The CEO's loser wife
4 I wish to leave. I will leave.
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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4 I wish to leave. I will leave.

A little past noon, a woman suddenly barged into Su Lin's room. She had apparently dragged with her a stupefied Shi Meng as well.

"Hey! Look.. See for yourself. See how sick she is ! Is this how you treat your wife ! No matter what is going on between you guys, you need to treat her a little better ! Don't you have a heart even for your own wife ?!"

Shi Meng "......"

Su Lin was almost done with her meditative analysis without any interruption. But she was now irritated and annoyed. Well, it didn't matter, she had already figured out every single thing wrong with this body.

But, figuring out what is wrong was the easy part. And now comes the more difficult part, which is to cure all these irregularities.

While Su Lin was engrossed in planning her next few steps, the "annoying lady" Tang Yue barraged Shi Meng again.

"Look Meng. Hmm.. What ? Why are you sitting like that Su Lin ? Are you okay ? Is it hurting anywhere ? Please tell me. One second, I will go bring the doctor for you."

Shi Meng "......"

Su Lin sneered. Oh yes. She remembered this one.

Tang Yue - the pretty, elegant and kind-hearted daughter of the Hangzhou city's mayor. She has been friends with Shi Meng, since they were kids.

These were literally the two reasons why Shi Meng tolerated her. Else he would have to get an earful from his mother, followed by a lecture from the mayor Tang Yan.

Since he had lost his father early on, the mayor, who was a family friend, was sort of a fatherly figure for him and always kept an eye out for him.

Watching Tang Yue, putting on a show and dashing out of the room, Su Lin suddenly thought of something. Then, she noticed Shi Meng.

The man in front of her was extremely handsome and was exuding mystery. He had a well built body and deep piercing eyes. But he didn't look up at her as usual.

Quickly ignoring Shi Meng, Su Lin pressed the call button for her personal nurse and asked to be discharged from here. She had a full day ahead of her. After all, she was racing the clock.

Shi Meng, on the other hand, ignored the whole scene and kept himself busy with his phone.

Soon enough, Tang Yue returned back to Su Lin's room with the main doctor in charge. "Please attend to her doctor. She looked like she was in a lot of pain earlier. Don't worry Lin Lin, I will stay with you here till everything is alright."

The doctor, who looked like he was in his fifties, immediately noticed Shi Meng and politely greeted him. This was the CEO of the Meng Industrial Empire. And Shi Meng had built it from scratch. If he let slip this chance, he wouldn't get another one.

"Hello Mr. Meng. We have been carefully monitoring the young mistress through out the entire night. She is feeling better now."

And Shi Meng didn't even look up.

Smirking at the whole one woman show going on, Su Lin looked up towards the doctor, "I need to be discharged now. I am leaving."

And she just got up, checked herself for any dizzy spells and immediately walked out of the room.

Everybody was completely surprised with Su Lin's actions. Even Shi Meng, who was focussed on his phone, lifted his head and watched her walk out.

Immediately, the nurse, who Su Lin had called earlier, panicked and rushed out to stop her. "Excuse me madam. You can't leave now. We still have to monitor you. You are currently very weak. And you don't have any clothes on ! You are just wearing the hospital gown."

Su Lin just ignored her and kept walking.

The nurse continued to follow her and tried to restrain her. She even called for help. Soon, there was a whole mess. They didn't want to use much force on a terminal cancer patient but, Su Lin was not budging.

"Enough." Shi Meng's sharp and cold voice rang out.

One can literally count the number of times Shi Meng had talked to Su Lin in person. And this was the 9th or the 10th time.

"Stop creating drama and listen to the doctors."

Saying this, Shi Meng picked up his suit case and was on his way out of the hospital. When suddenly, he heard Su Lin's voice and stopped in his tracks. Even Tang Yue had a blank expression.

"Hmph. I am not a prisoner. I wish to leave. I will leave."

This was the first time that Su Lin had ever talked back.

What the hell happened to the obedient and silent Su Lin, who knew nothing aside from shedding tears.

Must be the effects of the medicines. Again ignoring her, Shi Meng left for his office in his black Maybach. He had already wasted enough time on this nonsense.

And ignoring the huge crowd of hospital employees surrounding her, Su Lin got into a taxi and asked the driver to go to Meng Manor. It was one of the biggest villas in the city and obviously everyone was familiar with it.

Not wanting to disappoint this woman, hmmm, who by the way was wearing a hospital gown, the driver immediately took off. Rich people and their crazy fashion sense. It was not his right to question these things.

And Tang Yue, stood at the hospital entrance, dumb founded, along with an array of doctors, nurses and hospital staff. What were they supposed to do? Manhandle her? She was Mrs. Meng. They couldn't do anything.


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