The CEO's loser wife
34 Dazzling
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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34 Dazzling

Tang Yue's gentle gaze and sincere concern mellowed Shi Meng's attitude. He immediately put his impatience aside and patted her head, "Silly girl. I am fine. Now can I get back to some work?"

Pleased with her results, Tang Yue playfully stuck out her tongue and grabbed Shi Meng, walking towards the buffet area. "You should eat a proper meal once in a while you know", she chuckled childishly.

Unfortunately her joy was short-lived....

After a few short steps towards the buffet area, Shi Meng suddenly came to an abrupt halt, startling Tang Yue.

He seemed to be staring at something, completely astonished and spell bound. Tang Yue followed his gaze and slowly her innocent smile completely disappeared.

Standing near one of the center tables, chatting and laughing with a bunch of old geezers was Su Lin, except was she really Su Lin ?

Tang Yue was confused and surprised at the same time. In the past, Su Lin never attended these events.

Even if Shi Meng had ordered her to attend, she always used to blend in the back drop, by standing alone and patiently waiting for him to finish his meetings.

She had never even greeted anyone, much less spoken to or shook hands with, like she is currently doing.

What shocked Tang Yue more was how Su Lin actually looked right now. Anyone looking at Tang Yue will describe her as an angel descended from heaven.

But Su Lin was never that pretty to begin with. So what is that different about her today ? She just couldn't put a finger on it.

Su Lin wore a laced high neck wine red dress which was both conservative and sensual at the same time. And it was just that. She did not wear any jewelry or any other accessories. Even her hair was tied up into a simple lose messy bun, which her made her look plain.

So why was she so dazzling right now ? It was as if she was brimming with confidence and enthusiasm. There was literally not even make up on her face. But somehow she was shining.

Her pearl like teeth were framed by a light cherry shade lipstick, but for some reason it looked very natural. One would want to bite and nibble them.

Her cheeks had a very natural glow and her eyes looked bright and lively. It was as if she just took a bath and randomly threw on a dress, but still looked stunning.
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They seemed to be deeply engrossed in conversation and Su Lin held the attention of everyone in that table.

While Tang Yue had been frozen observing, analyzing and critiquing Su Lin in her mind, Shi Meng was occupied by other thoughts.

Come on don't tell me she is serious about promoting her products and actually making something out of herself. That just can't be. So what is she up to now? Why is this sudden extreme change in behavior?

When she was with me, she never even liked coming to these things. Now she has gone out of her way to even chat and mingle with others. Hmm... Just what are you up to..

Misunderstanding Shi Meng's seething anger as interest Tang Yue was burning with jealousy. All she saw was red. No matter what she did, this man next to her always had eyes only for that woman.

Tang Yue decided that she needed to do something right then and there. In all her haste, she directly went for the oldest trick in the book.

She excused herself from Shi Meng politely, acting like she was on a phone call. She then quickly pulled a young waiter aside, whispering some instructions in his ear.

The waiter hesitated a bit, but knowing that she was the mayor's daughter he couldn't say no. And to top it off, Tang Yue shoved some bills in his hand.

Soon the waiter went inside and came out with a special drink for Su Lin.

Su Lin who had been enjoying the food here to the fullest, drinking and eating like crazy, gave a wide smile and gladly accepted the offered drink. She then continued chatting without any sort of reaction.

Grandpa Han had been proudly bragging about her medicinal skills to the group, literally showing off his skin rash. The atmosphere was very pleasant and harmonious.

But suddenly, after a few minutes, Su Lin felt very light headed and excused herself from the group. Slowly and steadily she walked towards the back of the auditorium and sat on an isolated chair.

Her head was feeling dizzy and she felt like she was going to faint at any instant. Her entire body was feeling limp and lifeless. Trying her best and struggling, she tried to reach out to grandpa Han, when she just collapsed fell down on the floor.

Since it was on the back of the auditorium, not many people paid attention to the area and no one noticed Su Lin lying down on the floor.

The waiter slowly and carefully approached Su Lin, making sure he was inconspicuous and didn't draw any attention to himself.


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