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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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10 Crash

Hysterically laughing in his mind and sipping a cup of steaming hot tea, Wang Yu silently sat in a corner of the elder's house and watched the insanity unfolding in front of him.

It has been 4 hours now...

The weird young madam in front of him has now gone completely mental and out of control.

All he was missing was a huge box of hot hot popcorn to go along with this nail bitting real life thriller.
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The elder on the other hand was sweating bullets and shaking and shivering. This woman was already very weak and also looked extremely pale and sick. On top of that... What the hell is going on here..

If anything happens, all the thunder and lightening will strike me and my family ... What did I ever do to deserve this.. Dear Lord ...

The elder was almost crying and stood by Su Lin nervously to attend her beck and call.

Completely oblivious to all of this, Su Lin stood near the kitchen stove and was going wild. She has been at this for hours now.

Using a pressure cooker, she was throwing all sorts of herbs and plants into the mix.

And the other two were just blankly staring at her shell shocked.

"That .. That is a poisonous herb young madam ..", the elder nervously gave out a warning. Has she gone crazy maybe ? Should I call someone and report ? If she was missing or something, someone would be looking for her right ? Shit.. What should I do ?

The elder was silently muttering his prayers and counting his lucky stars.. alas.. disaster had befallen him ..

And a few more hours passed ...

It was almost night time.. The beautiful hues of the dusk were dancing...

And the crazy lady finally put the ladle down.

The elder heaved a sigh of relief. At the least.. she didn't blow anything up...

Wang Yu was still hooked with immense interest and remained a calm silent spectator. Something was going on..

Su Lin let the mixture cool down. It had become a black sticky glue like liquid now.

After turning the stove off, she immediately went to the chair nearby and almost collapsed on it. Standing for so long and giving a 100% concentration constantly had greatly strained her, both mentally and physically.

After 10 whole minutes of silence, she tyrannically commanded the poor elder to leave her alone and not disturb her for the entire next week.

She only needed some minimal basic food every morning and he was supposed to silently place it and leave the room without creating any disturbance and noise.

The elder nodded and agreed sincerely. All he hoped and prayed was that she leave his humble abode alive and never come back.. Dear Lord..

And just like that an entire week had passed...

This past week both Wang Yu and the elder dared not leave the house even for a minute. Well, Wang Yu just stayed there out of pure curiosity.

There were plenty of noises coming from the room, ranging from sensual moans to screeching screams.

And both of them patiently waited outside, wondering what the hell was going on..

Finally, around mid day, Su Lin opened the door and stepped out of the room.

Both the elder and Wang Yu looked at her from top to bottom.. multiple times.. hmm..

Something was off about her...

She did look extremely disgusting and also emitted a foul odour beyond description. But something glowed..

If you look past the filth and the putrid stench, it was almost as if she was the picture of health.

Her earlier signs of sickness and exhaustion had completely disappeared. The huge dark circles of death around her eyes had also gone without any trace.

Su Lin gently walked past both the dumb founded men and took a quick shower. She wore some old clothes from the elder's house and got ready to finally leave the elder in peace.

"Tsk.. I still have to wear shit clothes.. I need to do some shopping.. sigh.."

Dear Lord.. When will she leave.. And why is she so concerned about her clothing when so many different things are going on here.. The elder silently prayed for the young madam's mental health and called a cab for her.

Wang Yu also had to go along with her to make sure she reached home safely. He couldn't refuse the elder's kind request.

Ignoring his annoyed and irritated demeanour, Su Lin stepped out of the house and entered the cab.

She could feel the bright sun rays hitting her body gently. The clean air circulated in her lungs and filled her to the brim with fresh energy.

It was as if a dense and thick fog had cleared from her brain.

She felt so much more energetic and at peace with her new body and her new life..

She was finally here.. This was her second chance at a different life.. Thousands of brilliant top level experts were after her.. But it was she who had the last laugh..

However, she was still not completely out of the woods just yet..

She had only managed to divert and store all her irregularities in her body to her spleen. She needed more resources. More importantly she needed to understand and explore this new world much better..

Wrapped in her thoughts, Su Lin closed her eyes, listened to the calm music playing in the radio and was completely relaxed.

And then suddenly...

She had this bad feeling..

She opened her eyes immediately and the next second, something rammed into her with full force and she was knocked out.

Wang Yu was also heavily injured and bleeding ...

After managing to open the damaged car door, the driver also collapsed in the next instant...

The two broken cars.. the five injured people... They all were just there.. lying motionless and listless..


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