The CEO's loser wife
26 What the fuck is wrong with him ?
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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26 What the fuck is wrong with him ?

"Are you sure she didn't directly interact with Robert Hissenger ?" Shi Meng growled on the phone.

"Yes sir. I am sure", the private detective Jian meekly replied.

"And you are sure that was 'the Robert' ?"

"Yes sir. Definitely."

Hmmm .. what are you up to now my dear ex-wife ... fishing in international waters are we ?!

Tapping his fingers on the elegant Turkish glass table in front of him, Shi Meng once again flipped through the report P.I. Jian had submitted a few minutes back.

Today was the first time something even remotely significant had happened.

He literally had access to anything and everything Su Lin did, from the time she woke up till she went to bed. And still somehow it felt like he was in the dark...

What is she plotting ....

Gazing through his window at the sparkling traffic on the road, Shi Meng painfully tried to bring his mind and concentration back to work.

He was having a rough day or rather a rough month. Ever since he found out how Su Lin had lied and cheated him, he had this nagging feeling... a sort of restlessness.

He had never thought of himself as someone who is all powerful but that bitch was an insect and she had dared to bite him !!

And it's been a month already ... it was disappointing and unsettling that he was still not able to get to the bottom of her scheming.

He felt as if he was trying to find a pattern in the clouded sky.. something like that was completely random and it would be ridiculous trying to find an explanation.

But how did her cancer disappear?! There is definitely something behind this. He was sure of it. His instinct screamed this at him and his instincts had never betrayed him before..

Hmmm.. realizing that he was still on the phone, he quickly ended the conversation with Jian and hung up.

"Yang get me some coffee ", grabbing a fresh stack of files he buried himself in work.

After attending to Shi Meng, suddenly Yang remembered something and called Jian back, "Hey man. Just wanted to remind you something.. no matter what ... Su Lin had once been a daughter of the Meng family. Her nude pictures better not show up online."

"Of course. I am being very discrete." Jian replied in agreement.

Just like Shi Meng someone else was also having a pretty bad month...

Tang Yue was biting her nails and looking at the reply on her phone.

"I am busy"

Such a short and blunt reply. Why did all the bad things in the world had to happen to her ... Sigh.. Tang Yue was at the end of her wits. She had absolutely no idea why this was happening..

About a month ago, she was at the top of the world. Shi Meng had finally divorced that scheming bitch Su Lin. Things were totally going her way .. It was finally her turn ..

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Her original place had been stolen by that beggar. Now.... it was all hers ..

But what the heck was this ?! Why is he still not interested in me ?! She was going crazy.

After several failed attempts to get Shi Meng to come out and have dinner with her, she even barged into the Meng estate in the name of visiting mama Meng and often spent most of her time there.

Even that strategy had failed and Shi Meng still hadn't paid even an iota of attention to her.

Finally she broke down and pestered her father, the mayor, day in and day out and successfully got him to change his small gathering/ meeting to a slightly bigger gala.

This was something that the mayor organized every year, a small gathering of a selected few individuals. All invited guests were key investors in the city's development and real estate. And moreover, it was extremely important to maintain the employment and growth rate of the city.

So Tang Yue had to really put in a lot of efforts and shed a whole bucket load of tears to get her father to make a change this year.

"Fine child. I don't know why are you pushing me this far. Fine. A gala sounds good too. Hopefully these guys will welcome it as a pleasant change." Mayor Tang reluctantly agreed.

In truth, the mayor is not that naive as to agree to something just because his daughter threw a tantrum. This time he had actually extended his reach and invited a few international investors.

Hence, in the last minute, he decided to spring for more money and make this event into a classy and enjoyable gala. The last thing anyone wants to do after flying for more than 15 hours is to sit in on a dry meeting. This way the whole event would be more entertaining and relaxing.

Oblivious to all of this, Tang Yue felt extremely happy and hugged and thanked her father profusely. "You are the best papa."

"Ahem ahem.. Thanks dear." Mayor Tang chuckled guiltily.

With a face full of teeth, she rushed into her bedroom and like a teenager shot a text to Shi Meng inviting him for the gala.

But the reply which came back at the same lightening fast speed .... made her completely speechless ..

"I am busy"

Fuck fuck fuck... This was infuriating. What the fuck is wrong with this guy .... She looked at herself in the mirror and adjusted her hair.. Tears started welling up in her eyes.. Will she always be so invisible to him ?

Behind all the drama and the plotting, she really did care about him a lot .. maybe it was for all the wrong reasons ... but she did genuinely care about Shi Meng .. unfortunately for her .. everything was purely one sided ..

Wiping away her tears, she quickly changed her mood and rushed back to interrogate her father, "Dad. Is Shi Meng coming for the gala ?"

Understanding her intention, the mayor sighed and replied back, "Of course my dear." Previously, he had been against his daughter pursuing a married man so vehemently. But now that they are divorced .... Sigh .. Let the chips fall where they may ..


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