The CEO's loser wife
6 I need better clothes..
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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6 I need better clothes..

Passing a wad of cash to the taxi driver, Su Lin gently murmured. "Drive to a nearby Bank. I still have some errands to run. You can just drop me off there." She didn't want to use the same taxi continuously.

Even though, this is a completely different planet for the new Su Lin, she still had some capability in shaking her pursuers or at the least delaying. After all, she had been giving the slip to some pretty dangerous individuals for centuries now. Su Lin sighed and rubbed her temples. She indeed has a lot of errands to run in this world before she could finally enjoy her freedom.

After dropping off Su Lin at the nearby local bank, the driver looked like he had just gone through the eighteen levels of hell and barely survived. Sweating profusely he called it a day and immediately disappeared from the vicinity. He didn't want to involved in the shady dealings of the ultra upper class society.

Walking into the bank, even though this was her first time visiting here, her thin, tall and elegant frame looked confident and poised. Su Lin approached an open counter and gave the teller her documents. "I need to close out my account here." The teller looked up at her and politely replied, "Hello madam. Good afternoon. If you don't mind, could you please tell me the reason why you are closing the account."

This was the automatic response he was supposed to give anyone approaching him about an account closing. But, then when he looked at the documents, he panicked and almost let out a gasp.

This was the fucking Mrs. Meng. Shit shit shit.. Had he been a little too disrespecting when he had spoken earlier. What did I even say ? Shit .. I can't remember what I said. If I screw this up, I am fired for sure.

Wiping his sweat off, he hurriedly continued, "Sorry for the inconvenience madam. Just give me one minute and I can finish the whole process for you. Would you like something to drink madam? Actually, please have a seat there. I can close out the account and bring your account balance in cash to you. Would that be convenient? Please have a seat there. Next time you can please just call us madam. I will personally come to the manor and satisfy your requests."

Su Lin was stunned for a second. Then she realised what was going on and smirked. So this is the treatment and respect that she was supposed to get. This looked fun. She could get really used to this. "Yes cash would be fine."

Nodding and smiling at the nervous teller, she went to the resting area. Leisurely, she picked up a magazine and sat in a corner. Flipping through the pages, she frowned reading something, tilting her head to one side. She was going through some fashion magazines.

"Oh wow. Look at these ladies. Tut tut... Looks like I won't be bored at all here. And wow. I think I should have been born here in the first place. Instead of that stupid planet, where anything and everything is about cultivation, making you stronger, slaying the monsters, blah and blah."

Hugging the magazine close to her chest, Su Lin looked extremely silly and cute. Her sweet smile brought out her cute dimples. She seemed to be in her own world. Hmmm. She looked like she was in a hurry. Should I disturb her? The teller was very confused and hesitant. He finally decided to go for it. "Ahem ahem", the teller cleared his throat gently and slightly.

Startled a bit, noticing the awkwardly looking bank teller standing next to her, Su Lin quickly put away the magazine a little embarrassed. "Here is everything you asked madam. I tried to use the largest bills possible but it still came out to two bags. I have also placed your account books inside and cleared out your old cards."

Thanking the nervous guy for his fast service, Su Lin hailed another cab outside the bank. She asked the driver to take her to a nearby hotel with good standards. Recognising her, the driver politely greeted her and dropped her off at the nearby Ritz-Hangzhou.

Rolling her two big suitcases of cash, Su Lin checked into the hotel. The receptionist frowned a little on seeing her poor and almost torn clothing. It was after all a 5-start hotel. They need to consider the convenience of their other guests as well. But, she immediately changed her attitude after recognising who Su Lin was.

"Good evening madam. Thank you very much for using our services. Will young master Meng be joining you soon ? We can close out the dinner hall and prepare a special romantic dinner for just the two of you. Please let me know anything you need. I will have a hotel staff waiting for you right outside your door."

Listening to the suddenly polite receptionist blabbering on, Su Lin did not smile this time and was not at all happy. This meant that no matter where she goes in this city or probably in this country, her husband will always be able to find her and locate her.

Lost in her thoughts, she got her room keys and took the elevator to the 10th floor. "Here are you bags madam. Please press the bell for any assistance. Thank you." The hotel bellhop brought her attention back.

Closing the door behind her, Su Lin's mood immediately brightened up. Looking at the luxurious room and the great ambience, she was grinning from cheek to cheek. Now, this is how one is supposed to live.

The bed was so soft. She almost didn't want to get up at all. Walking out to the patio, she noticed that the room also had an amazing view. It was almost evening time and the brightly light city looked magical.

Closing her eyes and sucking in a breath of fresh air, she opened her bank documents to take a look at her funding status. It was not bad. Even though the old Su Lin had been treated badly and disrespected, she still managed to save a little over a million yuans.

Apparently her grandpa had been giving her pretty generous birthday allowances. Well, with this my plan should go at least a little bit smoother than expected. She then changed her clothes.. hmm.. again another pair of jeans and a plain purple shirt... This girl.. Even the hotel staff's uniform looked better than hers.. I need better clothes.. Sigh.. Disappointedly shaking her head, she headed downstairs and the bellhop hailed another cab for her.


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