The CEO's loser wife
40 Can’t I also vacation here ? Part 2
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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40 Can’t I also vacation here ? Part 2

A lazy female voice sounded in the phone, "mhmm. She just boarded a flight to the Yunnan province."

"Good job. Keep following her."

Shi Meng cut the call.

Hmph. How am I being paranoid ?! Only when pushed to the extreme, the snake is finally slithering out of the hole.

Now that her innocent damsel in distress act failed, and she no longer can appear dainty in front of Robert, she finally must be at her wits end.

This trip definitely must be for meeting someone secretively, running operations from the background.

Hmph. I have been waiting too long for this ! All your plots will be laid bare now. Why did you enter our family and why did you lie about your illness ?! You owe me some answers bitch....


Zoop... A petite and bubbly girl adjusted her rimmed glasses, after slipping over Su Lin's bag and crashing.

She ruffled her hair and awkwardly smiled, "Sorry. Aha ha ha. This is such a nice weather for hiking right .."

Su Lin nodded and proceeded towards the exit. She quickly took a cab and excitedly looked around at all the new sights.

Tap tap.

"Can I also share the cab with you please ?! Pretty please ... " a squeaky voice sounded through the open car window. It was the same clumsy looking girl from before.

Not wanting to be delayed any further, Su Lin mumbled something inaudible and closed the windows.

The car driver apologetically scratched his head and replied, " Sorry madam. Anyways we are headed towards the remote Shangri-La region. Who would want to go there in this weather! ha ha"

The clumsy girl chuckled and retreated quietly waving her hand. Watching the car drive past her, she calmly smiled and got into another cab. Passing a wad of cash to the driver, she sat back commanding, " Follow that car."

Soon the two cabs reached the winding roads of the Meili mountains. Su Lin was dazed, looking at the shades of greenery that were passing by. A melancholic feeling was creeping inside.

Lush green trees were coated in fog everywhere she looked. The air was thrumming with refreshing energy. This was something she definitely missed about her world.

Nature was much more rampant and had an unperturbed charm to it. Unlike here, established settlements were sprinkled in between miles and miles of wild forests, much of which was largely unexplored.

But here ... Wait .. Why is this place crowded ? Several monasteries and other shops seemed to sewn next to the roads and even with the cold, harsh winter weather, people were still flocking about here and there.

Looking at her puzzled reaction to the crowds, the cab driver explained, "This is a very sacred mountain madam. People visit it at all times of the year."

"Mmm. "

Driving for almost four to five hours, they reached the outskirts of the Shangri-La region. Su Lin dragged her suitcase to a small rustic looking inn, which nevertheless looked breathtaking with the backdrop of the huge vistas of Eastern Himalayas.

She quickly checked in and settled inside her room. Closing her eyes, she fell into a deep slumber effortlessly, with a smile on her face. Tomorrow was going to be life changing.

A while later, a clumsy short haired girl wearing glasses, stumbled in to the inn. "Ning Cidi, do you have a room available? "

Before the receptionist could answer, a wad of cash appeared in front of her face, followed by a wide grin. " Here are your keys madam ".

Smiling Ning Cidi walked to her room, no longer waddling. She took her phone out and swiftly made a call. "Nothing suspicious yet". A simple and brief report.

On the other end...

Shi Meng slanted his cheeks on his palm and went into a deep thought. Tapping his fingers on the table, he called Yang.

"Looks like we might have to keep the schedule light for the next couple weeks. Let's get everything done this week."

"Roger sir. Mr. Su on the line for you."

"Shi get your ass down here. We are drinking tonight !" Su Han blabbered.
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"He he .. looks like you already started."

"Yes bro. Get down here. I have some special treats for you. Else this young master here is going to hog all the girls to himself."

Su Han was hell bent on getting Shi Meng off of Su Lin's trail. Grandpa Han on one side and this Shi Meng on the other side ! They were driving him crazy !

He immediately made another call. "Yo sis ! Your man is going to be here in a few minutes. Get over here."

"Ha ha thanks brother Su for arranging this nice little get together. I will be there too !" Tang Yue delightedly replied.

"Pfft.. it's just the three of us ! You better get here fast."

Hanging up the phone, Tang Yue quickly checked herself in the mirror and left home at lightening speed. This was not something which happens frequently. There is no way she is letting this chance slip through her fingers.

But then again, her luck has been at an all time high lately ! Things have been going great for her. So who knows this might even end up becoming something regular !

Grinning ear to ear, Tang Yue reached blue moon restaurant.


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