The CEO Is My Second Husband!
3 My Husband Is Bored END
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The CEO Is My Second Husband!
Author :kauiya
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3 My Husband Is Bored END

@@"Ahah!! That sounds just like a situation you'd be in, Kanoko!" Akihisa laughed patting the orange haired women's head. Kanoko pouted in response hoping her husband would have at least tried to be jealous.

"Akkey! It was scary and big!" Kanoko whined only causing her husband to laugh at her misfortune. He then stood up getting ready to tale a shower.

"I'll be out quickly." He said walking away leaving Kanoko alone. She sighed sadly, he didn't even invite her to wash together.

"How did we grow so far apart...?" Kanoko asked herself as he moved her finger along the rim of her pink mug. "Maybe mother was right, I rushed into marriage..." Kanoko mumbled to herself. Suddenly Akihisa's phone went off, it was a text message from the same girl earlier.

'Hey was wondering if you wanna have round two at my house tonight~ ♡'

Tears filled up Kanoko's eyes as she read the text message. She didn't want it to be true but her husband was sleeping with other women!

"He really is bored of me..." Kanoko quickies wiped her tears when she heard the shower get turned off. Akihisa walked out with his light brown, chin-length hair was wet. One strand of his hair was hanging in the middle of his face between his brown eyes.

"Ah, did I take too long?" He questioned with a smile but Kanoko shook her head. She got up grabbing his hand wanting to test if her suspicions were right.

"Akkey," She whispered seductively in Akihisa's ear. "How about you wash my back for me tonight? Or maybe we can have some bath time fun~" Akihisa gave an apologetic smile.

"I'm too tired today, next time Kanoko." He declines causing Kanoko to freeze.

'My husband is bored...of me...'



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