The CEO's loser wife
1 The house dog Su Lin
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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1 The house dog Su Lin

Pitter patter pitter patter pitter patter ..

It was raining heavily today. Su Lin was sitting by the window sill. She had always liked looking at the rain. She thought it was a magical sight. It always made her feel less lonely.

And she needed it now more than ever. It was as if the heavens were bidding her farewell. She liked that thought. Su Lin was smiling, "At least I won't be alone when I die right".

Su Lin had taken some drastic measures earlier that day. She knew full well how cowardly it is to do what she had done. But she couldn't bear it anymore. She was too weak for it.

She was an orphan from birth. But the loneliness she had felt then, all those years, was nothing in comparison to what she was feeling now. She really couldn't stand it anymore and she was anyways going to die by the end of this month. What was so wrong about just leaving this hell a little bit earlier ?

Su Lin had prepared her grand father's favourite dishes that day. She missed him, missed him a lot. Maybe all this suffering started because of him. But she would rather have him in his life than to trade all of this misery for a different life. Just getting to know him and spending that little bit of time with him was worth all of this.

Su Lin was ready to leave. She had made her peace with everything. She looked one last time at her beloved grand father's photo and closed her eyes. It was time.


"Look at that. Lazy bitch has been sitting there all day. And I have to finish all this work by myself? Screw this. I am kicking her awake today." And the house keeper proceeded to kick Su Lin. No one really respected her in the household. Not even the lower level house keepers who had only been working there for a year or so.

But, much to the surprise of the house keeper, who was kicking Su Lin, her body just fell over limp on the ground. Frightened, the house keeper immediately started shouting, "Help Help. Young mistress Su Lin is unconscious".

Even though Su Lin was the house dog, she was still the wife of the young master. So the house keeper immediately called for help and went to the main office to report to the chief house keeper.

It was a pleasant wednesday mid morning and everybody was either at work or busy with something else. There was a pin drop silence in the whole mansion. But if someone had looked at the mansion from outside, they would have seen dark grey storm clouds gathered above.

There was a silent vortex formed and flashes of lightening and thunder. Then suddenly, there was a huge flash. As if the sky was torn apart and something squeezed in. "Blerghhh" Su Lin woke up with a jerk. She stood up, dusted off and rearranged her clothes. She then sat on the couch and helped herself to a glass of water.

"Ha ha ha ha.. ha ha ha .. Looks like I escaped those old foggies after all. Ha ha ha ha.. Who's laughing now assholes. As if you can touch me. I can change anything and everything with a single pill you jerks. Have fun searching for me in those waste lands."

"Now.. moving on.. where the hell am I?" Su Lin or rather Alzeira stood up again and tried to observe her surroundings. She suddenly felt dizzy and fainted on the couch. There was a rush of memories flooding her mind.

The house keeper had returned with her chief, "Look at her chief. She was lying on the floor a minute ago. Now she is lying on the couch. Never mind. Looks like the bitch is faking. Always trying to get attention".

"Never mind then. Let us just get back to work. Maybe leave her alone for a while", the chief housekeeper calmly replied and went back to his office.

The house keeper continued grumbling and was finishing up cleaning the huge bedroom. "Hmph.. Even this useless thing has such a huge room and gets to live in luxury. Why am I suffering like this ... Lucky bitch". And finally left Su Lin's room slowly after cleaning.

"Arghh .. so noisy .. Hmm .. Hmm .. Hey would you look at that.. I have actually teared up. Wow.. such a miserable life.. Hmm.. you change worlds.. but some people never really change huh.. beat down the person who is already on the floor.. Miss Su Lin .. I am sorry your luck has been this terrible dear."

"I am known for being heartless and I am planning to fully enjoy this new life and this new world. But I can do this much for you. I will bring everybody who has wronged you down on their knees and beg for your mercy. This is me thanking you for providing me with a host body."

"Now where is this so called computer in this house ...."


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