The CEO's loser wife
18 Moisturizer ?
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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18 Moisturizer ?

Knock Knock

"May I come in sir", Yang hesitantly waited for a reply to enter.

Both the young masters had come into the office pretty early today.

Maybe something huge was happening or going to happen. Tempers and tension would be running high and these were all high priority situations which needed to be diffused extremely carefully, else he might just lose his head.

"Come in", an icy voice resounded.

"Sir, here are the files which need to be approved and verified today. I have gone over them and marked the files with potential issues. Please let me know if you need anything else", saying his piece and handing over the files, Yang meekly bowed and inched away.

"Thanks. Nothing else for now."

Bowing again, Yang happily retreated to the safety of his cubicle.

"Oh.. One more thing. Don't let anyone else enter my room for now. Thanks."

When he peeked back to say yes sir, Yang finally noticed the huge screen and a naked woman sitting with her eyes closed ?!

Fuck.. What the hell is happening.. Yang closed the door and left in a hurry..

For as long as he knew, his boss had never shown any interest on any female, even if it was the current sexiest celebrity. Now what the hell is happening.. This was all very confusing to Yang. But all he can do is wait patiently and hope that he not be linked to some weird crime..


Inside Shi Meng's office, both Shi Meng and Su Han, with flushed cheeks, were frequently clearing their throats and looking away from the huge screen displaying the nude Su Lin.

Things had taken a very weird and unexpected turn that morning....

"Ahem... Maybe it's time we stop Shi Meng. I mean, at least deactivate the camera in her bedroom ?"


Looking at his friend's non budging attitude, Su Han decided to call it a day. He was really not comfortable looking at someone else's naked ex-wife.

He was also a guy alright but the ex-husband was sitting right next to him. The whole situation was very icky.

"Ahem.. So ya text me later if you need anything else.. I have a 10 am meeting to get to.. Bye bro."

Flipping through the files Yang had just brought, and intermittently looking at the screen, Shi Meng vaguely replied "Ya thanks".

And that was his cue to leave.. Without wasting another second, Su Han literally ran out of there. With an embarrassed look he waved his hand at Yang and disappeared into thin air.

This was not his fault. His intentions had been pure..

They just wanted to see if she was doing any malicious plotting.. but unfortunately this happened ...

Shi Meng on the other hand, couldn't care less. He absolutely had no feelings for the woman in front of him. He was indifferent to her before and he was indifferent to her now .. Nothing had changed ...

Well not really .. He did want to completely unfold all her schemes and ruin her to nothingness.. Guess one can't really call that indifference..


Oblivious to all the eyes on her, Su Lin was feeling particularly happy today.

Today was hopefully the first step to her independence and dominance in this world. Grandpa Han had dropped her off at the empty office this morning and gave her the keys.

He had even ordered a shipment of different herbs for her. They should be arriving soon.

The office space had a room attached to it for boarding or storage, which turned out to be very convenient for her.

After finishing some basic cleaning and furniture arrangement, Su Lin took a nice hot shower and calmly meditated for a while, observing her body conditions.

It was nice to finally have a place of her own. She could be free here.

This was going to be her temporary home for now ...

That was something she loved about this new life. In her world, at any given second one can drop dead. But now she was safe ..... ???
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Not sure why ... but she had this completely weird and totally unrelated feeling that someone was watching her all the time ..

Hmm.. brushing it aside .. she tried to relax a bit and take a nap.

Breaking the gentle rhythm of her breathing, a loud noise interrupted her sleep. Hearing voices outside, Su Lin got dressed and walked out. As she had guessed, the shipments had arrived. She slowly started opening and storing the different herbs.

Slowly this world was becoming a bit more familiar .. With a sweet smile dancing on her lips and humming a random tune, she continued clearing the boxes and organizing the herbs.

She had a vague outline of how to proceed from here ...

Soon... the afternoon sun rays were hitting the shop and Su Lin was just about to make and test some of her products ..

Feeling unsettled about not helping Su Lin more, Grandpa Han decided to drop by for another visit and pleasantly greeted Su Lin, "How is it going child ?"

With a bright cheerful smile, that was clearly absent earlier this morning, Su Lin gleefully welcomed grandpa, "Hello grandpa. I was just about to make some special ultra effective moisturizer."

Surprised, grandpa checked again, "Moisturizer ?"


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