The CEO's loser wife
15 You did not listen to me and I will not listen to you
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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15 You did not listen to me and I will not listen to you

Mrs. Su was already waiting near the entrance anticipating Su Han and grandpa, "What.. Wow.. This is a surprise. Come inside Shi Meng. How long has it been child ! How are you doing.."

"Sorry for the sudden visit aunty." Shi Meng embarrassedly sat down on the couch.

"What are you saying sorry for dear ? This is also your home. You are always welcome here. Didn't your mother come with you ? We just had lunch earlier today."

Cutting to the chase, Shi Meng restlessly enquired, "Thanks aunty. No I saw grandpa in the night market. How is he doing now ?"

"Su Han just called a while back. It was nothing, just stomach cramps. They should be back here any moment. Let me get you some snacks in the meantime. I am pretty sure you haven't had any dinner yet. Silly child. You should learn to take care of your health more."

Nodding silently, Shi Meng let out a sigh and relaxed. He closed his eyes and rested a bit on the couch.

He needed to talk to grandpa and Su Han. He needed to completely cut this series of events right here and now..

If he did this, what will she do then.. Will she target another family.. Why is she even doing this ..

Hmm.. Does she want to marry Su Han now ?! Did she really think grandpa would just marry him off to someone who settled his stomach cramps ..

Disgusting .. This woman..

Shi Meng was so tired after his long day, he almost nodded off, when Su Han's cheery voice greeted him. "Aha. Look who is here."

"Hey.. It's been a while bro." Shi Meng greeted him back awkwardly.

Looking at this change in attitude, Su Han didn't have the slightest clue what to make of it.

"Tsk. Tsk. The guy who never shows up to any of our parties is using the term "bro" .. Wait.. Has the sun and the moon disappeared outside ?"

Jokingly Shi Meng teased him back, "Heh.. You brat. Stop being so dramatic. I am 2 whole months older than you. Don't forget that. By the way, I thought I saw grandpa and you leaving the night market in an ambulance. How is grandpa doing ?"

Still surprised, Su Han replied, "He is doing fine. He is there right outside talking to someone."

And with that response.... all the smile and cheerfulness disappeared completely from Shi Meng's face.

In a mocking tone, he further enquired, "And would that someone by any chance be my ex-wife ?"

Stunned Su Han blabbered, "What ! No way. How many times have I seen the infamous Mrs. Meng. How can I not recognise her ?!"
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Walking outside, they both saw grandpa talking to a lean and pale woman. She looked very haggard and tired, but still just a bit elegant in the dim moonlight.

"Ah ! That is Mrs. Meng indeed !"

"Hmm ?"

"Oops. Ex- Mrs. Meng."

Noticing the new company, grandpa smiled lovingly, "Child .. You are a sight for the sore eyes. You look just like your grand father.. That old bastard deserted me heartlessly .. At least you are still visiting this grandpa.."

Feeling guilty, Shi Meng murmured, "Sorry grandpa. I will visit you more often."

"Ha ha ha. It's okay child. Come let's go inside. Cao, see to it that this young lady here is taken care of. We can talk more tomorrow morning dear. Good night." Bidding farewell to Su Lin, grandpa started walking back.

Not sparing even a glance to Su Lin, Shi Meng interrupted, "Grandpa you didn't recognise this young madam here ?"

Puzzled, grandpa nodded his head. Chiming in Su Han added, "This is Mrs. Meng grandpa. ahem ahem.. I mean Shi Meng's recently divorced wife."

Wondering why Su Lin did not introduce herself, grandpa looked at her gently.

Noticing grandpa's silence, Shi Meng added, "I suggest you chase her out of here this instant."

Still silent, grandpa looked sternly at Su Lin and then at Shi Meng. "And why would I do that ?"

Raising his voice, Shi Meng brashly retorted. "Grandpa ! We talked about this before. She is a dirty liar and scammer. Disgusting snake. I told you everything that happened !!"

Still calm, grandpa slowly replied, "Hmm.. You know.. With old age.. My memory is just getting worse every day.. Remind me this child.. When we talked about this before, did you listen to what I told you ?"

Hearing the sarcasm in his voice, Shi Meng's anger level was raising and shouted back, "Hmph. You can't just trust everything my grandpa did blindly. He is also human and he can also make mistakes. You really should not trust her. For all I know, this bitch killed my grandfather."

"Shi Meng ! That's enough. You did not listen to me and I will not listen to you. Now let Su Lin be. She is no longer of any concern to you."

With a cruel smile, Shi Meng replied back, "That's a very sound logic grandpa. You are going to regret this. At least promise me not to let her stay with you in the family."

"What are you so anxious about? It is not as if I am going to marry her to Su Han. You should go home for now and calm yourself down." Confused grandpa dismissed him off and walked back inside.

"This is not over. I will be here tomorrow morning grandpa!" Throwing a threatening glance at Su Lin, Shi Meng drove away angrily. This was definitely not going the way he wanted.


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