The CEO's loser wife
23 Shiny and sparkly !
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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23 Shiny and sparkly !

"Are you really not upset? " Wang Yu asked.

Su Lin's mind was somewhere else and she completely ignored what he said. "Hmmm ... say... are you in the mood for some shopping ? Compared to theirs, my clothes are a bit too .... tsk.. tsk... "

"And of all the things, this is what you are concerned about ?!" Wang Yu helplessly asked. And before Su Lin could reply, he further added "Hell no... I have had enough of it this morning." Not even finishing his sentence, Wang Yu disappeared from her eye sight at lightening speed.

"What is it with women and their shopping ..?! Brrr ... scary ", mumbling something he slouched back in his usual spot.

Chuckling, Su Lin decided to spend the rest of the day updating her wardrobe and doing some much deserved sight seeing. It has been so long since she had arrived here and she hadn't even gotten a chance to take a look at these so called shopping malls.

Moreover, the previous Su Lin's favorite food had been something called vanilla chocolate swirl from one of these places. So she really wanted to try that too.

If memory served her right, there should be a shopping mall, at a couple miles distance from her shop.

Changing into a different pink plain shirt and throwing on her only pair of sneakers, Su Lin started slowly jogging towards the mall.

Although it was a sunny afternoon, Su Lin was quite comfortable with this temperature.

In her previous world, the temperature was almost always fluctuating between the extremities and she had to constantly circulate her spiritual energy to maintain a comfortable physical condition.

This pleasant weather and comfortable body gave her a very light and free feeling and she felt even better with the moderate physical activity.

And it's not like she minded the occasional stares from the people passing by, for literally being the only person jogging at this awkward time.

After a good 20 minutes, Su Lin finally reached the luxury mall on the D street, both sweating and out of breath.

Even from the entrance she could see all the shops dazzling and sparkling, looking like they were just newly built.

Unlike the night market this area was not crowded or noisy. But enough number of people were walking by to give a happening atmosphere.

Most of the men and women walking by and shopping around were dressed pristinely and Su Lin stuck out like a sore thumb.

Of course, Su Lin also recognized this obvious difference and decided not to purchase anything. It seemed like she wouldn't be able to afford anything here right this instance.

However, they all looked so shiny and new that she couldn't help herself from wandering around and doing some window shopping.

Beautifully designed jewelry, stylish clothes and even heavenly looking deserts were show cased neatly and beautifully in an eye catching manner.

Yup. Her intuition was right. She absolutely belonged in this wonderful world and not that hell hole.

Wandering around a bit more, she was hesitantly about to return back home, when she came to an absolute halt.

She couldn't help but stop and stare in amazement. This person was an artist. Wow .. just wow ...

With just a few strokes of the brush, that girl's face looked completely different now. Her blemishes disappeared and her features looked sharper !

Forgetting herself, she had begun to walk closer and stare at the duo more obviously. And on top of that, it didn't look like she was going to budge from there any time soon.

The make up artist on the other end of that stare was working on a petite elegant female, who already looked stunning and gorgeous.

The female client of the make up artist didn't look like she belonged to this country and had a silky smooth golden blonde hair with deep blue eyes.

She was dressed in a plain coral grey suit with pearl earrings, which suited her demeanor and curves.

Her beauty was only outdone by the tall and lanky guy standing next to them. Similar to the young woman, he also had a rich golden blonde wavy hair and deep blue eyes. Anyone could infer that these two were siblings.

He had a thin body structure with a tall frame. And he was dressed neatly in a clean white shirt, matched with a pair of salmon pink trousers.
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But the first thing anyone would notice about him, was his pair of deep blue piercing eyes and his thin black glasses which framed them.

Currently, the make up artist was actually sweating and didn't know how to react. She kept throwing secret glances at the store manager, signaling him to take care of this situation.

Their shop White Lillies was just a small start up, opened by a bunch of friends together. And because of some heaven defying luck Mr. Robert had visited them that morning with his sister.

Mr. Robert often made it a habit to go to random places and scout top rated talent. This was a once in the left time chance for this make up artist.

If Mr. Robert thought she was talented then all sorts of doors will open for her. She might even be able to work in one of his international franchises.

And now some random woman, who totally looked like a country bumpkin had entered this scene to ruin the harmonious atmosphere.


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