The CEO's loser wife
13 Roadside peddler ?
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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13 Roadside peddler ?

Walking around aimlessly Su Lin was trying really hard to think about what to do next .. she had originally planned for things to go down in a completely different way and now ... this happened ..

Starting from scratch is always difficult.. in any society you need at the least some money to make more money.. she had previously planned to keep on using her Mrs. Meng status to get a few things cooking .. well at least until everybody caught up to the fact that she wasn't sick anymore..

but alas .. some stupid coincidence of a car accident completely ruined everything and exposed her .. and all she had with her were those meager left over herbs..

Guess she should just be thankful that the hospital actually did not charge her with any ridiculous bills ..

Walking about for a while she came across the night market area next to the hospital district.. Watching the various vendors selling various things, her mind wheels slowly started turning and a very embarrassing idea popped up ..

Oh hell.. If any of those old foggies from her previous world knew.. they would literally roll on the floor with laughter.. sigh.. well it's ok.. first things first .. baby steps..

Su Lin found an empty corner in the bustling market and sat down gently.. She still wore her ragged clothes torn here and there from the accident and fit right in that situation.. Nobody questioned her on her sudden appearance ..

She was the perfect picture of a homeless person resting from the tiredness of wandering here and there .. Who would recognise this beggar version of ex Mrs. Meng..

She took her left over herbs from the bag and scanned them for a while.. She also took out a slightly cracked mortar and pestle and a half drunk bottle of clean water.

"Hmmm .. looks like I will have to make do with these for a while .. Now all I need are some innocent sheep .. ", with her stomach still grumbling Su Lin patiently waited and waited....


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Unknown to Su Lin, two sets of eyes had been constantly watching her, ever since she stepped outside the hospital..

A black Maserati was obnoxiously parked in the no parking zone nearby and Shi Meng calmly sat inside.. Staring at Su Lin with an intensity .. What the hell was she upto ..

"Maybe the powerful family supporting her dropped her, once they realised she had been compromised ?", assistant Yang suggested cautiously.

Both him and the driver were exchanging painful looks constantly .. They just wanted to get down and stretch.. This continuous surveillance madness could not end soon enough for them ..

"Hmmm.. Maybe.. ", murmured Shi Meng, still with his eyes glued onto her.. He also did not expect today to be this uneventful..

"Well.. let's see what happens for some more time .. Maybe tomorrow you can follow her and report to me with complete details or video if possible."

Ignoring Yang's pleading looks, Shi Meng patiently took out another file and started flipping through it .. There was work to be done after all ..


On the other side of the market, the second stalker was gently resting on the ground, just like Su Lin and was absent-mindedly watching her..

Wang Yu, who was also injured in that fateful accident was admitted to the same hospital and was coincidently also released today. He caught sight of Su Lin stumbling outside the hospital doors and decided to follow her on a whim..

He had also seen all the Su Lin gossip columns and read about the big news of the divorce. What the hell happened here ..

And the most insane thing is .. He had a theory ... Or well two theories ..

After all, this woman did put up a one woman show in the elder's house and was concocting something gooey and greasy and behaved bizarrely for like a week or so ..

He put two and two together and wondered whether all that nonsense had anything to do with her illness or rather her fake illness ... Hmmm..

This woman was either really interesting or completely insane.. Either ways he decided to follow her for a while out of sheer curiosity.. Well, it's not like he had anything else to do ..

Wang Yu took a few more puffs from his cigarette and continued watching Su Lin from a distance ...


Soon, the harsh searing afternoon sun retreated back to its humble abode, letting the evening breeze permeate everywhere..

Oblivious of her two stalkers, Su Lin was still sitting dejectedly, resting her head with a hand on her cheek. She looked extremely tired and worn out..

She still hadn't eaten anything and all the stalls next to her were emitting some insanely delicious aromas.. Sighing and inwardly crying a bit.. she continued to wait for some more time..

The already bustling market got even more crowded slowly and even the stalls in the remote corners next to Su Lin was filled with customers..

"Ok.. This is happening now or never... Let's do this". Su Lin gathered her remaining energy and first composed herself.. She sat straight and then slowly took out some of the various herbs and double checked if she had the right distribution..

She then started grinding the selected herbs gently one by one with a few drops of water added to the mixture now and then ... This went on for a while ..

Her aura, posture and concentration invited some attention from the customers in neighbouring food stalls. They were munching on their french fries and looking at her with curiosity..

Though Su Lin looked very ragged and filthy, she still gave out an aura of an extremely experienced medicinal herbalist.. If only she had a better attire and was not sitting on the ground, she would have totally passed for an expert in traditional organic medicine..

After milling for a while, Su Lin gently looked up and spoke in a melodious voice..

"Eating street food can take its toll on the stomach.. Try a drop of this herbal mixture with your glass of water.. It will make your stomach feel very light and fresh.."

Though a few people looked her way, nobody really responded positively.. Well, who would like to buy something and eat from a completely random stranger.. That too dressed like this ... The very idea was extremely unhygienic ..

Time slowly trickled by ...


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