The CEO's loser wife
3 A sickly body ?
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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3 A sickly body ?

This day was extremely unexpected and a lot of interesting events had transpired. Su Lin decided to turn in early for the night and took a long hot shower. Apparently, people in this planet needed regular sleep to stay healthy and fit.

Su Lin was not breathtakingly beautiful but she did have a pleasant face. Her long wet jet black hair fell on her shoulders like a waterfall.

The previous Su Lin had lived a simple and invisible life. She had never cared about looking beautiful or even presentable. All she had in the bathroom was a bar of soap and some rough towels.

But Alzeira's character was a bit different. Someone had once asked her, "Why are you working this hard, day and night, spending all your resources to improve your pill formation talent? Don't you want to cultivate first?"

And she had simply replied, "Hmph. Nobody else is willing to research on a pill to make my skin softer. So I decided to try making one myself."

And now, looking at Su Lin's simple life style, her heart was aching. "Aww.. my mistreated host body.. "

Closing the shower, she stepped out with water dripping on the mat. She slowly dried herself and put on some fresh clothes. Feeling very fresh, she downed a glass of water and decided to turn in for the night.

As she was lying down on the bed, she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her abdomen.

Blarghhh.. Blarghhh

She even began retching uncontrollably. She vomited all the food she had eaten before and a good amount of blood.

Coughing loudly she felt extremely dizzy and fainted. She fell on the floor with a loud thud. She just laid there in a puddle of her own vomit and blood.

Hearing the loud noises inside, one of the house keepers knocked on the door to check for a response. After all, the young mistress had end stage pancreatic cancer and the young master had ordered him to keep an eye on her for sudden symptoms.

After knocking for a couple more minutes, he forcefully pushed open the door and saw the young mistress lying on the floor in a mess.

The housekeeper was immediately alarmed and called for the emergency ambulance.

Noticing all the ruckus in the main manor, mama Meng arrived at the scene and watched the emergency medical technicians carry Su Lin out of the house.

Apathetically, she commented, "Wow. She smells like death. Jing, you go upstairs and clean her room thoroughly. I don't want that smell to be lingering in the house."

The young master also arrived at the scene and watching the ambulance drive away with Su Lin, he instructed the head butler to get her admitted in the first cross hospital.

"Hmm.. According to her doctor's latest report, she only has 2 more weeks to survive. It's best if she is admitted in hospital for any emergency purposes. You take care of that."

The head butler nodded loyally and immediately left for the hospital.

"Child.. drink some milk before you go back. I already have it warmed up"

"Yes mom."

And everybody went back to their business as usual, as if nothing had happened.


" Cough.. Cough.. mmm.. The lights are really bright.. Where am I.. Cough cough.."

After she slowly gained conscious, Su Lin immediately jerked up straight. She was surprised to see a group of people crowded around her wearing some ridiculous clothes.

"Gently dear. You are in the hospital now. Don't worry. You just experienced some known symptoms of your cancer. Abdominal pain and vomiting are common issues. We have given some sedatives and pain killers. You should take some rest."

Su Lin was bewildered. What are these guys talking about ?

She tried to recollect some of the previous host's memories. There was a whole boatload of information and she hadn't processed and assimilated everything. But the human brain, being better than a computer, immediately reminded her of the specific memories she was looking for.

Apparently, the previous Su Lin had been sick. Moreover, not just any sickness, but she had been ill with a life threatening sickness. "Huff.. my senses are ridiculously dulled down in this body. I didn't even detect a irregularity of this level."

She slowly sat up straight again. She folded her legs and sat in a cross legged position. She clasped her palms together in a prayer format. Closing her eyes and calming her heart, she slowly breathed in and out and in and out.

"Hmm.. I guess this is to be expected. I am not able to clear the irregularity by circulating true energy. This world is completely devoid of any spiritual energy. Let me try this method then. Sigh.. This is going to take a while."

Still with her eyes closed and hands clasped, she consciously focussed her attention on each individual cell of her body. She slowly moved her conscious from one cell to another.

Though this method took a lot of time, this was basically child's play for her. In Alzeira's original world, every single cultivator had to do this for establishing foundation.

They needed to completely circulate true energy through all the cells of the body for strengthening the body thoroughly. This signified the early stages of core formation.

All night, Su Lin was just sitting there on the bed, in that weird pose and her eyes closed. The nurses on rounds, checking up on her, noticed her odd behaviour, but, didn't comment anything.

The first cross hospital was exclusively for the filthy rich and wealthy 1% of the city. So, they didn't dare disturb anyone unless needed.

Seeing that Su Lin's vitals were stable on the monitor, the nurse ignored her weird pose and moved on to the next patient.

And Su Lin continued to sit there for the entire night and still continued the same next morning.


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