The CEO's loser wife
31 Getting caught Part 1
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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31 Getting caught Part 1

Enjoying the morning chirping of birds and the pleasant dull sunlight, Robert and Angela were sitting on the hotel executive suit's patio and chatting over their morning breakfast.

Once they return back to their country, they would barely have any time to spend together. So these quite mornings were very appreciated.

Angela still hadn't changed out of her night pajamas, but her fingers were nimbly tapping the ipad. Robert was wearing a plain white shirt with a pale blue shorts and his hair was messily smoothed over.
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The brother and sister pair liked to enjoy traditional Chinese cuisine, while they were here and had ordered Youtiao and soy bean milk that morning.

Even the waiter serving them was surprised. These two apparently insanely rich people had rented out their entire 4-star hotel for the month. From what he could see, only these two were genuine guests.

The rest had a built like they were experienced mercenaries and were probably their body guards. It would make more sense for someone with over twenty guards to stay in one of the top hotels in the city. Why did they come here ? No one understood.

Their boss was simply happy to even just make his acquaintance with the Robert Hissenger and was waiting on them hand and foot through out their entire stay here.

And again they are having a breakfast with just these two items. Even the middle class families staying here for vacation usually order more things on the menu. "Do you need anything else sir ?", the waiter checked again hesitantly. But all he got was a nod..

Robert usually had a very quite and calm demeanor, while Angela was the more talkative one. Sipping on his soy milk, Robert suddenly noticed a new car in the hotel premises.

The grey Mazda which blended in with the surroundings also had one of its windows rolled down and something that looked like a camera tip protruding out.

Becoming suspicious, Robert immediately sent a couple of his guards downstairs to check on this mysterious intruder.

And downstairs...

Jian Tan was yawning in his car and lazily observing a plain and pretty unexciting woman, who was working hard on her garden. He still couldn't understand why the big boss wanted to keep tabs on someone like her. Wait, he actually didn't understand how he married someone like her in the first place.

He has been working as a private investigator for about seven years now and one can say that he is a pretty accomplished and a very decent detective. So, even though he was lazily slouched, he still caught the sight of two well built men walking towards him from a distance itself and responded at lightening speed.

Pulling back his camera very fast, Jian Tan punched his accelerator and zoomed out of there, without even rolling his windows up.

Watching him drive away, the guards could only return upstairs empty handed. They took a note of the car make, model and license plate and reported back for further instructions from Robert.

"Middle aged Chinese man 25 to 35 years old sir. And from the distance it looked like he was observing the woman next door sir", the guard gave a brief report to Robert.

Still browsing through the news paper, Robert calmly replied, "Ok then. Looks like it is unrelated to us. Let's not press this further." He didn't want to get involved in someone else's issue and brushed it aside without a thought.

Soon it was time to kick start their daily schedule, filled with meetings regarding potential investments. Though these were in their financial interests, Robert mainly liked the idea of supporting genuine hard-working and struggling companies, no matter how remote and undeveloped they were.

Robert always justified these actions to his father as investing in a person, rather than a company. A motivated, passionate and hard-working person can make anything happen, no matter the difficulties. If he could help these people out even just a little and make a little money in the process, then that would be for the best. This was his principle.

Both Robert and Angela got dressed and left downstairs to step out for their day. From the hotel entrance, Robert could still see a young woman in her twenties working diligently on her garden. He figured that this was probably the woman who was being spied on.

Though he didn't want to get involved in this, looking at his sister's car departing, he suddenly thought of something. If his sister was in that woman's place, he would have wanted to be informed about situations like this. So he asked one of his men to inform the woman next door about the incident.

Nodding his head, the guard walked towards the woman, who was seemingly enjoying her pleasant morning....

Su Lin had woken up early that day and started her herb grafting work. She had a long day ahead of her. Since her current resources were extremely limited, this is the only research she could afford.

Growing herbs in her world was an entirely different ball game. She had to place a seed and circulate spiritual energy through the soil and seed, enabling her to grow the necessary herb in less than an hour. This process also solidified her core and strengthened the flow of her spiritual energy, increasing her physical combat prowess.

But here, apparently these guys take months at a time to grow to their full maturity. She was very curious to study this growth process and understand how it worked.

While she was in the middle of this work, she saw a stranger approaching her front gates.


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