The CEO's loser wife
21 So this is where you have run off to ..
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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21 So this is where you have run off to ..

Thak.... Wang Yu dropped two huge bags on the egg shell colored clean and empty counter. "Listen I am not your errand boy and I am not running errands for you again! "

'Hmm ?" Su Lin was lazily sprawled on her chair and yawned.

"You heard it right. Hmph." Wang Yu stomped out of the store angrily. He himself was not sure when this attitude change occurred. Earlier this morning he had found this whole situation amusing.

Then after waiting at the crowded grocery store for an hour, he was slightly sour. Now that he had to walk back with these huge bags, he was a bit agitated.

After walking quite a distance, when he realized that she could have just called and ordered these basic office necessities for door delivery, he was livid.

Just because he was homeless doesn't mean every Tom, dick and harry could take advantage of him. Hmph. Heartless people everywhere.

Watching Wang Yu grumbling and settling back in his old spot, with a cigarette in his mouth, Su Lin just smiled gently and proceeded to finish her breakfast.

She then energetically started preparing for the day. Today was a pretty important one.

Mrs. Han would be visiting her shop with a bunch of friends.

She only planned to let her and her friends try one of her concoctions, that too it was not yet fully optimized.

To Su Lin, this was the norm. People from her world never traded the best goods. Be it a heaven splitting sword or a mystic grade herb, all the uncommon and rare items were always hoarded. These most often end up being the life saving items.

Following the same principle, Su Lin's strategy right now was to just feel out the markets and see how this low grade product compared to the existing ones.

For this reason, she had given Wang Yu a huge list of currently available cosmetics, in particular moisturizers. Of course, she had to ignore the high end ones for now. Those insanely expensive items could not be afforded right this second.

Just trying these garden variety brands should give her a basic idea of where the industry was at currently.

After neatly arranging all the research materials, Su Lin started trying out all the moisturizers one by one.

Hmm.... Maybe trying out was not the right word.
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Apart from applying on the skin, soon there was diluting, whiffing and even tasting.

Wang Yu kept looking at her from time to time and couldn't help but make weird faces.. Sigh ... this girl ... why does she act like she has totally lost it from time to time ..

Realizing that it was almost noon, Su Lin quickly put away all the other brand moisturizer bottles in a lower shelf.

She got the small clear triangle shaped bottles made of glass, Wang Yu had purchased this morning and filled it up with the herbal paste.

This was something she threw together last night. Grandpa Han had ordered a total of 30 different dried herbal boxes to start her with. These were the most common herbs and Su Lin was already familiar with them.

After working on a bunch of relevant combinations, she came across this mixture. It had an amazing moisturizing effect. She had a hunch that the effect would be even better if the mixture was thoroughly heated and then immediately chilled.

But she can work on all these further modifications a bit later. She still needed more research to better the formula. This much should be enough for now.

At first look, her paste was indeed better than these local brands. Not a huge difference but just by a small margin. At least that's what she thought.

But ... Su Lin did not realize that a small margin in a saturated product such as moisturizer was already a huge deal.

Many companies would pay a huge sum to get their hands on even this crude unmodified formula.

After filling the 5 small bottles, Su Lin wiped the counter clean and tidied up the place a bit.

Soon she heard chattering and giggling voices and 5 middle aged women entered the shop.

Among them Su Lin only recognized Mrs. Han and her favorite ex-mother-in-law mama Meng.

Looking at her, Su Lin's face immediately changed. She had an inkling as to just how this encounter was going to go.

What Su Lin had expected once to be a productive day, just took a turn for the worst.

All five ladies greeted Su Lin very artificially, with a tone of arrogance. A disgusting scent of multiple strong perfumes mixed together assaulted her nose.

"Hmmm ..... so this is where you have run off to .. huh .. ", Mama Meng immediately started with a strong opening statement.

Not in a mood to argue with this group, Su Lin replied blankly, "Nope. Just walked over."

Annoyed that her insult was not conveyed properly, mama Meng lobbed over the next ball, " so what are you doing here ... opening a grocery store ? Poor girl .. now that you are not mooching off of us, you actually have to do some work to survive huh .. "

Enjoying the show in front of them, whilst maintaining their attitude, the other ladies chuckled lightly.

Su Lin creased her brows and let out a long sigh...

This was going to be a long day ...



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