The CEO's loser wife
12 Mr. and Mrs. Meng divorced
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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12 Mr. and Mrs. Meng divorced

Shi Meng was pretty much seething the entire day. He had never been humiliated like this before. That weakling of a woman had made a complete fool out of him.

His office was on the 15th floor of the Meng Industries head quarters building. It had transparent glass walls and was decorated extremely stylish and sophisticated, while still giving out a simple vibe.

But right now, workers shuddered and didn't want to enter this space. They could literally feel the rage waves emitted constantly. It was rather akin to entering a lion's den.

Even Shi Meng's capable assistant was unsure how to deal with this situation. His boss was quite different from the other young masters managing their companies. To put it more accurately, his boss was sometimes like a small child...

Yes.. a small child.. He liked to win. That's all there was to it.. As far he knows, he had never seen his boss take a vacation or care about his bank balance.

Some blame could be placed on the old madam.. She did spoil her son rotten.. But some people are just born that way.. Little to nothing mattered to them except for that adrenaline rush from winning.

From a young age, Shi Meng knew that this responsibility of handling the family business would fall on his shoulders and he stepped it up and made it his competitive sport. And if there was one thing he hated more than anything else, it was to lose in something..

And now Su Lin had ran all over him and trampled him.. for years now.. He was going crazy with anger..

But, thankfully, assistant Yang immediately made the right decision and informed the old madam about the recent events. After all mama Meng knew her son the best.

She, of course, understood the gravity of the situation and immediately rushed to the office head quarters. Under the awkward eyes of the nearby employees, mama Meng opened the door and barged in straight ahead bravely.

"Hey little Shi. Mom just made some of your favourite chocolate cream cake. Here have some."

Little Shi ? .... Wow she is a brave woman. The employees muttered to themselves and dispersed quietly. The situation looked like it was going to dissipate smoothly now.. Thank the heavenly lords..

Shooting grimacing looks at his assistant, Shi Meng scowled and brashly replied, "Mom.. now is really not a great time. Please.. I will meet you at home in the evening."

"Ok let mom give you a good head massage. Come here."

"Mom please", Shi Meng replied still frowning.

"I am not taking no for an answer Shi Meng", mama Meng slightly raised her voice.

"Ughh.. fine.. fine.. I have to work after though.."

"Didn't look like you were working now ?"


"I don't understand why you are getting so angry over this small issue.. So many people have tried to worm their way into our family nest and one snake has gotten through the defenses.. so what is the big deal ?"


"Stop worrying about this nonsense already.. she was a nothing and nobody before.. she is a nothing and nobody now.. I never had a good opinion about that woman.. and you know I have always been against having her at home.."

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"hmm ya.."

"So just consider this as a good opportunity and finally get an official divorce ! For god's sake, it is time we get rid of her from our house.. two-faced bitch.."

Agreeing with his mom, Shi Meng calmed down a bit and absent-mindedly nibbled on his chocolate cake.. And thus, within 10 mins, the stormy atmosphere disappeared and everything went back to normal..

Suddenly, the ferocious monster looked so adorable and cute.. much like his younger self.. savouring his piece of cake and flipping through documents.. Remembering the olden days, mama Meng wiped her eyes and silently left the room with a smile on her face.

Assistant Yang kowtowed and thanked the old madam profusely. She gave him the remaining cake and left home after checking her son one more time.

But for some reason, Yang felt a bad ominous feeling ..


Ideally Su Lin wanted to take at least a month of bed rest.. But just after a week she was kicked out of the hospital.. Of course this was to be expected..

The previous day a huge piece of news silently broke out.. Mr and Mrs. Meng divorced.. Nobody knew why or what happened.. several rumours spread.. but not so surprisingly, all of them were slandering Su Lin..

Nobody dared to say anything about the golden boy.. Of course it was the woman's fault..

When asked if this was about her illness, all Shi Meng commented was," My ex-wife is whole and healthy and will lead a long life. I wish her all the best." This single statement again began another round of rumours.. Su Lin's name was completely smeared and destroyed..

Everybody knew that the divorce was not amicable and that Shi Meng had literally chased out his wife. Of course several people were more than happy to hear about this.. the country's most eligible man just became available again.. it was a big deal..

Su Lin slowly walked out the hospital.. She felt pretty weak and lethargic.. She had no more money left and had no idea what she was going to do now.. And on top of that, her stomach was already grumbling..


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