The CEO's loser wife
38 Everything is a scam
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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38 Everything is a scam

Su Lin took a few breaths and tried to answer the door calmly, though she was still hot and bothered, ready to rip anyone and everyone into pieces.

Contrary to the earlier brutal visit, she found someone completely opposite at her door step this time around. The pale blue eyes which seemed as deep as the ocean were staring at her with concern again.

Looking at Su Lin, who was clearly agitated and upset, Robert felt very guilty. He cleared his throat and spoke gently, "Looks like I might have caused you some trouble."

His gentle face and calming smile pacified Su Lin a bit. Recovering from her surprise, Su Lin responded awkwardly, "No, thank you for helping me yesterday. But this has got nothing to do with you."

Nodding his head, Robert ruffled his hair and stood still embarrassed, looking around here and there. By this time, he had hoped to be invited inside. But, now he didn't know how to proceed.

To be honest, Robert didn't really care all that much about the scandal or the negative publicity that Su Lin received. She was a complete and utter stranger to him after all. His intentions were a bit more shameless...

He was actually still hung up on the conversation Su Lin had with that fortune teller. He just wanted a chance to chat with her and see if there was any rhyme or reason to her weird interrogation. But now didn't seem to be a good time ?!

" umm ... so.. you are okay then ? everything good ?" he asked again with a sheepish grin.

"Yes, yes all good." Su Lin didn't seem to get his point at all and replied absentmindedly. Now that she was a bit more settled, she was thinking really hard about how to deal with this scandal situation.

Accepting defeat, Robert waved good bye and left with disappointment, turning his head and looking behind and sighing the entire time.
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The hotel manager nervously greeted Robert at the lobby. He had seen Robert go to Su Lin's place a few minutes ago and was already regretting his actions earlier today.

Taking his chances, he meekly informed Robert, "Don't worry Mr. Robert. I have already spoken with that tenant, they should be vacating soon."

"Don't bother her." He casually mumbled his reply and went straight to his room, leaving behind the sweating manager.

At the other end ...

This had turned out to be a very busy day for Su Han and grandpa Han, even before the clock hit 9 am. Cursing, grandpa Han used all his contacts and tried to control the media and the slander. At his command, Su Han was also trying to do the same.

After a few minutes, he slowly slipped away from grandpa and secretively made a call. After all, there was no point in doing all these, when that person is pushing things ahead behind the screen.

"Shi ! Cut it out ! Grandpa is furious. It won't take long for him to figure it out."

A clearly pleased and amused chuckle greeted him back, "Ha ha ha. You guessed it huh. She deserved it bro ! Come on. Do you even know what exactly went down there ?!"

Creasing his brows Su Han curiously asked, "What happened ?".

"She is trying to bag Robert Hissenger"

"Pfftt .. What ?"

"Yup. You heard it right ! She is actually trying to bag the Robert Hissenger. Everything is a scam !"

Su Han remained silent for a minute. He thought about it. He thought about it again. But he still couldn't help laughing out loud.

"Aha ha ha.. You are not serious are you ?! Come on Shi.. You are starting to become paranoid now. Irrespective of whatever she may or may not be plotting, do you actually think Mr. Robert Hissenger is going to fall for and marry a once divorced nobody ?"


"Just think about it.. Sometimes it helps to hear other sane perspectives. ha ha ha.. Trying to bag Robert .. Ha ha.. You better stop this nonsense right now. Grandpa is furious in the other room. Bye."


Hanging up his phone, Shi Meng was really at a loss for words. Was he actually being paranoid ? Hmm ....

Tsk tsk... Feeling a bit guilty, he signaled Yang to come in, "Shut it down."

"Is everything okay sir ?" Yang was confused. All of yesterday evening and today morning, his boss had been super hyped about this whole thing.

Picturing a very mad grandpa Han, Shi Meng shivered and ordered "Yup, Shut it down" and continued with his work.

Speaking of grandpa Han, this quickly became one of his busiest mornings. After trying everything he could to contain this scandal, he quickly called Su Lin to check on her.

But as expected, Su Lin just brushed off the whole thing and assured him that she didn't care about these things.

But was she really ? Grandpa sighed. He was not born yesterday. He obviously knew that Shi Meng was somehow involved in this. Otherwise, who would dare to slander Mrs. Meng, even if they are divorced currently.

These kids .. sigh .. Guess they have to fight it out. Sometimes it's just better not to interfere.


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