The CEO's loser wife
37 Unexpected visitor
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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37 Unexpected visitor

Tossing and turning all night, Su Lin barely got any sleep at all. For most parts of the night, she was wide awake, staring at the ceiling in deep thought. Several things had happened today.

She still couldn't believe that someone actually went to the extent of drugging her. Wasn't this world supposed to be a more peaceful one, much different than the cut throat world she lived in ?!

And moreover, this Su Lin had been a worm all her life, disgusted by everyone, but never harmful to anyone. So who would want to harm her ?

It obviously can't be that psycho Shi Meng, because he had plenty of chances to do that, with them living together for so long.

But I was being spied on, then I was drugged and the incident regarding the reporters... Hmmm ... One thing is for sure, definitely someone wealthy and influential is behind all this nonsense.

But who did I or rather Su Lin offend ?

Arghhh.... Thinking in circles, Su Lin was extremely frustrated and stuffed her head in her pillow.

Her policy in life is simple. If you are concerned about ending every mosquito which buzzes near your ears, you are ruining your life rather than that of the mosquito's.

Unlike some old foggies, who burnt heaven and hell, just because someone looked at them the wrong way, Su Lin was much more indifferent to other people's attitude or words.

But, with the addition of drugs, someone has taken things a bit too far...

Soon, the restless night passed and next day morning, Su Lin was sipping her herbal tea and thinking about yesterday's events again.

Ding dong

The door bell rang loudly and Su Lin peeked out to see who could it be this early in the morning.

Ding dong.. Ding dong.. Ding dong.

The hotel manager and a couple of security guards from the building next to her, were standing in her front porch. They seemed to be very angry and irritated, and continued assaulting the door bell.

Wondering what had happened, Su Lin opened the door cautiously.

The manager's angry voice immediately blasted her without any notice, "Lady listen. I don't care whose mistress you are or how your character is. Please vacate this property by the end of the day. We have highly esteemed guests staying in our hotel. We need to maintain certain standards. I can't just have any random nonsense going on next to my hotel."

"I .. What happened ?" Su Lin stuttered.

Throwing a bunch of magazines and news paper at her face, the hotel manager continued barraging her, "Ayyee. There is no point in putting a good front to me now. Everyone knows your shit. Get the hell out of here today, else I will not hesitate to the police involved."

Slamming the door on her face, the hotel manager stomped away, taking with him the two guards.

Very confused, Su Lin bent down and took the magazines which had fallen on the floor.

Not bothered in the least by the confrontation which had just occurred, Su Lin sat back down on her chair slowly and flipped through the magazines.

Her expressionless indifferent face slowly turned into different shades as she went from one magazine to the other.

"Mystery behind the sudden divorce explained: the extreme infidelity of Mrs. Meng"

"Modern high society woman guilty of prostitution but evades law"

"Su Lin - the dark stain on the Meng family"

Though each and every single article was extremely brutal and vulgar towards Su Lin, they were all very carefully worded and not a single sentence or photo included the other person in question. His entire image was blurred and no one had the slightest clue who the male in this gossip was.
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There was literally not a single mention of the name Robert Hissenger anywhere. In fact, Shi Meng had taken it upon himself personally to make sure that it didn't happen.

Crumpling the last of the magazine, Su Lin threw it on the wall. She was extremely furious right now. How dare they defame her ? Who the hell are these insects to talk about her in this way ? If she had even one ounce of her previous power, she would have destroyed this entire mockery of a city.

Arghhh.. Su Lin let out a loud yell. She was insanely agitated and shaking. This level of disrespect was not something, she could neglect. This was not something that she could forgive. Nobody in her entire life had dared to do something like this to her.

Fuck, she now understood that mocking and taunting phone call from Shi Meng yesterday. This was the surprise and publicity he was talking about. Everything slowly became clearer and clearer to Su Lin.

But one thing she didn't understand was why now..

It was not new information that Shi Meng was going crazy about her illness suddenly getting cured. She had just let it be because it was only natural to get curious, build conspiracy theories and even go as far as spying.

She didn't really take any offense to these harmless things and just mockingly ignored him.

But this .... Wasn't he just begging for some special treatment .. Hmm ...

Su Lin tried to calm herself. She folded her arms tightly and took deep heavy breaths. She kept reminding herself that she was not her previous self. She was a nobody right now, completely powerless and vulnerable.

Ding dong.


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