The CEO's loser wife
24 There is no way you are applying that on my face !
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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24 There is no way you are applying that on my face !

Robert shifted his glasses and looked up with this piercing blue eyes at the oblivious young woman in front of him.

Being someone from a wealthy and aristocratic family, he was not fond of the unnecessary attention and the lack of privacy which came with his lifestyle.

But still he tried his best to stay under the radar and keep out of that spotlight. Till date he personally hadn't appeared in any press conferences or any other broadcasts.

Though many people were familiar with his name, few knew how he looked. That's why he was able to stand in a remote mall in a remote place without anyone noticing him.

Looking at Su Lin's actions, he was starting to get mildly annoyed. But soon he noticed that something weird was going on.

It was not him who was being stared at ...

Rather, this woman was so engrossed in observing the makeup artist's actions that she completely ignored him.

Well, he didn't want to be a public figure and this was completely normal for a normal person. So absolutely no reason for him to get over worked on this !

Amused, Robert chuckled and continued tapping away at his phone.

And on the other side, the make up artist finally succeeded in getting the attention of her superior and signaled her.

The manager immediately noticed the situation and rushed over to talk to Su Lin. But, when he recognized that Mr. Robert himself was not disturbed or annoyed, he tactfully proceeded with an entirely different attitude.

"Hi there young lady. We have a sale going on in that section. How about you come with me for some free samples ?", the manage gently asked Su Lin with a warm smile and polite attitude.

But unfortunately for him, Su Lin who was still engrossed completely failed to hear him or even notice him.

Clearing his throat the manager decided to give this one more shot, "Hello. If you are interested we can have another make up artist work on you for completely free !! We will even be using all named brands while styling."

But ..... no response or reaction again ...

Robert understanding what was going on was completely amused and chuckled at the plight of the store manager. He was sure that this woman was going to be thrown out once they leave.
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On a whim, he patted gently on Su Lin's shoulders and brought her attention back to the present.

Getting the hint, the store manager again asked Su Lin, "Hi there. If you are interested we can have another make up artist work on you for completely free !! We will even be using all named brands while styling."

This time Su Lin's interest was peaked and she nodded her head following the store manager's lead, while complementing the previous makeup artist the entire way.

And Robert watching them walk away, went back to his work smiling.

The manager didn't want to create any scene and just asked another make up and styling artist to attend to Su Lin.

Though it was not directly related to Mr. Robert's sister, the makeup artist was still excited to be working on someone. There was a chance Mr. Robert could cross them and notice her art work as well. She might not be as talented as her friend, but she was still pretty good.

Su Lin excitedly looked at all the new things in front of her. Seating her on a comfortable chair in front of the mirror, the artist wrapped Su Lin's neck with a towel and gowned her.

The artist then grabbed some basic facial cleanser and decided to start with cleaning Su Lin's face first.

But before she could even touch Su Lin's face, she abruptly stopped her and asked, "can I first see the product you are using ?"

The makeup artist was not surprised. This is something people usually asked her for. But this woman was getting the whole treatment for free and she was still hounding her for details. hmph .. she just politely handed over the small tube of facial cleanser she was planning on using.

Not returning her politeness, Su Lin squeezed the tube gently and looked at the paste in her hands. It didn't have a complex composition and Su Lin could immediately get a sense of the components, or at least the effect it had on her skin.

Even that small amount of cleanser gave her a harsh and rough feeling on the skin, making Su Lin cringe. She could only imagine what a long term use would do to her skin.

Since enough time had passed the makeup artist grabbed the cleanser tube back and proceeded to apply on Su Lin's face. Startled, Su Lin immediately stopped her and got up hastily from her chair. "Oh my. There is no way you are applying that on my face."

Surprised, the makeup artist didn't know how to respond and just stared back at her blankly. She was using a famous named brand and was confused as to what was wrong with that?

Su Lin never had the habit of creating a commotion. Anything and everything she did was swift and over powered. So she just left silently without continuing the conversation.

Noticing the disturbance, the manager sighed and went near them. Before he could inquire further, he saw Su Lin silently walk away and just let her be. Whatever it was, it can wait until after Mr. Robert had left.

Unfortunately for him, instead of taking the other door, Su Lin actually walked to the door next to Robert and his sister, giving a headache to the manager.

And of course, just as fate would have it, Robert did notice Su Lin walk out the door and couldn't help but wonder why she was leaving this early. And that too with no styling done on her whatsoever.

Heh.. Interesting.. He chuckled and went back to his work.


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