The CEO's loser wife
5 Ran away ?
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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5 Ran away ?

Ignoring the chatty cab driver, Su Lin quickly got out of the taxi in a corner of the Meng manor. She turned towards the cab driver and instructed him to wait for her.

"I will be back here in less than half an hour. Keep the car running and ready to go. I will pay you extra."

She then quietly entered the manor through a side gate intended for the main kitchen workers. Walking as fast as she could, she slipped smoothly into the main house, without any disturbance.

Of course, several house keepers noticed her. "Hmm.. Wasn't this dog supposed to be still admitted in the hospital? What is she doing back here? I better inform the head butler."

From the moment she stepped into the main house, Su Lin knew she only had a few more minutes. She had to leave now.

Maybe the people outside would hesitate to manhandle her and hold her against her will. But the people here definitely wouldn't think twice before restraining her and holding her in her room. That handsome asshole's words were apparently law in this household.

After sprinting to her room, she quickly changed into another set of clothes. She wore an old cheap looking pair of blue jeans and a white shirt.

These hospital clothes were only attracting attention and she needed to disappear, at least until she took care of this body. She would later play with these people as much as they wanted. Just for now, she needed to escape.

She then looked for Su Lin's bank details, credit card, cash lying around or even any sort of item with decent monetary value. She was going to need a bit of money for her upcoming plans.

First she thought she might have to ask that husband of hers for help. But in reality, hell would freeze over, before Alzeira bowed and asked for anybody's help.

She was too proud and stubborn for her own good. That's why she ended up in this predicament in the first place. Being chased by so many old foggies at a time and forced to jump to a body in a different planet.

So of course, she chose the difficult route in this body as well.....

She found some money and credit cards in Su Lin's purse. She also found a couple pieces of jewellery in a corner. They looked like they had barely been used.

After emptying out the room, she immediately left the place using one of the back exits.

Turning around and taking one last look at the manor, Su Lin felt a bit relaxed. "Hmph. This is not stealing. This is what you guys owe her. Well, you owe so much more. But that can wait."

Meanwhile, the housekeeper finally found the head butler in the garden and informed him about the young mistress returning home.

"Hmm. This is exactly why the old madam hates her. Without obediently staying in the hospital, she chooses to return to the manor and create more drama. Doesn't even know what is good for her. Leave her be. I will notify the young master."

The butler then turned around and continued giving instructions to the gardeners. They had the company's annual winter gala coming up in 3 months. The gala is usually followed by a small gathering back in the Meng manor. So he was overseeing the garden flower arrangements.

Not long after, another housekeeper, came rushing towards them. "Huff.. Sir.. Huff.. The young mistress took off in a hurry. She had a bag with her and literally ran through the back exit."

The head butler was baffled for a moment. Is this the same Su Lin who did nothing but hide in her room and blame everyone else for her mistakes ? She had never even talked back once. Never even displaced a pen in the house. What is going on here ?

"Okay. Thanks for the report. I will notify the young master."

Normally, they wouldn't bother about the young mistress and her "dramatic" actions. But this was a sensitive time. Everybody in Hangzhou city knew of the young master's sick wife and her terminal illness.

One of his competitors even tried to use this knowledge to his advantage. He gathered the media and painted a picture of the cold and distant behaviour of Shi Meng to his own beloved bed ridden wife. The headlines that day read, "The Materialistic Emperor of the Meng Dynasty."

But surprisingly, Shi Meng didn't even take a dent from that incident. The same cannot be said for the opposite party.

The company, whose CEO started this incident, completely disappeared from the face of the earth. And a new branch of the Meng industries was opened in its place.

So, it is not like the young master can't handle the media or the repercussions of a bad news day. But, for the whole month, his mood was extremely bad and all the employees paid the price for it.

And moreover, this whole issue was so close to the end. Soon, they wouldn't have to worry about the sick Mrs. Meng. So, everybody was carefully treading the waters without causing any major disturbances.

And now she had to run away ! My god, this woman is going to be the death of me. The head butler carefully worded the statements and sent a text notification to the young master.


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