The CEO's loser wife
29 I got you
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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29 I got you

Pushing her against the shelves, Shi Meng held her down with his hands. He looked into her clear black eyes with an obvious hatred and animosity.
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With a low deep voice he murmured, "Why are you trying to claw your way back into my life ?"

Without any response, Su Lin just blankly stared at him. But there was a glimmer of arrogance clearly visible in her eyes.

Looking at that expressionless face, Shi Meng's fury was only bubbling further. He leaned in more closely and clenched her arms with his fingers, almost bruising them.

Catching a glimpse of the reddened arms and the expressionless face, he shuddered suddenly realizing that he had lost all control.

He abruptly let her go and rushed out of the shop, storming into his car. With heavy deep breaths, he tried to calm himself down.

Fucking bitch.. she knew just exactly what buttons to push. Fuck ...

"Drive back to office" he roared.

Watching him leave, Wang Yu quickly went inside to check up on Su Lin. Unexpectedly she just chuckled and went back to her work.

"Do you want me to interrupt next time ? He was after all your ex husband, so I didn't know what to do ?" Wang Yu gently said. He felt a pang of guilt over his hesitation to act.

"It's all good." Su Lin reassured him and went to work humming.

Of course, just like every other woman, at first she had wanted to punch in his face and throw him down on the floor. but physically she wasn't strong enough to do that.

Then she realized that there was something even better that she could do ... without even lifting a finger... and she did that.

Chuckling Su Lin felt satisfied. She didn't like that arrogant jerk the minute she got that poor girl's memories.

But what could she possibly to do a person with such wealth and authority.. there was simply no way she could hurt him.

She definitely had to wait quite a while to get her revenge..

But amusingly, this guy just went ahead and got worked up all on his own .. that was when she figured she didn't need anything to take this guy down.

He was going to combust all on his own. And the only thing she had to do was be indifferent .. heh .. shrugging her shoulders, Su Lin continued to work smiling.

Taking a look at her red arms and smiling face, Wang Yu went back out and slouched in his place closing his eyes.

Hmmm.. it's been a while since he cared about anything. After losing his entire family in one night, he completely shut himself from anything and everything.

But today he felt protective.. was he sticking around here just a bit too long .. it was not his plan to get attached to anyone or anything ..

He just wanted to complete the rest of his life like prison sentence .. that's what he deserved.. Taking a puff from his cigarette Wang Yu's mind wandered off to old memories, letting out a long sigh ...

Soon it was evening and grandpa Han had enough time to pay Su Lin another quick visit. "How did it go child ?" , grandpa Han asked nervously. He had been worried about this all day. It was too bad that he had to run out.

Before she could even answer, looking at Su Lin's apologetic face, he could completely guess what had happened. "Hmph... I told him repeatedly to behave... why do you youngsters have such bad blood .. sigh .. never mind."

Sitting on the couch, grandpa Han looked at Su Lin with a quizzical face. He wanted to help her but he was not sure how.

Taking his eyes of the fidgeting young woman in front of him, grandpa Han looked around the shop. There weren't many things present. The place looked almost empty.

Though he couldn't help but notice that some of the fresh herbs which Su Lin had neatly placed on the counter, were already starting to wilt and wither.

"Tell me child .. how do you like this place so far ? Oh wait . Are you also living here ?" grandpa Han asked.

Nodding her head, Su Lin answered back, glad he didn't bring up the matter involving Shi Meng. "Yes grandpa I am living in the back."

"Hmmm... give me a minute child." Thinking about it for a while, grandpa Han took his phone and made a call.

After several minutes, he hung up the phone and again cheerfully addressed Su Lin, "ok dear. Forget the Shi Meng thing for now. I will talk some sense into that child later. How about you move into your new place today evening."

"New place ?" Su Lin was surprised.

"Yes. And I am sure you will like it !" Grandpa Han already started walking out assuming Su Lin's approval.

"But grandpa.. really I am fine with this arrangement. You have done more than enough for me. I already can't repay you enough for your kindness." Su Lin insisted.

"Aye.. Enough of this nonsense. Come child. You will definitely like it and find it more convenient. You can thank this old man later." Ignoring Su Lin's weak protests, grandpa dragged her out.

After driving for about 20 mins, the duo arrived in a sub-urban sort of area with beautiful houses, lush with free greenery.


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