The CEO's loser wife
19 I will find out everything !
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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19 I will find out everything !

Fiddling with the herb jars in front of her, Su Lin replied with a twinkle in her eyes, "Yes grandpa moisturizer."

Not daring to believe what he had just heard, grandpa asked again, "Cough cough… aren't you interested in herbal medicine dear ?"

" oh … hmmm … but I have always wanted to try this out though .. I have finally gotten the opportunity thanks to you "

On the one hand Su Lin's face was brimming with excitement and enthusiasm. On the other hand, grandpa Han knew full well the difficulties and struggles involved in entering the cosmetic industry.

Beauty industry is an age old one. There are several established brands and popular products. People tend to trust and use the more popular brands repeatedly.

Even theories like "Changing the brands often will damage your skin" kept floating around. Forget about the international brands, even the local ones are difficult to compete with.

Even if she is going with the "completely organic and natural" branding, it's still difficult to enter an already over saturated market. Heck, she won't even be able to afford a model for advertising her storefront.

Hmmm… Grandpa Han was trying really hard to think of his next few words …

He didn't want to disappoint her. But at the same time, he didn't want to just let her fall flat on her face and fail. The sufferings this child had undergone is more than enough for her lifetime.

"Ahem… Su Lin … how about focusing on the medicinal aspects … your shop is located in the prime hospital district area and I happen to know some old foggies who prefer traditional treatments.. and you know at our age we fall sick a lot … "

Still playing with the herbs, Su Lin just silently listened and nodded her head. If anyone looked at her right now, they would never guess that she once was the most tyrannical and monstrous woman, who cut down her enemies like butter.

She was enjoying the feeling … the feeling that was so foreign to her... Someone genuinely caring about her ..

She thought that the previous Su Lin was miserable and pathetic … but now she is basking in the warmth of that pathetic person's life ... so just how miserable and downtrodden had her own life been ...

Shaking away the unpleasant memories, Su Lin proceeded to make her case, " I understand your worries grandpa.. but I really don't have the habit of giving up that easily.. especially on something I am passionate about.."


Leaning on the glass counter, Su Lin was smiling gently. Her plain face was nowhere near breathtakingly beautiful. But it did have the simple effect of showering warmth and comfort to the eyes of the beholder.

Looking at his hesitating expression Su Lin further added, "how about this Grandpa … Give me six months .. if nothing works out then we'll do it your way "

Oh well. What the hell.. so what if she fails.. I will pick her up again... Not wanting to bring down her enthusiasm grandpa Han caved in and nodded in agreement.

"I will not forget this kindness grandpa"

"Puh … don't mention it dear … your grandpa Meng will haunt me from his grave if I didn't even do this much… why don't I give you some space now.. oh by the way, I won't be that helpful with beauty products but why don't I bring my daughter-in-law tomorrow or the day after"

Feeling elated, Su Lin thanked him again and nodded in agreement.

"Ha ha .... my daughter-in-law and her friends are pretty flushed .. make sure to swindle some money from them .. ha ha… See you later dear .."

Watching grandpa Han leave in his car, Su Lin rested her head on the counter and tried to think of her next few steps.

It was almost evening and Su Lin's stomach was making grumbling noises. Her shop was actually located in an extremely posh area. When they mention the phrase 'hospital district', they should also add the words 'for the stinking rich and wealthy'. Common people couldn't even afford a consultation visit to the first cross hospital.

There was also the famed Harvard Hughes Medical research institute located there. This place specialized in cutting edge scientific research and innovation. They focused on several life threatening diseases like stroke and cancer and boasted a high number of successful ongoing clinical trials. Some of the top brilliant scientific minds worked here.

Other than these two institutions which occupied most of that area, there were a few restaurants drizzled here and there and certain other high end shopping boutiques.

In her current state, Su Lin can't even think of eating in these restaurants. If she did, all the monetary support grandpa Han had given her would probably run out in a week or so. But, luckily remembering that the night market is just located a couple blocks away, Su Lin decided to head there for the day.


Noticing her disappearing from the camera, Shi Meng sighed in boredom. This was becoming too boring and uninteresting. Where were all the secrets, her sinister plots, her co-conspirators ???????

Is she lying low temporarily to throw me off the scent ?!

Shit … why is this bitch so vexing … she is hell bent on wasting my time ... hmph...

"Sir we need to leave for the share holders meeting", Yang gently reminded him.

With his thoughts interrupted, Shi Meng stared at Yang for a while, before replying, "Find me a trustworthy guy. I need him to monitor her closely and give me brief reports when needed."

Putting down his coffee mug, Shi Meng grabbed his iPad and left for the meeting. He murmured almost indistinctly , " I am done personally dealing with this low level nonsense. Where are you going to go ... one day or the other ... I will find out everything.. heh.."
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