The CEO's loser wife
41 Can’t I also vacation here? Part 3
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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41 Can’t I also vacation here? Part 3

Reaching the gates, Tang Yue murmured "sweaty". The bouncer saluted and silently let her in.

Blue moon restaurant is a famous place in Hangzhou city known for its exclusivity and a few other minor legal and illegal borderline events and parties.

Most companies and other hot shots usually invite their guests here to show them an amazing night.

Watching all the scantly dressed women smiling and inviting her, Tang Yue cursed under her breath and face palmed, "Of all the restaurants in the city, did he have to pick this sleazy place !?"

Another floozy swooping in and grabbing Shi Meng away was literally her worst nightmare ! Men are such idiots ! Who knows when they fall for someone?! Sigh ...

The waiter guided her to their booth, which at the moment had a very intoxicated Su Han dancing or rather swaying with an almost naked woman.

He didn't even seem to notice her and was busy feeling up the restaurant employee. Tang Yue cried inside and awkwardly cleared her throat.

"Oops ! Let's continue this later my darling. " Babbling out something and pushing the naked girl away, Su Han immediately dove towards Tang Yue and gave her a tight warm hug, "aha ha my sister, my savior is here !"

Ughh.. Disgusted, Tang Yue still managed to smile and put up a warm facade. "Ha ha. Is Shi not here yet ?"

Su Han sat back down and emptied his sixth bottle. "He should be here in about fibe minutes", he blabbered.

Of course after hearing that reply, Tang Yue's mood was lifted again and she chuckled. "Let's get you some food. You have had too much to drink." Also, this was a must to capture and hold Shi Meng in this place at least for sometime.

She immediately ordered a whole bunch of food and specifically asked them for male waiters, repeatedly instructing "absolutely no special service whatsoever".

The female host cutely pouted, but recognizing her audience, she quickly cleared that place. Soon the dishes arrived one by one, looking hot and tasty.

"Three friends sitting together and having a meal. This wasn't too bad for a Friday night .. not bad at all." Smiling, Tang Yue gleamed and waited for Shi Meng.

Minutes trickled by and more chicken drumsticks entered Su Han'd stomach, when the waiter opened the booth door and politely welcomed Shi Meng inside.

Smiling brightly and barely containing her excitement, Tang Yue leapt up and softly hugged Shi Meng. "Shi !! You are here. I was "

Before she could finish her sentence, Tang Yue was so startled that her eyes almost popped out. What in the name of hell is happening here ?!

She was about to go crazy ! Hadn't this week been good to her ?!

She only spiked Su Lin's drink to make her act clumsy and be embarrassed in front of everybody. Well she had also planned for her to be raped but that didn't happen.

It didn't matter. Anyways the end result had been achieved and the next day, Su Lin was slaughtered mercilessly in the media. And she Tang Yue had come out on top with flying colors !
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There was no way Shi Meng would even go near Su Lin now ! Finally it was her turn and this amazing evening had just fallen on her lap unexpectedly. But what in the name of hell is this !?

Standing next to Shi Meng was a petite blonde with ravishing blue eyes. Her porcelain skin and her calm demeanor, coupled with her simple white dress made her look like an angel.

And to make things worse, Shi Meng was actually looking and turning back, inviting her in ? Since when did Shi Meng start being polite to a woman !! Forget affectionate, his ex-wife didn't even get a single polite acknowledging glance from him !!

And she herself, who had been chasing him since high school, for almost ten years now, never got any invitation for anything ! Heavens, she had to literally initiate all the conversations!

But the fact that he really didn't care for much else other than his business and his mom and he pretty much treated everybody the same, had given her some comfort and didn't really offend or bother her. But now ..?

Why are you smiling at her Shi Meng ?! Who the fuck is this bitch ? Tang Yue was screaming inside her brain.

But not admitting defeat just yet, Tang Yue managed to put up a strong front and smiled warmly. " Hey this is a surprise!!! Shi has a new pretty friend. Who is this ?"

She also simultaneously intertwined her arms into Shi Meng's showcasing their intimate history and relationship, and establishing dominance.

"Hi . Nice to ..."

Cutting the blonde half way, Tang Yue dragged Shi Meng in, pushing him on the couch and herself falling on his lap effortlessly.

But not even feeling a bit awkward, she smiled innocently and charmingly with puppy dog eyes and looked at the blonde, waving her hand and signaling her to continue the introduction.

With her cheeks flushed and a pink rosy glow to them, mixed with her behavior and attitude, it looked as if Tang Yue was slightly drunk. Her childish and frivolous attitude could only be interpreted as funny !

It looked almost as if she was his girlfriend. Things had happened very fast and looking at her drunk demeanor, Shi Meng couldn't even do anything about these actions.

Perfect ! This train was back on its track baby ! Tang Yue was very pleased with her impromptu skills and smiled gleefully.


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