The CEO's loser wife
7 Why don“t you go rob a bank instead !
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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7 Why don“t you go rob a bank instead !

"Does this have all the details ?", a stern and cold voice echoed in the silent room. After a long pause, Shi Meng looked up with his magnetic eyes. "I don't have time for this nonsense. Give me a brief report."

Cautiously and nervously, the head butler narrated the happenings of that day. "Young mistress came back home from the hospital in a rush and cleaned out her room. She then visited a bank and closed out her account, withdrawing all her savings.

She checked into the nearby Ritz and booked a room. Currently she is in a Chinese medical shop. We have two men following her discreetly. I didn't want to confront her without your orders sir. She might be potentially planning to create a public scene this time around."

Gazing outside his gigantic office windows into the pitch black night sky, Shi Meng indifferently replied, "Let her be." He lazily picked up another file from his desk and started scanning through it.

That was his cue. The head butler slightly bowed and silently left the office. As he was leaving, Shi Meng further added, "Though if she causes even a small commotion, immediately restrain her and bring her back to the manor." For some reason, Shi Meng had an uneasy feeling about this whole situation.

Noticing his restlessness, the tall voluptuous woman standing next to Shi Meng, voiced her thoughts in a gentle harmonious tone. "Umm... Sir.. It is a bit worrisome and concerning that young madam is so superstitious and naive in this day and age. Chinese herbal treatment might be good for common cold but for terminal cancer ? I sincerely hope madam doesn't eat anything weird and worsen her last few days."

Shi Meng's personal secretary Yin Yue tilted her head to a side looking very sympathetic. But without even sparing her a glance, Shi Meng absentmindedly replied, "Hmm. Where are the Tianxin city bridge proposals ?"

"Here you go Sir." Gritting her teeth, she handed over the files.

Shi Meng again buried himself in the new set of papers. Such a workaholic... Disappointedly, Yin Yue closed the door and walked over to her desk outside Shi Meng's office.

Closing her eyes and rubbing her temples, she silently smirked, "Heh. Well I hope she does. Bitch. Eat something and die a little sooner. Here I am tolling like a mad woman at 8 in the night. And shit ! looks like I might have to work a few more hours.. But what do I get ?! Just a glance or a nod. It's been 5 years already. I have been with him from the start. But he still married that loser nobody. The world sure is not fair."

Loosening her long dark curls, which fell on her shoulders like a waterfall, Yin Yue fixed her glasses and focussed more on the documents in front of her. She needed to do better... She needed to get his attention at least this time around ...


In other parts of the city .....

"What the hell kind of crap is this !!!! And you call these shit dried leaves as medicinal herbs ?!! What nonsense are you spouting !?", an infuriated Su Lin was biting off the shop keeper's head.

She was fuming crazy. As an alchemist, she couldn't stand precious herbs being treated this way. Most of them have lost about 99% of their efficacy. And this fellow was even charging her insane prices for this dried up crap and that too at extremely low quantities. Why don't you go and rob a bank instead !

Calming herself down, Su Lin gently asked. "Okay. Give me a set of all the herbs you have. Don't leave out anything. Just 10 ounces of each herb would be sufficient." She sat back in her chair, closed her eyes and took a deep breath. This is tiresome. Being in this body is very tiresome...

The shop keeper scurried along nervously and took out all the herbs one by one. He hurriedly measured them, even adding a few extra ounces for a couple of the herbs and immediately parcelled them. Out of breath, he rushed to the counter and handed them over to Su Lin.

"Hmm. This is good." Collecting the big bag, Su Lin slowly walked out the shop. Suddenly thinking of something, she turned around, "And one more thing. Give me details about where you grow these herbs and harvest them."

Looking apologetic, the shopkeeper meekly replied, "Sorry madam. I personally do not grow and harvest any of these herbs. I buy some of them from the local farmers in the outskirts of the city and some of them I import from other medicinal shops and even countries."

"Hmm.. I guess that makes sense. Give me a detailed list of all the herbs and where you get them from. I will be having my dinner at the restaurant nearby. Drop it off there." Leaving behind a sweating shopkeeper, Su Lin walked into the restaurant next door.
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She didn't mind using her authoritative image at all. After all she was Mrs. Meng. If she couldn't escape it, she might as well use it. And from the looks of it, that heartless asshole wasn't planning anything as horrendous as bringing her back in shackles and chains. How humiliating.. To be at the mercy of someone else.. How humiliating..

Oh well. Let me have some nice spicy chicken first. The rest can wait a while ....


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