The CEO's loser wife
14 Onto the next one !
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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14 Onto the next one !

The moon rose slowly and steadily.. Soon the evening hue disappeared and an endless darkness replaced it.. The crowds started dispersing gradually.

But a good amount of people were still remaining.. late night workers.. some lovey dovey couples.. a few hard working students .. all in search of their mid night snacks ..

Not letting herself get disheartened Su Lin continued brewing the paste gently.. But the day almost ended and she was completely ignored.

The chilly night froze her frail bones and she was definitely at her limits.. Its been a long time since she had suffered this way .. Lost in her thoughts, Su Lin just sat patiently with vacant eyes and her mind desperately trying to figure out her next steps.

Gu.. gu.. gu.. Suddenly, an old man fell down on the ground next to where she was squatting and convulsed in pain.. The young man accompanying him immediately called for the hospital in panic and started to help the old guy up, with the help of a couple of others.

The young man was Su Han, one of the notable wealthy young masters in the city.

The Han family ran a line of investment banks and is one of the most influential families in the entire country. Grandpa Han frequently took long evening drives with his grandson, Su Han, who is currently overseeing this city's branch.

They loved visiting this market on their trip back and getting some tasty oily snacks together .. Grandpa particularly liked eating some junk food here because of the heavy restrictions at home..

However, today this happened .. Grandpa Han looked like he was in a gut wrenching pain and couldn't even move a muscle..

Su Han immediately changed his mind, stopped helping his grandpa get up, made a number of calls and waited for professional medical help to arrive on the scene. After all, they were right next to the hospital district. So he didn't want to risk anything.

In the midst of all this commotion, unnoticed by people, one young lady, swam through the gathered crowd and gave the grandpa some water mixed with her herbal paste..

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Su Lin had watched the old man holding his stomach and falling down convulsing in pain. His lips had turned slightly purple and he was coughing roughly. Coupled with the fact that he was eating some oily food and given his age, it was not that difficult for a master alchemist to reach a diagnosis.

Recognising the symptoms, she immediately, mixed some portions of Mandagora herb powder with Jeera powder and gently fed it to grandpa Han.

Su Han was busy checking if medical help arrived and did not see Su Lin approaching. They were right next to the hospital district. That's why he decided to wait a couple of minutes, worried he would make his grand father's condition worse.

After gulping down some of the herbal water, grandpa Han felt relieved and relaxed a bit.

"Thanks dear", Coughing roughly, he slowly sat up and tugged Su Han's pants to get his attention.

"Wait.. gently grandpa.. gently", surprised, Su Han immediately helped his grandpa up and supported him.

Just in time, a few people arrived with a stretcher and some medical first aid. Noticing his improved condition, they immediately helped grandpa to the car and Su Han swiftly drove to the hospital.

Before leaving he mumbled a few words to his assistant, who stayed back and settled everything with the food stall. He also approached Su Lin and thanked her for the help.

Noticing her torn up clothes and dishevelled appearance, the assistant took pity on her and invited her to the Han manor.

He figured that the young master might probably want to help her out by giving a small job around the house or something. After all, she did help the old master, when he was suffering miserably.

Graciously accepting the invitation, Su Lin followed the assistant and both of them drove back to the Han manor.

"Well I guess they will probably compensate me for the small help. No harm in going there and checking things out".


On the other side.... two sets of people were watching the scene unfolding with their jaw dropped.

How can there be such heaven-defying coincidences ! This is just too bizarre.

And moreover, this situation was a tad too familiar.. This was how Su Lin entered their household as well, by rescuing Grandpa Meng from an accident !

And now here she is ... on to the next one ..

The temperature inside the car dropped by a few degrees..

"That's Su Han right.."

"Yes sir.. that's young master Su."

"And she was just there .. right time and right place to help out grandpa Han"

Trembling the assistant replied, "Yes sir.. Looks like it.." He could literally feel the rising tension in the air.. His boss looked extremely fearsome right now.

Every time Shi Meng was reminded of how he was scammed, he couldn't help but boil with anger..

Banging his fist forcefully on the car window, Shi Meng loudly exclaimed, "You have got to be kidding me .. so she is done making a fool out of me and already found a new target ?! .. heh.. what an efficient speed.. what a wonderful technique.. nice and clean .. heh "

His sinister laugh further frightened the assistant Yang. Nodding, both Yang and the driver silently waited for Shi Meng's instructions.

"Go.. drive to the Han manor.. let me see how she successfully scams her way through this one.."

Nodding, Yang urged the driver and they left for the Han manor.


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