The CEO's loser wife
28 Alone with him
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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28 Alone with him

After that dismal week of patient waiting, patient waiting and more patient waiting, Su Lin's luck really did take a turn for the better.

The day after Mrs. Zhenghai had visited, grandpa Han returned back after his military trip and to Su Lin's surprise, immediately came to visit her that evening.

Su Lin was busy unpacking the deliveries she got that afternoon. Since she was flush with cash now, she had ordered some fresh herbs today and was organizing and analyzing them.

Grandpa Han rushed to Su Lin's shop and greeted her excitedly , "Hello child !! Look at this !!" He pointed at a slight rash on his hand, which had almost disappeared now.

"When I first heard your idea of doing a herbal cosmetic thing, to be honest, I didn't think it would go anywhere !" he said.

"It's ok grandpa." Su Lin said. Of course, as far as grandpa Han knew, she absolutely had no back ground in this whatsoever. So obviously it was natural for him to think this way.

"But this is amazing! I have been trying to get rid of this dry patch in my hand for months now !! But just after using your moisturizer for a week it feels so much better !!" he excitedly showed Su Lin the rough discolored skin on his hand again.

Observing his hand, Su Lin nodded and said, "I can probably make you something better for that grandpa. Give me some time."

"Thanks dear. I will look forward to that. I actually hurried here so that I can talk to you about something important." he said.


"I think you have an amazing talent child. Are you interested in developing this further ? I think it could be great." Grandpa Han seriously asked.

"Hmmm.. yes grandpa. I have been thinking about that too ." Su Lin sincerely answered.

During her uneventful week, all she could think about was how to get more resources and more equipments to dig deeper into this world's alchemy.

"Of course. You should definitely do it child. I think there is a lot of potential here. All day yesterday I was talking to my grandson and tried to come up with a plan to help you out. But sadly since we have a finance infrastructure it would require too much effort to get this going." Grandpa Han explained.

"But my grandson gave another suggestion yesterday...". Hesitantly grandpa Han continued.

"What do you think about asking Shi Meng for help with this ?", ripping the bandaid, grandpa Han came straight to the point.

Looking at Su Lin's changing expressions he immediately added, " just that Meng industries have their line of cosmetics already.. especially a traditional herbal organic cosmetic line.. the naturals. It would be a lot easier for you to be a head of that division or something like that and develop your products further. Much simpler than starting your own line from scratch."

"I really think that's .."

"Hear me out child. I know that brat Shi Meng is a rude and arrogant fellow and he doesn't have the least bit of soft corner for you. But I am very sure he will agree to this. He always puts his business first. Silly child. He wouldn't mind." Grandpa Han interrupted Su Lin and explained further.

"Sorry grandpa. I really don't think that's a good idea." Looking apologetic, Su Lin tried to politely refuse.

Grandpa Han had helped her a lot. And probably he is the only person in this world, who is looking out for her. So she really didn't want to be rude.

"If you are worried about Shi Meng refusing, don't worry dear, I actually already took care of it." Grandpa Han chuckled.

Confused, Su Lin was about to ask what he meant, when the shop door opened abruptly, with a cold aura seeping inside.

"Well hello there my darling " a cold mocking voice floated inside.


of course this was going to happen. Su Lin's head was immediately throbbing. Rubbing her temples she looked pleadingly at grandpa Han.

Understanding Su Lin's plight grandpa immediately said, "Shi Meng behave."

But before he could say anything further, his phone rang and he saw that it was from an important investor. Probably reminding him about the meeting he had in a few minutes.

"Tsk tsk.. sorry child I have to rush out now. I only had a few minutes to spare today. And Shi Meng I hope you can give me some face and behave appropriately." Staring at Shi Meng for a minute, grandpa Han again waved Su Lin good bye and left.

As soon as that door shut behind grandpa Han, an ominous silence filled the room.
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Shi Meng sat on the couch and lifted his head to look up at Su Lin arrogantly. It was as if he already owned that place and Su Lin was someone who worked under him.

Working under him .. he he .. that idea amused Shi Meng greatly. Now I can scrutinize you all I want you bitch. Shi Meng chuckled.

As if reading his thoughts, Su Lin answered back with a blank expression, "Don't even think about it. This is not happening."

Raising his eyebrows, Shi Meng stared at her. He was surprised by Su Lin's attitude and behavior. She no longer had that meek and pathetic damsel in distress exterior.

With an icy voice he asked, "Hmmm.. Are you sure .. I mean your plan to swindle money would be much easier this way.. heh"

Sigh .. the same old conversations. Not paying attention to him, or rather completely ignoring him, Su Lin started clearing out the herbs she was using earlier and putting everything back in it's place.

1 minute ....

2 minutes .....

5 minutes .....

Still no reply ...

Infuriated, Shi Meng got up brashly and grabbed her from behind.


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