The CEO's loser wife
16 That arrogant jerk !
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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16 That arrogant jerk !

That night Su Lin was tossing and turning in the bed staring at the ceiling. Though, the Su family's guest house was not as comfortable as the hotel, it was more than acceptable.

After taking a long hot bath and changing intro fresh robes, Su Lin immediately turned in for the night. She had a really ominous feeling about tomorrow. Even her right eye lid was twitching occasionally.

"Hmph. What else could it be about ?! I am sure whatever bad happens tomorrow, it should all be because of that arrogant jerk."

Punching a pillow in frustration, she got up to get another glass of water. "This is ridiculous. How did he even know I was here ?! Damn him. I am already in this state.. how humiliating.."

Tossing and turning for about another hour, Su Lin finally gave up the idea of sleeping that night. Maybe because she had rested well in the hospital for the past few days or because of all the uncertainty in her life currently, she wasn't getting any sleep at all.

Outside her window, the moonlight was dancing on the white lilies in the garden and the plants were gently swaying in the wind. The entire atmosphere looked very inviting and she decided to take a stroll outside.

"Well.. it is 4 am in the morning. I don't think anyone would care if I take a quick walk outside." She found some old shirts and pants in the closet and picked one that roughly fitted her. Luckily it was not that cold this morning.

What started as a stroll, slowly turned into an analysis session. Now that she was not under the pressure of an all consuming illness, she was a more enthusiastic and exploratory.

On top of that grandpa Su had an amazingly diverse herb garden. He himself was very interested in traditional Chinese medical knowledge. The concept of astounding medical prowess without the progress that came with science and technology perplexed him.

While Su Lin was slowly perusing through the herbs, paying attention to each and every single plant, observing their leaf pattern, their branching, the smell and how they were tended to, grandpa had also woken up and started his morning exercise routine. He enjoyed the brisk fresh early morning air.

Noticing Su Lin wandering in the herb garden, grandpa decided to approach her and hear her side of the things. The late grandpa Meng and he had been good friends and he respected and trusted his decisions.

With his wisdom and experience, there is absolutely no chance of grandpa Meng misjudging someone's character. But both Shi Meng and his mother had been constantly against this girl since the beginning.

Every time mama Meng visited the Su family for dinner or some other gathering, Su Lin became the main gossip dish. And he can only imagine how things were for that poor girl once grandpa Meng passed away.

In fact, the divorce between Shi Meng and Su Lin was something he expected to happen sooner or later.

"That boy Shi Meng is still just a child and an arrogant one at that. How will he ever realise the goodness in the woman his grandfather picked for him..." Nodding his head in regret grandpa Su walked toward Su Lin and greeted her.

Still engrossed in the plants in front of her, Su Lin gently enquired, "Hi grandpa. Good morning. Are you feeling better today ?"

Smiling gently grandpa Su replied, "Yes dear. Much better today. What to do.. Can't control my tongue.."

Being a foodie herself, Su Lin gave a knowing smile, "He he of course. Come here this side. See this plant. It has ribbed leaves and exudes a heavenly medicinal aroma. Most probably it should have beneficial digestive and stomach calming effects."
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Surprised a bit, grandpa replied back, "Indeed dear. This plant is called green hostanova. I had it imported from a European garden. It is commonly used to treat stomach indigestion."

Listening attentively, Su Lin plucked out a leaf and started taste testing it, "Adding this to the diet will help you with the stomach issues grandpa."

Observing her attitude, grandpa continued, "Are you interested in organic medicine as well ?"

I guess you can call that an interest. Stuttering Su Lin replied, "Yes a bit. Ha ha".

Before grandpa could say anything further, a loud voice interrupted their conversation.

"Grandpa. I told you I need to talk to you in the morning. Why are you not hearing my words at all !!!!!", as if appearing out of thin air, Shi Meng was standing there with his hair still wet from his most recent shower.

Not able to control his laughter, grandpa mockingly replied, "Well hello there kiddo. Isn't this a bit too early in the morning to meet with someone?"

Staring angrily at Su Lin, Shi Meng muttered, "She is here, isn't she ?! meeting with you .."

"He he. Ok come inside. Let's talk things over. Su Lin do you want some tea as well ? I just got some good leaves from a friend."

Already tired out from the lack of sleep all night, Su Lin half-heartedly accepted. This arrogant guy was not going to leave her alone easily. How can she make this stop ....

And again Shi Meng retorted, "Grandpa I need to talk to you alone. I don't need this stranger when we are talking about our family issues."

"Why are you this angry boy ? Didn't you get a divorce already ? So what is your problem with me supporting her now?"

"But she is a liar. She scammed everyone grandpa. She doesn't have cancer or any other disease. You tell me .. So why did she lie and why did she do all this drama ?"

"I .."

"I am not talking to you. Shut the fuck up."

"Shi Meng. That's enough. Ok fine. I will not let her stay here. Can I at least give her some monetary compensation ?"

"Heh.. Why don't you ask her ? I am pretty sure Madam Su Lin would refuse that. Her plan is to stay in your house and plot something. I am sure about that."

Breaking Shi Meng's incoming monologue, Su Lin strongly interjected, "No sir. I will accept some monetary compensation."


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