The CEO's loser wife
22 Su Lin vs the ladies !
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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22 Su Lin vs the ladies !

In a small little shop, in the middle of giant buildings, the bright noon sun rays were hitting the glass walls and creating vivid patterns on the surface behind.

The interiors of the shop were simple and elegant, with nothing but a plain white paint. The front portion of the shop was split into two halves by the neat marble counter and the door connecting the front and back portion was locked, blending into the white back ground.

A comfortable and expensive L shaped grey leather couch was opposite the counter space, currently seating five middle aged women, who looked like a million dollars.

However, one of them was sweating bullets currently....

Mrs. Han had a bad feeling about this whole situation. She obviously could see how much grandpa Han favored this orphan girl and that he had put some efforts into helping her out.

But now, looking at the drama unfolding in front of her, she was feeling very uneasy and restless. She had an ominous feeling that this was for sure going to be reported back to grandpa Han.

It was not as if she was afraid of him but he was the man of the house and she cannot oppose him in such an outright way. Moreover, she also respected and loved grandpa Han and did not want to offend him if possible.

But.. this woman.. Mama Meng was making it very difficult for her...

Sigh.. How is she going to stop this riot now.. She was just plainly sitting her snickering with the others and throwing insults at that girl.

Mrs. Han was very conflicted. On one hand, she didn't want to offend grandpa Han but on the other hand, Mama Meng was one of her closest friends and she knew first hand how this girl had been lying to her entire family for so long.

Hmm.. Should she interfere in this mess or not ... Sigh ..

And on top of that this useless woman is only adding fuel to the fire by talking back to mama Meng word for word..

Shouldn't she respect the elders at the least ... What is up with her sarcastic answers .. Sigh...

Fidgeting with her fingers, Mrs. Han waited patiently for a good chance to intervene and take control of this whole nasty situation.

At the other end of this spectrum, Su Lin had already given up any hopes on this encounter being fruitful. She was not some meek and submissive girl to take all these insults lying down.
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She gave back as good as she got ? No. She simply didn't even acknowledge these insults, which only infuriated mama Meng further.

Without any expression of annoyance or irritation, Su Lin blankly replied back, "No, these are not store bought creams. I personally made them. And yes it is perfectly safe for you to apply them on the skin. Here is the list of herbs I used to make them."

"Bleh... This smells too weird and even looks too weird. I am not touching this shit", mockingly Mama Meng pushed aside Su Lin's moisturizer bottle with a disgusted look.

And there was another round of sarcastic chuckling and snickering.

Shit.. This has gone on far too long. Mrs. Han finally decided to interfere and broke out the crowd.

"Hey now Yilu, don't completely trash the product. Who knows ... It might be good.. You know organic and all"

Yilu, mama Meng, chuckled lightly and further added, "Oh yes. Of course. I am sure it is definitely an amazing product. I will be sure to recommend it to some special people in my life !!"

And looking at one of her friends, Mrs. Guo, she further added, "Lu weren't you complaining yesterday evening that someone was running for the club president against you this year. You should gift this to that bitch. Ha ha ha."

Knowing what's about to come next, Mrs. Han again quickly interrupted and tried to take back control of this conversation, "That's right. Su Lin dear, why don't you just pack one bottle for each of us to try on later. My treat ladies. And make it quick dear. We have another appointment soon."

Wrapping the five small bottles in a plastic bag, Su Lin quickly handed it over to Mrs. Han. Not bothering to ask her anything about the price, Mrs. Han shoved some cash in Su Lin's hand and hurriedly left the shop. "Let's get going Yilu."

Understanding Mrs. Han's situation, mama Meng didn't press this any further and quickly got up, completely ignored Su Lin and walked out the shop with her friends.

And just like that ... all the ruckus died down...

Wang Yu, who was sitting outside and slouching without a care in the world, had vaguely listened in on most of the conversations that had happened inside.

Watching the five ladies hustle out of the shop, Wang Yu curiously peeped in to check on Su Lin. "That must have been pretty brutal", murmured Wang Yu.

Surprisingly, Su Lin had a completely different expression than what he had expected.

She was silently humming and smiling, looking at the five ladies disappearing in the distance in their limited edition Lamborghini.

That plain smiling face was very calm and pleasant to look at, but anybody from Su Lin's old life would only shiver and scatter, if they had ever seen her that calm and smiling.....


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