The CEO's loser wife
17 Her true colors are already showing !
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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17 Her true colors are already showing !

Breaking Shi Meng's incoming monologue, Su Lin strongly interjected, "No sir. I will gladly and humbly accept some monetary compensation. Sorry for the trouble."

Astonished both Shi Meng and grandpa looked at Su Lin. They both expected a reply such as, "No grandpa, I did it just because I saw you in pain. I don't need anything in return." or maybe "Grandpa I didn't do this expecting something in return. We are all supposed to help others in need."

But, when Su Lin immediately accepted the monetary compensation grandpa offered, they didn't know what to think of it.

"Puha.. " Shi Meng abruptly laughed out loud. "Look at that grandpa. Her true colors are showing sooner than expected.

Irritated, grandpa calmly replied, "Well whatever. Now that it is settled, are you still going to be accompanying us for breakfast ? Looks like Meng industries is not enough to keep you busy nowadays."

Grinning sinfully, knowing full well that he had over stayed his welcome, Shi Meng still adamantly replied with a charming arrogance, "Thanks for the invitation grandpa. I haven't had any break fast yet."

Gleefully putting his arm over grandpa's shoulders, he grabbed him and whisked him inside.
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Rubbing his temples, grandpa sighed, "Dear lord.. Why am I dealing with all of this early in the morning....."

It was already 6.30 am in the morning and Su Han had also woken up by now. Noticing the commotion downstairs, Su Han sleepily walked over. "Wow.. Looks like we have a party this morning. he he.. Morning bro.."

And one more joined the breakfast table..

After an awkward 30 mins of quiet dining, grandpa slowly broached the topic, "So what do you plan to do now dear.."

Looking up from her plate, Su Lin hesitated but then calmly replied, "umm.. Just planning to open a store for now grandpa .."

Taking another sip from his coffee, curiously grandpa further inquired, "That sounds interesting.. What are you thinking of dear." He tried his best to be encouraging.

After all, this poor girl was alone in this world. Just look at the condition and the clothes she came in with yesterday. No matter how logically Shi Meng argued he still couldn't bring himself to doubt someone his dear old friend trusted.

Besides at his age, he had a knack for figuring out people withing a few minutes of meeting them. All the hidden agendas and malice are usually crystal clear in one's eyes.

Scamming someone is not that easy and definitely not that unnoticeable. The greed and the avarice is bound to overflow in all of their mannerisms and even in the simple words used for communicating.

"Just thinking of opening a herbal shop grandpa", Su Lin hastily replied. She couldn't wait to get out of there. That annoying fellow was constantly staring daggers at her. If looks could kill, she would be dead and cooked meat by now.

"Ahh.. Sounds good dear. I did notice earlier that you were talented in the traditional organic medicine field. We actually have a building open in the hospital district currently. Little Han is it still open and available for leasing?"

Choking on his food, "grandpa ! don't call me little Han ! ahem ahem .. Yes it is still open. We were actually not planning to lease it and just use it as a warehouse or showcase room for our not so popular products. I am supposed to finalize the plans for it by the end of this month."

"Perfect then. Leave it just like that. Su Lin will use it from now on. Is that okay with you dear ?"

Since she yet had to find a foothold in this world, Su Lin felt very grateful and graciously accepted the help, "Thanks a lot grandpa. I actually hadn't thought that far. This definitely is very helpful for me. I will keep this kindness in my heart."

Grinning icily, Shi Meng watched the whole act silently. He didn't have to stay here any longer to know what was going to happen. The only thing he didn't quite understand is... Just what is her angle here.. Why go to all this length just to open a shop ?! And just what is she planning to accomplish from this small shop ?

Grabbing Su Han, who was still nibbling on his toast, Shi Meng walked out briskly. "Dude. I need a favor.."

"Shi I am going to stop you right there.. Man you just saw grandpa. He was pretty serious about helping her. There is no way I can block her from getting that shop now !"

"Who said anything about that .. What I am about to ask is completely unrelated to that..."

"Oh my bad. Anything you need bro. Just name it"

Grinning wickedly Shi Meng replied, "Can you help me install some state of the art surveillance set up in one of your properties .. he he"


Rolling his eyes, Su Han replied, "let me guess ...that would be in that shop we are leasing to Su Lin ?"

Grinning wildly, Shi Meng teased him back, "he he... Come on.. What are bros for !?"

Laughing it off and taking a serious tone, "Well.. Ok.. I will agree to it this time. Only because I also think there is something fishy here. Everything you said did make sense and I can't just blindly choose to trust her like grandpa. Ok we better get to it then. Knowing grandpa I am sure he will take her to the place as soon as he is done with breakfast."


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