The CEO's loser wife
32 Getting caught Part 2
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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32 Getting caught Part 2

Robert's security guard politely informed Su Lin, "Hello. I am a security guard staying in the hotel next door. Today morning we saw a suspicious looking stranger observing you from a distance. My employer wanted me to notify you about this keeping in mind your safety."


Thinking about it for a minute, Su Lin could immediately guess the most likely person responsible for this. It was so obvious.....

Chuckling, she thanked the security guard and asked him to wait a while. Going inside for a few minutes, she grabbed some of her freshly made herbal tea mix in a small container and returned back.

"Here .. This is some of my freshly made tea mix. Thanks for letting me know about this issue." Su Lin then went back to her previous work, without much of a response.

Confused, the security guard returned back to his post as well. Shouldn't a woman act more freaked out or at the least a bit nervous ?

Chucking to herself, Su Lin planted in the next herb and wiped the sweat off her forehead. She still had ways to go before finishing this...

Before long grandpa Han dropped by the house to check on Su Lin. "Looks like the herb farming is coming along very well child."

"Yes grandpa. One second." She went inside and brought out a small triangular bottle similar to the moisturizer bottle.

She handed it to grandpa Han, "This will make your rash feel much better grandpa."

Nodding grandpa Han excitedly took the small bottle.

"By the way child, this weekend Mayor Tang is organizing a small get together. I don't know much about marketing and stuff, but this might be a good opportunity for you to talk to people about your new products?"

Without even waiting for grandpa Han to finish talking, Su Lin, with her face full of teeth nodded and said yes.

The previous Su Lin had gone to a couple of these galas with Shi Meng and her memories were amazing. Though for the most parts she just stood in a corner, they had been very fancy affairs and she had at least enjoyed some decent food.

This Su Lin jumped at the mention of an invitation and was already looking forward to attend it.

"Ha ha. I am glad you accepted so eagerly child. I have to leave now but I will send a house keeper later with something you can wear for the occasion." Grandpa Han took his rash herbal mix and waved Su Lin good bye.

After getting back to his car, he immediately took his phone out and made another call.....

He soon hung up the phone after a couple of minutes with a smile of satisfaction in his face. "Old friend you owe me for all the trouble these kids are causing me." He sighed.


On the other end....

Shi Meng hung up the phone after talking to grandpa Han. He wondered, "hmm.. This is weird... Why is the old man calling to confirm if I will be attending a meeting that I go for every year.."

Shifting his attention, his expression changed and he looked menacingly at the guy in front of him.

The PI Jian Tan scratched his head and looked nervously at Shi Meng.

"So you are telling me that you almost got caught by some run down hotel security guards ?" Shi Meng asked.

Jian Tan cleared his throat and tried to explain more, " Actually boss . It is a little more complicated than that."
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He explained to Shi Meng about Robert's stay in the hotel next to Su Lin and how the guards who were approaching him were probably Robert's personal guards.

Hearing everything Shi Meng listened silently. Looking up he asked, "Do they know ?"

Jian Tan hesitantly answered, " I did everything I can to cover my tracks. I have also set up alerts. So far nobody knows. I am sure about it."

"Heh. Really ? you are that confident ?" Shi Meng sneered. As a private investigator, he didn't even know that an internationally famous guy was staying in the hotel next to Su Lin's place ! If this was not incompetence then what was !?

But then again, Shi Meng was an excellent manager and wouldn't have come this far, if he just blatantly took his attitude and feelings out on people working under him. So not saying much, he just finished the conversation. "Ok. Good work on escaping. I don't think we need to keep tabs on her any more. Yang see him out."

Shi Meng's assistant Yang quickly escorted Jian Tan out of the office and reported back obediently, only to find Shi Meng grinning like a maniac. Kicking his chair backwards, he stood up and suddenly asked, "Heh .. Do you see where this is going Yang ?".

"Sir ? "

"The first encounter in that mall and now... moving closer to the hotel Robert is staying in .. You can see the layers of web she is carefully spinning. And all of this to catch a really big prey this time. Heh .."

Nodding in agreement, Yang also thought Su Lin looked very guilty right now. "Yes sir, looks like it."

"Did she really think I would just let her go like that ? Ha ha. Looks like it is finally starting." Shi Meng's smile grew wider.

Suddenly remembering something, he turned towards Yang and asked, "By the way, who is that decrepit looking guy who always seems to hang around Su Lin ?"


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