The CEO's loser wife
35 Who took her
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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35 Who took her

Unfortunately for the waiter and Tang Yue, three other pairs of eyes had noticed Su Lin collapsing. But before the curious Shi Meng or the concerned grandpa Han could react, someone else dragged Su Lin away and she disappeared from the auditorium.


Today had been an extremely boring day for Robert Hissenger. He hated coming to these exclusive parties. Most of them only had fat wealthy men looking to make more money or young ambitious women trying to get a hold of him.

And he had more than enough experience of both of these varieties. To not be rude, his plan today was to just show his face, greet the mayor, and be back in his suite by half an hour at the maximum.

But unexpectedly, his plan changed when he met a good group of poker players. It has been 4 hours now and he was still having a lot of fun playing and not talking any business.

Downing the last of his drink and chuckling, Robert bid good bye to his newly made friends and finally decided to go back to his original plan.

Adjusting his casual light blue shirt, he got up ready to leave, when he noticed someone familiar from the corner of his eyes. Hadn't he seen her somewhere ?

Turning his head, he looked at her up and down. He was definitely sure that he had seen that woman somewhere before. But from where ?
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He thought about it for a couple of minutes before brushing it aside and walking out, when he suddenly heard the weirdest thing possible.

The woman in the red dress, with a fervent expression on her face was almost badgering the fortune teller. "Do you really not practice martial arts ? Listen there is no point in lying. I am one of you. Don't worry your secret is safe with me."

"Look here lady. I really do not understand what you are talking. And I have had enough of this. Clearly you are not right in the head. You better leave now, before I call security", the fortune telling lady finally broke and lashed out.

She clearly knew that this was a high-end event and that she had to be very polite and courteous to everybody. But this random lady had been tormenting her for almost an hour now, spouting random conspiracies, which were beginning to sound wilder and crazier, each passing moment.

She did not sign up for this. Who would like arguing with a clinically mental patient ?!

She looked sternly at the woman in front of her and pointed her hand, asking her to move away.

Understanding that this conversation is only getting worse, and clearly the other person was not even following her thoughts, Su Lin gave up and asked a final question before leaving, "Where do you come from and where do you live for most days of the year?"

Now that all the pleasantries have disappeared, the fortune telling lady snapped back, "Listen I am not giving you my address but I am from one of the great Himalayan tribes and we live in that area. Now get out of here or I am calling the security."

Watching this unfold, Robert stood there on the side amused and laughing. He then realized that this was the same woman who is staying next to his hotel and was being spied on.

He was curious to talk to her, at the least to verify her mental sanity. What martial arts and energy circulation was she blabbering about?

No one would bring someone intellectually challenged to a high end business meeting like this one. Maybe she was playing a prank for fun? Many people ought to be bored like how he was. But, there was some sort of seriousness and intensity in her questions and interrogation.

And to top all that, she didn't even spare him a single glance again...

But the woman quickly went back to her group and was currently chatting with a bunch of old men. Waiting around for a couple of minutes, he noticed that the woman was not budging from her group and he felt uncomfortable interrupting.

Tsk Tsk .. Disappointed, he hesitantly decided to head back to his suite. Next to him, a waiter walked by offering some mini quiches, which looked appetizing. "Well, I can always finish these and then head upstairs".

Nibbling on his snack, his eyes searched for that familiar figure again...

And that's when he caught sight of Su Lin slowly stumbling her way to the back of the auditorium. She looked very unstable and weak.

Normally, Robert would have rushed forward or sent one of his guards to lend a helping hand. However, this time, he could't help but run through some of the medical conditions in his mind, which could suddenly cause someone to hallucinate or blabber rubbish.

While, he was standing around and accessing these conditions in his mind, he saw Su Lin stubbornly holding herself up and sitting on the chair, but only to collapse on the floor seconds later.


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