The CEO's loser wife
30 You better not regret this
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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30 You better not regret this


Shi Meng threw his coffee mug on the pristine office glass wall, breaking it into a million pieces.

After his tumultuous encounter with Su Lin, he had returned back to his office all heated up.

He cancelled the meetings scheduled for the day and went for an hour long run in the office gym to cool his engines.

Then when he sat back to work finally, he was still not able to concentrate and felt very restless. More than that, he was curious to know how Su Lin reacted to his little accident.

He flipped his laptop on and quickly switched to the camera feeds, only to see that the shop was completely empty.

Wondering what happened, he reviewed some of the previous footage.... which ended in the untimely demise of his coffee mug..

Why is grandpa Han not staying out of this... Shi Meng was infuriated. Just how far is he planning to help !!! Fuck...

Obviously if you are going to offer a nice villa that bitch Su Lin is going to accept it, without even batting an eyelid.

Shit. Now I can't even monitor her anymore. Fuck fuck fuck..

Shi Meng was at his wit's end. No matter what he did, he was just not able to get an upper hand with that lousy woman.

"Hmm... Looks like you are forcing my hand woman. You better not regret this." Muttering to himself he finally sat down to get some work done.

As if this single headache was not enough, another dark cloud was forming in Su Lin's corner.

Earlier that day, on her way to the hospital, Tang Yue's friend had seen Shi Meng, grandpa Han and Su Lin talking together.

In the evening, she called up Tang Yue and told her about it, adding some salt and spices to the story.

This pushed Tang Yue, who was already on the edge, to take a step further. "Even after divorcing, why do you have eyes only for her !", she screamed into the phone.

Hanging up, she thought about something for a few minutes and called mama Meng. "Hi aunty. I am making you your favorite fried prawns for dinner tonight. Shall I bring it over ?"

"Of course dear. Come over soon. Shi will be here in half an hour", mama Meng enthusiastically responded.

Mama Meng knew her intentions full well and in fact she has always been a supporter of Tang Yue. And had tried her utmost to convince the late Shi Meng's grandfather regarding the same.

Their plan failed back then but now there was no one opposing Tang Yue....

Mama Meng only wanted the best for her son and he deserved nothing less than a woman brought up with the right principles and education.

While these three were plotting their own schemes, Su Lin oblivious to all this, was happily looking around her new place.

The previous boarding space was not too shabby, but it was very congested and Su Lin felt a bit claustrophobic. This new house had different rooms and was furnished comfortably, making Su Lin very satisfied.

But still .. she couldn't help but feel a bit down. After all she was just reaping the previous pitiful girl's karma.

Shaking the feeling off, she went to her most favorite part of this new place. The wide open space outback. Thankfully she still had some money leftover.

After grandpa Han left, she went back to the shop and got all the fresh herbs and her previous herbal power supplies back to her new place.

While she was there, noticing Wang Yu, she decided to also drag his ass back to the house. Considering he was bored, it was not too difficult to convince him that gardening was better than doing nothing.

They brought everything back to the new house, with Wang Yu complaining the whole time.

Su Lin sorted out the herbs she thought was suitable to be grown in general soil and current weather.

Both of them then got down to planing the herbs and constructing proper water holes around them.

After a hard evening's work, Su Lin made her version of herbal tea and brought it out for Wang Yu and herself to drink.

The atmosphere was pleasant and it was great time to walk outside or just and chat. And both of them were physically tired after working all day.

No matter how much stuff one has moving is always tiring. With the whole body sore and Su Lin's right blend of herbal mixture, the tea was tasting divine and Wang Yu was immensely surprised.

When he had been wealthy, what tea hasn't he had. This one tasted completely different.
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Gauging Su Lin's attitude and mood, he cautiously asked, " So how did you learn so much about herbs and traditional medicine ?"

And bingo ! He hit the jackpot.

Su Lin forgot where she was for a second and lazily replied back with her eyes closed from tiredness, "oh. I had a lucky encounter and received a alchemy inheritance, boosting my aptitude in pill forging."

Jerking up from her stupor, Su Lin tried to quickly recover. "ha ha . Just Kidding. I read a lot about them when growing up and just lucky with my trials I guess. Ha ha. Anyways good night. I am all spent."

Not hovering around any longer Su Lin went inside and fell on her bed. She really was tired.

Wang Yu on the other hand was still staring in her direction, with his jaw dropped and in complete astonishment. His mind was reeling.

Anyone else would have believed that explanation she gave later, brushing away her previous words as a joke but him ... this combined with the mysterious disappearance of her disease... just who is she ..


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