The CEO's loser wife
25 You are impossible !!
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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25 You are impossible !!

Finishing up her final touches, the makeup stylist put her last brush down nervously and cleared her throat. "All done madam".

Angela opened her clear blue eyes slowly and checked her face in the mirror. She was naturally beautiful with an almost flawless skin. So it had not exactly been a challenge for the stylist to make her look stunning and breathtaking.

The real challenge here was rather on how to showcase her talents on a face which was already pretty perfect. One would require much more creativity here compared to the scenario of making an ugly face presentable. Unfortunately, when something is at 100%, most often it has no where to go but downward ...

Batting her long thick eyelashes, Angela playfully turned towards Robert and giggled, "Wow. Look at that !!! I am getting prettier every day !! " She stuck out her tongue and smiled.

Chuckling, Robert seriously replied, "Yup. Just like a pig dressed for a beauty contest. Absolutely."

"Damn you brother ! Can't you throw me a complement once in a while !"

"Ha ha", Robert just laughed and proceeded to study and analyze the work.

Angela didn't give up and insisted, "I am waiting?".

"Hmmm ?"

"Ughh ... you are impossible !!"

"What ?", infuriating his sister further, Robert was genuinely confused.

"Fine let's go back to the hotel already !! I have a meeting to get to !", giving up on her thick skinned brother, Angela huffed.

While Angela and the makeup artist waited impatiently for Robert's response, he took his own sweet time to look at things.

And after 5 mins, but what seemed like an hour to the artist, he said, "Hmm.. You are indeed talented. No doubt about it. Any small mistake on a face like my sister's would completely be exposed. You did good. I can't seem to find any flaws..... But at the same time, you haven't taken any risks either. You just went for a traditional every day working woman look. Hmm..."
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Before the artist could explain further Robert added, "I don't think you should be joining us now. I think you need a lot more confidence and a lot more experience. Working in a place like this can offer you both. Maybe next year."

Without waiting for a response, he followed his sister, who was now hurrying to the car.....

"Well, I tried." The makeup artist was pretty down and started tearing up. The manager rushed forward and comforted her, "Don't worry. He is rumored to be always like this, neither polite nor rude. Straight to the point. You will have other chances later. Don't worry."

The other stylist who worked on or rather tried to work on Su Lin said, "At least you reached this level. Getting a God like that to personally test you. Look at me.. Damn .. I was just rejected by a stupid bumpkin."

Talking about that stupid bumpkin, another person was cursing at her as well ....

Mrs. Han, as expected met grandpa Han when she got back home and was immediately interrogated about her visit to Su Lin's shop with her friends.

She stammered a bit and tried to sugar coat her words but grandpa Han immediately saw through her. "Sorry father. I have let you down. You know how much Yilu hates her. I really couldn't help it", Mrs. Han explained.

"Hmm.. Well you tried your best I see." Grandpa Han replied shortly and walked away.

He was genuinely disappointed. He had asked his daughter-in-law who manages multiple companies for a small favor and she didn't even have the foresight to not bring Mrs. Meng with her, who obviously hated Su Lin very much ?

This was such an obvious let down. Old people no longer had the same respect. Tsk.. Tsk..

Since he was leaving Hangzhou city for a work trip, he didn't want to get into any arguments for the moment. At his age, one could never tell, when the last day was going to be. So he made it a habit not to leave things or situations salty.

Just remembering something, he turned around and asked, "Did you buy anything from her ?"

Already feeling very guilty, Mrs. Han immediately coughed up the information, "Here father. I purchased several bottles for my friends and got one for you to try out as well."

Nodding, Grandpa Han squeezed out a small smile and thanked her, "Thanks for helping that child out. I will try this."

Since Grandpa Han knew that Su Lin had made this herself from scratch and completely from

traditional organic herbs, he was pretty excited to try it out and see how it worked.

Smelling the product a little, he could tell that it was an unadulterated natural herb mixture just from a whiff. "Ah. Su Lin dear. You need to do something about this smell." It didn't smell too bad but it was not an inviting scent either.

Other than that, the moisturizer felt pretty good and gave out a refreshing feeling after applying. Humming silently, he applied a little product on his face and hands and went to bed early, in preparation for his trip tomorrow.


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