The CEO's loser wife
36 On his lap
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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36 On his lap

Su Lin opened her eyes slowly.

A pair of pale blue eyes was staring at her with deep concern. She reached out her hand and stroked his golden wavy hair.

He looked like a fairy from the netherworld. She lowered her hand and caressed his soft cheeks, like fondling a pet dog.

After a good couple of minutes, a coarse deep voice sounded, "how long are you planning to continue this ?"

Startled, Su Lin jerked up from her position and sat up straight, only to end up coming closer to that impeccably beautiful face.

And her hands fumbled for some support, touching something soft and squishy.

"Ouch" Robert let out an yelp and gently pushed Su Lin on the couch space next to him.

Not letting the moment get awkward, he quickly asked Su Lin, " Are you feeling better now ?"

Su Lin nodded her head and slowly tried to gather her thoughts. Her head felt very heavy. And all she could remember was feeling dizzy suddenly and walking to the back of the auditorium.

She looked around and seemed to be in a hotel room right now. She opened her mouth to ask what happened, when a group of reporters barged into the room.
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Within seconds there were several flashes of light and multiple shouts echoed in the room.

"Mrs. Meng are you having an affair in the same hotel your husband is attending a meeting in ?"

"Did your husband divorce you because you are addicted to sex ?"

"Mrs. Meng, how many prostitutes have you hired this month ? Sources tell me that this is your fifth man. Can you comment?"

Words were flying all over the room, one nastier than the next.

Su Lin, who had never experienced anything like this before, just sat there flabbergasted. She had no idea what was happening.

The questions these people were asking didn't even make sense. Even their words didn't make sense.

I am divorced but I am still Mrs. Meng ? What the fucking hell was happening ?

While Su Lin was sitting frozen and stunned, Robert acted quickly and called for his guards.

Immediately five well built men stormed the room and cleared the huge mess of reporters.

Soon there was pin drop silence in the room and Su Lin finally snapped back to reality.

Her cheeks were flushed and she looked very flustered. This was extremely embarrassing. Who the heck were these people?! She did want her pictures to be taken someday and be featured on the magazines. But like this ?!

She turned towards Robert answering his earlier question, "I am fine now. Thank you for the help."

She slowly got up and checked her condition, making sure that she was actually okay. She then abruptly walked towards the door and exited the room.

She was very confused and just wanted to go back home.

Walking a bit, she reached the hotel lobby, where she saw grandpa Han berating Shi Meng for not keeping an eye on her.

When grandpa Han saw her, he quickly stopped reprimanding Shi Meng and rushed towards Su Lin. " Are you okay child ? What happened?"

"I am okay now grandpa. Just fainted from exhaustion. I should be good after a long night's sleep" Su Lin mumbled something to reassure grandpa Han.

She then immediately informed him and booked a cab to home straight from the hotel.

Sitting in the car, she tried to recollect what had happened. But no matter how much she thought about it, there really wasn't anything out of place. So what happened suddenly? Su Lin was confused.

Well there is really only one way to answer this question !

After reaching home, she immediately went straight to her bedroom and sat in a mediative posture. She examined her body completely and found trace amounts of an unknown chemical in her system.

Surprised, Su Lin thought about it for a while before concluding that either the food or the drinks from that party might have been spoilt or contaminated.

But why was she the only one to faint ? She started eating and drinking much later than the others, after arguing with that fortune telling lady.

While she was trying to figure out what could have happened, Su Lin heard the phone ringing. She clumsily got up to answer the call, only to regret it seconds later.

A familiar cold voice chuckled through the phone. "Now what are you going to do. With a scandal like this, you will never become a Hissenger. Heh." Shi Meng taunted her.

Breathing out a long sigh, Su Lin controlled her irritation and asked with a confused tone "What scandal ?"

"Don't play dumb you snake. Clearly all your careful planning and orchestrated coincidences are ruined now."


"And oh by the way! Why work so hard to get publicity for your products my dear, especially when you have me .. look forward to your surprise tomorrow!" a very pleased Shi Meng continued taunting her.

Sigh.. why won't he just leave me alone, Su Lin was frustrated. Suddenly thinking of something, she controlled herself and asked again "Did you drug me ?"

"Wow you just never stop acting do you ! Why are you this .."


Su Lin hung up the call. This conversation was not going anywhere.


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