The CEO's loser wife
33 Everything about her is a coincidence
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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33 Everything about her is a coincidence

"His name is Wang Yu sir", Yang said.

"Hmm.. Wait.. why does that name sound familiar?" Shi Meng was puzzled.

Yang briefed Shi Meng about Wang Yu's back ground and told his conjecture regarding how Su Lin met him by coincidence when she went to that small village for buying herbs.

He also added, "Wang Yu was present in the car with madam Su Lin during the accident sir. Since she got discharged, he has just been hanging around her, previously at the shop and now helping her at the house. But, other than that there seems to be no other connection between the two. It all looks very coincidental."

Chuckling, Shi Meng sneered, "Yes, yes. Definitely! It all looks coincidental right? But is it really? Heh."

Contemplating silently for a while, Shi Meng dismissed Yang, "Enough. I think I know what exactly she is planning. It is in fact very obvious. When the time is right, I will hit her right where it hurts... Then let's see who you are running to my dear.."

Leaving behind a sinisterly smiling Shi Meng, Yang rushed back to his desk.

The week quickly passed and soon the weekend was here ….

Shi Meng wore a pale violet suit which accented his coral grey eyes. After wearing matching cuff links and his checkered pattern tie, he quickly left for the gala.
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Earlier this week and in fact for most of the last month, he had spared a great amount of attention and his time to Su Lin and her surveillance, which was affecting his regular work hours and schedule now.

He had to spend a couple of sleepless nights and very long working hours, till he finally somewhat caught up on all his work. Now he was running late and rushing to the mayor's gala.

This time Mayor Tang had organized the gala in a 5-star hotel's private auditorium. It was a simple and elegant event, which made everyone feel comfortable and cozy.

The neatly dressed waiters in black tie uniform flitted across the room serving exquisite finger foods, appetizers and drinks. On the side, a huge buffet displaying multiple cuisines was arranged, in case anyone felt hungrier and wanted a proper meal.

A classical pianist was performing on the stage at the front, with a few chairs and tables arranged for seating. There was also a poker table, emitting squeals of giggles and laughter.

In one corner, there was a fortune teller set up, predicting the ups and downs of everybody's favorite stock. Next to the fortune teller, there was also a pool table, and a few were even relaxing there with their drinks.

Elegantly dressed men and women were scattered around the auditorium engaged in light conversations. There were even a few young sexy socialites invited to glamor the party without degrading the event.

The whole affair looked very lavish and expensive but had a polite and modest feeling to it.

When Shi Meng entered the auditorium, Mayor Tang's scanning eyes immediately caught him and signaled him to come over. Several hushed voices were heard, and many heads turned around to look at the dashing handsome man strutting in.

Before anybody else could circle him, mayor Tang hurriedly pulled Shi Meng to his small group and excitedly patted him. "Here he is.. Shi ! You are almost late!" He introduced him to the invited investors from Europe and literally sang praises about him. Chuckling, Shi Meng politely and charmingly carried the conversation in a natural flow.

He was fluent in French and made the men comfortable by conversing with them in a familiar language. He crisply explained his business outline, the tax system and the development plan in the city.

He was about to talk more about his ideas of expanding overseas when a delicate melodious voice interrupted him. "Dad can I borrow Shi Meng for a bit", Tang Yue butted in smiling cutely and innocently.

She was dressed in an elegant pale sapphire evening gown lined delicately with alternating black pearls and crushed diamonds. The low neckline was framed by a thin platinum chain with a small diamond pendant.

Her make up was very lightly done leaving behind a slightly rosy tinge on her inviting cheeks and was accentuating her pale smooth snow white skin.

Tugging at Shi Meng's shirt, she pulled him aside smiling gently with cute puppy dog eyes.

Shi Meng immediately threw a helpless glance at the Mayor, who just awkwardly stood there and smiled, signaling him that everything will be okay here.

Sighing deeply, Shi Meng then apologized to the European investors for the intrusion and smoothly excused himself.

But, his attitude changed shortly thereafter and he barked impatiently at Tang Yue, "What do you want ? You couldn't have waited ? You do realize that you gave absolutely no face to your father back there !"

Without wasting any time, Tang Yue's eyes immediately started tearing up and she gazed longingly, looking directly into his eyes. "I am so sorry Shi. I just thought you looked really sad and lonely back there. Is something bothering you lately?"


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