wow the food looks yummy !"

"It does! Doesn't it ? Here Shi have some tikka sauce. I know it's your favorite!" Not wanting to be left out, Tang Yue butted in.


Shi Meng looked impatiently at Tang Yue and honestly was a little bit annoyed with her. What is with this sudden overtly friendly behavior?! She was not like this earlier.

It barely took 5 mins for Angela to assess the situation in the booth. The other dude looked completely out of it and had already crashed.
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Not wanting to deal with this unnecessary drama, Angela smiled and made her move. She moved closer to Shi Meng and whispered authoritatively.

"These look amazing but I am in the mood for some American food. Do you want to grab a quick dinner and join these party animals after Shi ?"


Meanwhile .....

Hu hu hu .. Su Lin was panting as if someone was choking her. This was impossible. Fuck. Why is it already over ?


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