The CEO's loser wife
9 That crazy lady
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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9 That crazy lady

It was mid afternoon and the fiery sun was beating down on everything and everyone. Wang Yu slowly dragged his haggard body to the small lake and took a long sip of water.

"Ahh.. The joy of water hitting the parched throat.."

He slowly sat down near the sparkling lake and started washing his tired face. His skin was all withered and filled with countless wrinkles.

His clothes were shabby and torn beyond comfort. It was barely enough to keep him decent and not flash everyone coming in contact with him.

All of this combined with his disheveled appearance and his unkempt hair, he looked exactly like a beggar or a homeless person. Well, to be fair, he was homeless at the moment.

But, the people around here were kind and could not just let him waste away into nothingness.

The local farming community fed him regularly and called it as a payment for him watching over the fields.

After a refreshing bath in the lake, Wang Yu slowly walked towards the next field. Everyday, all day, he did nothing but take long walks across the multiple fields.

As he was walking, a brightly coloured pink butterfly gently landed on his nose.

Startled, his mind immediately went back to a familiar memory.

"Papa.. papa.. catch it fast. It's getting away."

"Oh papa.. you are the best."

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"You two.. stop playing around and get inside for lunch. Don't come to me if your gluttonous uncle finishes all the chicken first."

"Papa.. let's race and see who gets into the house first.. ha ha"

That melodiously ringing laughter kept echoing in his mind..... It was as if the events had just happened yesterday ..

Wiping his tears away, Wang Yu continued walking aimlessly...

Once upon a time, the Wang family was a force to be reckoned with and he was one of the young masters with infinite potential. He was a shark in the software business and was one of the top computer science experts in the entire country.

But because of unfortunate events and misplaced trust, his entire life was turned upside down. He lost everything he held dearly.

His enemies didn't even let his family go. They were almost out of danger but the whole family met with an accident on the way to the airport. After the incident, Wang Yu had a complete mental breakdown and became unresponsive.

The remaining members of the Wang family were also taken care of and finally he ended up in this situation. Now, he spent his remaining days, wandering here and there, just waiting for his death.

Shooing away the butterfly, Wang Yu continued walking aimlessly..

Surprisingly, he heard some rustling sounds ahead of him.

"Hmm.. Weird.. Let's take a look.."

Inching forward cautiously, Wang Yu gripped the walking stick in hand and moved slowly. Only last week, they had a small racoon wreak havoc in the fields. And even now these creatures terrified him.

But when he took a couple more steps forward, he stopped abruptly, with his jaw dropped. "What in the name of hell ?"

A random woman was plucking out herbs willy-nilly and chewing on them ?!

Well.. It's not like he cared..

But these people have been very kind and generous to him.. So he should do something right ?

With his feeble and tired voice, he gently tapped the lady from behind and whispered, "Hey there."

Su Lin almost jumped up in fright. She was completely ecstatic and had totally lost herself in this area. Though this land had lacked spiritual energy, she still could find some decent medicinal herbs which didn't require spiritual energy.

After spending several hours analysing everything, she finally landed on a feasible solution to control her sickness. Though this was not what she had in mind, at the least it gave her a bit more time.

And time was one thing she sorely needed right now...

Now that she saw a light in the darkness, energetically and enthusiastically, she started harvesting some of the aged herbs for preparing a concoction. And looked like a crazy person plucking out everything randomly.

Wang Yu again cleared his throat and asked with a stronger tone, "Hello. This is a private property. What are you doing ?"

Su Lin blinked and stared at Wang Yu innocently with both hands full of herbs.

"Oh. Ya. I already paid the farmers quite a bit for the inconvenience."

"Hmm ?"

Ignoring the hesitating Wang Yu, Su Lin continued grabbing a few more herbs. And then ... she fainted.

What the hell ? How can a person go from being hyper active to suddenly fainting ?! Where the hell did this random crazy woman come from ?

Wang Yu was very confused. Ughh.. What a pain .. Well, I guess I should grab her and take her to the elders house.

Wang Yu was extremely weak and haggard, and almost dropped Su Lin a couple times, before he literally dragged her body to the elder's house.

Looking at Wang Yu, dragging Su Lin like a corpse, the elder dropped his lunch and almost his pants. "Oh god.. Is she dead ?! What happend Yu ? Is she dead ?"

Looking at the shaking and shivering old man, Wang Yu immediately responded. "Calm down brother. No she just fainted. Thought I will bring her to you for some first aid ?"

"Phew. Good thinking Yu. You just saved us all. She is the wife of that Meng empire's young master."

"Hmm ? What is she doing here ?"

"Who knows ? She gave me some money and asked if she can take a look around the fields and maybe grab some herbs.. Oh wait. Hold her head like this. Give her this medicine. Here .. Slowly.."

They both lifted her up, gently this time, and laid her on the elder's bed. The elder then started fanning her and fed her spoons of water every few minutes.

"Hmm.. I think we should call their office or something and let someone know ?"

"Ya.. I think so too"

"Look .. look.. she is opening her eyes.."

"Ughhh.. My head is killing me .." Su Lin slowly sat up and drank some more water. Slowly gaining conscious, suddenly she was hurting all over her body ?

Her whole body was covered in scratches and bruises ?

Looking away, Wang Yu slowly backed out of the room.

Hurriedly, the elder apologised on Wang Yu's behalf. "Sorry young madam. Yu here is also sick and bedridden. He did his best to get you here from the middle of the fields."

Looking at the two old men in front of her, Su Lin shook her head helplessly... I guess he did help me... I am letting this go.

"Uncle, can you please help me with something ?"


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