The CEO's loser wife
2 Mama“s boy
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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2 Mama“s boy

"Interesting .. Interesting.. This world is so much more different than mine. For one thing, there is absolutely no spiritual energy here. Many of my go-to herbs are non-existent. But look at all of these other things.. !"

Engrossed in the brand new setting and situation, Su Lin spent hours holed up in her room and reading about several things and familiarising herself with this world.

Though she was able to access some of the memories of the original Su Lin, it was still better to learn about some of these new things by herself.

Gu gu gu gu ...

"Bleh.. I almost forgot. Looks like I need to regularly eat some rations in this world to upkeep my bodily energy reserves." Su Lin slowly got out of her room and walked over to the main kitchen.

"Wow. This lady has really been mistreated to the core. What is with the attitude everyone around here is giving me ?! And it looks like they are just cleaning random things around the house.. In the small trip from my room to the kitchen, I have been stared at, ridiculed, pointed at and laughed at. Are you really supposed to be the wife of the young master, when you receive this kind of treatment ?!"

Ignoring the others, Su Lin took out some left overs from the kitchen and helped herself.

"Heh.. one good thing about this world is definitely food ! This meat has been cooked absolutely to perfection. Chicken wings is it. hrmm .. Burp.. Burp.."

After wolfing down several portions of food, Su Lin was finally energised and headed back to her room. She again sat down and spent her time browsing the internet.


Ding dong .. Ding dong ..

The main bell rang, signalling the arrival of the young master. Quickly everybody got in order and ready to welcome the young master. The head butler opened the door and greeted him.

A young man in his early twenties was standing at the door. He looked lean and was dressed crisply in a classic black Armani suit. He had chiselled angular features and looked extremely handsome.

He dropped off his trench coat and his suitcase to the head butler and headed upto to his room to freshen up.

The young master, Shi Meng, can be classified as a workaholic. He worked everyday and for long hours. But he still took time to take care of his body. After coming back from work, his evening routine started with a long jog around the estate.

In fact, several female housekeepers took evening shifts just to catch a glimpse of the young master's shirtless naked upper body. His body structure was not buffed up and bulky. But it was more lean and muscular.

After finishing his run, he usually spent another half an hour in the private gym and practised restorative yoga. Then, he takes a long hot shower and meets mama Meng sharp at 7.30 pm for dining together.

When you look at this handsome young male with an aura exuding confidence and arrogance, you would never be able to guess that he was extremely filial. Often times, when people interact with him, all they would get is an emotionless cold exterior and indifference. But, not to his mother.

Shi Meng had always been extremely loving and caring to his mother. Even if she nicks her hand from a paper cut, he would immediately drop everything at hand and come check up on her first in person.

To him, family was the most important thing and he took great care of his mother. His father had passed away when he was a child and his grand father passed away recently. So he pampered his mother even more than usual.

Mama Meng also equally spoilt the young master. No matter how many house keepers they employed, mama Meng always personally over saw everything pertaining to the young master and even served all the dishes herself at dinner every day.

Even, earlier today, she had gone out to a buddhist temple, as part of her biweekly ritual, to pray for her son's good health and prosperity.

Today's dinner was of western style, with fresh salad and grilled chicken. Mama Meng was happily chatting with her son and they were enjoying dinner. The usually tight lipped young master was actually chatting with his mom like any other normal person.

Then, after finishing his portion, Shi Meng called the head butler over.

Though he left all matters pertaining to household maintenance to Mama Meng, this was the time, he usually listened to any important updates.

Looking very hesitant, the head butler responded, "Nothing to report today sir."

Noticing his odd behaviour, Mama Meng immediately got straight to the point. "What did she do now?"

In this peaceful and harmonious household, if it was not for that beggar Su Lin, who else could be troublesome and annoying. But luckily, they had to bear with it only for one more month.

"Nothing madam. Young mistress looked like she fainted earlier today."

Looking annoyed Mama Meng didn't give a response. Seeing that his mother's mood was getting ruined, Shi Meng quickly closed the topic, "Hmm... In the future, you don't have to report these things. If she is not feeling well, just take her to the hospital and get her checked with the doctors. After all, they are the ones who can help her."

Changing the topic, Mama Meng quickly perked up and asked Shi Meng, "Hey kiddo.. do you remember the Liang family, with the twins, who stayed next to us in the Monsoon villa. They are returning from the states soon. It's been so long I am missing aunty and uncle Liang very much !"

Shi Meng gently looked at his mom, "That's nice mom. You will have some company, when I am working all day."

Taking this opportunity, Mama Meng quickly added sighing, "If you had divorced that plague sooner and brought in a good daughter-in-law home for me, I will have much better company."

"Ha ha.. Ok I am going up to finish some meetings, please have a good rest and a good night's sleep." Kissing his mom's forehead, Shi Meng went upstairs to his room.


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