The CEO's loser wife
39 Can’t I also vacation here ? Part 1
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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39 Can’t I also vacation here ? Part 1

After that small slip of otherworldly information from Su Lin, Wang Yu had actually stayed away from her new place for a while.

He was not sure if he wanted to get involved in this shit show. Didn't he like his careless peaceful life ?! Did he really need adventure and mystery at this point in his life ? Hell no..
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He had been bumming around the market area and overheard the insane stories flying about involving the infamous Mrs. Meng.

Feeling kind of bad, he decided to drop by and see what she was up to. After all that girl really had nobody.

After entering through the gate, he saw all the plants freshly watered and attended to. She must be inside only and looks like she didn't take it too personally?

The door was open and Su Lin was busy running around here and there. It looked like she was packing to go somewhere.

Wang Yu crept in and casually asked, "hey there.. how .."

Cutting him mid sentence, Su Lin panted and blabbered, "Perfect timing! Here are some moisturizers. Stay in the shop all day and sell these if someone asks."

"What the .... " Wang Yu was confused. He thought that this would have definitely rattled her. But what is she doing ?!!

"Ahem.. ahem .. are you okay ?" he asked again.

Still running around Su Lin mumbled, "Yes yes .. I am going out of town for 2 to 3 weeks .. umm .. actually maybe more.. we'll see.. can you take of the plants ?!"

Tsk.. tsk .. Fuck me .. why did I have to come here and volunteer for shitty work .. Wang Yu whined.

But he was scared to refuse Su Lin. For some reason, right this second, she looked like she might actually beat him up if he said no. Nodding his head, he just silently slipped out before the work load got worse.

Before long, a white Mazda parked in front of Su Lin's house. Dragging a suitcase, Su Lin hurriedly rushed to the car. Tossing her bag to the driver, she got in quickly and said "To the airport".

Only when the car started moving, she finally closed her eyes and breathed a sigh of relief. The past 24 hours have been one hell of a roller coaster.

After entering this world, yesterday, for the very first time, she saw the faintest hope of recovering her cultivation base and soul energy.

She had been absolutely elated about it and was on top of the clouds. But before she could even relish that thought further, someone had actually tried and succeeded in drugging her ! The audacity!

She had been far too complacent regarding this world. This was not at all like what she had thought and definitely not the previous Su Lin's outlook. What a simpleton.. No wonder she got stomped all over ..

Unlike her world, everything was peaceful and calm on the surface. But on the inside, human beings were just as ugly. Doing anything and everything to achieve their goals and get what they wanted.

Well if this is the game they are playing ...

That morning when grandpa Han had called for the fifth time to ask if she was doing okay and if she wanted to go somewhere for a change and for some fun, a plan quickly formulated in Su Lin's brain.

Anyways she had already taken so much help from grandpa Han monetarily, so why shy away now ! Even if there is only the slightest chance that she could get some of her cultivation back, she desperately needed to try it.

What use is becoming rich and influential, when anyone can drug and poison you ?! Was she over-reacting ? Hell no ! She wasn't reacting enough ! Being vulnerable like this was shameful and humiliating !

She immediately agreed with grandpa Han that it was an amazing suggestion and that she would love to go somewhere exotic, to take her mind off of all these disturbing events.

Grandpa Han was very pleased and immediately made all the travel arrangements. His only disappointment was that he could not accompany her to such a spiritual and amazing place.

Su Lin packed lightly and left for the airport in high spirits. Browsing in her phone, she was familiarizing herself with the majestic mountain range and all it's accessible and inaccessible areas.

It was a short flight to the Yunnan province and Su Lin will be there by tonight. It is one of the biggest mountain ranges in the world spread among different countries and she decided to start with the Khawa Karpo peak region.

Su Lin was very excited and pumped. An evil glint crossed her eyes, as she subconsciously thought of an especially arrogant maniac. Drugging me huh .. heh.. By the time I am done with you, you will wish you had poisoned me instead ..


Cough .. cough .. Shi Meng drank some water.

"Someone is thinking about you boss." Yang thoughtlessly joked. His boss had been in an amazingly good mood all day today.


Catching his slip of the tongue, Yang awkwardly smiled, "sorry sorry. You have a call on line 1"


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