The CEO's loser wife
11 You are nothing but a dirty liar
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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11 You are nothing but a dirty liar

After what felt like years, Su Lin slowly opened her eyes.

She had pretty much lost her consciousness after the accident and did not remember much of what transpired afterwards.

The blaring and piercing siren noise... the bright white lights.. that familiar chemical scent of the hospital.. she only remembered the bits and pieces.

Her whole body felt numb, but at the same time every cell in her body was in chaos and was screaming in pain. She couldn't even sit up.

She slowly closed her eyes back up again and was trying to meditate and scan what is wrong with her body.

"Hmm.. Feeling tired are we ?"

A familiar but strange, deep and frosty voice sounded from a corner of the room. It jolted Su Lin back to reality from her deep subconscious.

Annoyed and confused at the interruption, Su Lin uncomfortably looked for the source of the voice.

And for a second there, she felt a shiver run through her numb spine. This was the same indifferent man she had seen earlier .. her body's previous owner's so called husband..

But what is this .. His eyes.. They looked like he wanted to devour her completely.. His entire aura was cruel and venomous.. The animosity he felt for her couldn't be contained .. The rage he emanated made her suffocate..

Coughing slightly, Su Lin tried to reply, "Isn't that obvious."

"Good. Good. At least this time I know it is not an act."

"Hmm ?!" What the fuck is wrong with him. Clearly, she suffered a major accident. But, here is this person, treating her so coldly... Whatever happened to that indifference .. ?

Glaring at her, Shi Meng observed Su Lin's unpleasant facial reactions and tried his best to control himself from leaping forward and strangling her to death.. breath in.. breath out.. let's stay calm.. this nonsense is not worth dirtying my hands...

Ring .. Ring.. Ring..

Hmph... A whole new meaning to saved by the bell.. Bitch.. I will deal with you when I get back..

Shi Meng abruptly got up from his chair and walked outside, answering the call.

Seeing him come outside, his patiently waiting assistant rushed over and handed Shi Meng some files which needed his signature and a quick look.

Still in a bad mood, Shi Meng quickly attended to those mechanically.

Su Lin's head doctor also took this opportunity to approach Shi Meng and update him on the circumstances...

"So what you are saying is .. that bitch has been faking her illness to everybody and managed to fool an entire hospital with competent doctors such as yourself.. all without leaving a single clue or mistake to trace it back to her ?!!!", Shi Meng loudly bellowed at the doctor.

The head doctor shivered and lowered his head in embarrassment and fear. He was helpless too. He had no idea what was going on..

He had personally attended to the young madam before. She had malignant stage 4 cancer and barely had a few days left to live. This was the truth. How can anybody fake this ?!

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And moreover there is no cure.. there is no magic bullet.. So what the hell happened here ?!

Suddenly all her cancerous growth is completely gone.. Her whole body brimmed with vitality and organs were completely healthy..

Her spleen did show some signs of abnormal cells but a simple splenectomy solved everything. The young madam was now in perfect condition.

She had nothing to fear and had a long life ahead of her.. Technically, this guy right here should be happy about this.. after all his wife is not sick and dying anymore.. But here he is berating me and threatening me.. these rich arrogant folks.. sigh.. The doctor apologised repeatedly and slowly inched away from that place ..

The assistant Yang still stood there.. not sure how he was supposed to react now.. He had never seen the young master this angry.. He was literally shaking with rage..

But suddenly, like a mad man, Shi Meng let out an evil laugh and grinned, looking at the feeble Su Lin lying on her bed, through the glass windows ..

"Good.. Good.. This is good too.. I have been getting bored with the same type of games lately.. but you .. you made a complete fool out of me and my family for years now.. right under my nose .. Ha ha ha"

He brashly opened the door and roughly grabbed Su Lin's chin .. "Tell me.. Who is helping you ? Is it the Lan family ? Tell me .. Tell me right now and maybe I will let you live when all this is over ?"

Tired and confused, Su Lin just stared at him, not understanding what was going on.. But anger sure was bubbling within her as well .. Nobody had dared to treat her this roughly .. Well nobody alive.. this guy.. he sure has a death wish..

Her blank stare turned into an angry sneer ..

This further enraged Shi Meng.. "Wow.. So your back up is that strong huh ? So much confidence? You are not even afraid of losing your worthless life ?!"


Throwing her back to the bed. He cruelly looked at her and mouthed, "You wanted that badly to be my wife ?! To warm my bed ? Pathetic.. You are nothing but a dirty liar.. Good bye my darling wife.. Looking forward to seeing your upcoming demise and destruction .. Usually I don't enjoy squishing ants.. But this time.. ha ha ha.."

Wiping his forehead, the assistant gladly exited the war zone and joined Shi Meng, as he rushed out of the room. Shit.. Looked like his boss was going to decimate anything and everything today..

Left alone in the room.. Su Lin still looked confused.. Asshole just called me an ant ?! Ha ha ha... A puny human challenging the queen of the netherwolds.. Heh.. I am looking forward to this too..

Su Lin closed her eyes and dove back into a deep slumber .. She needed to rest...


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