The CEO’s a Woman
1 Chapter 1: New Job
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The CEO’s a Woman
Author :Lils223r
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1 Chapter 1: New Job

Liang Fu Jiu was late to work. He jumped off the bus, toast in hand, to peer at his watch. "****, I'm late behind by three minutes!" He walked hurriedly towards his building. With his head down eating his toast he bumped into a young lady about 20 years old coming out of the building.

"Oh no, I'm so sorry are you ok!" Liang Fu Jiu asked. The lady's purse had been opened and the contents were all over the floor.

"I apologize, it's my fault I was in a hurry and didn't see where I was going." Liang Fu Jiu quickly bent down and picked up the contents before putting them in the purse to give back to her. Peering up at her face he noticed a large scar that ran from her cheek to her ear.

"I'm so sorry ma'am" Liang Fu Jiu apologized again.

"It's alright" the lady said with a laugh. "I wasn't seeing where I was going either."

"What made you be in such a hurry anyway" the lady asked.

"Oh it's my first day at my new job. "And I didn't want to be late" Liang Fu Jiu answered. "But it seems I might be, I should go. I'm so sorry again"

"No it's alright"the lady answered "I just hope you don't lose your job because of me, Good Luck"

"Thank You" Liang Fu Jiu laughed before climb the stairs to his building. "Oh wait, if you don't mind me asking what are you working as" the lady exclaimed!"

"Oh" He laughed again, "I'm working as a secretary for the CEO"

"Good luck, I heard he's very scary, it's said he never lets anyone see him." She went down to a whisper. "I heard if they do see him, he kills them!" She shivered.

Liang Fu Jiu frowned "Please don't talk about my boss like that, I'm sure it's just rumors."

"I'm sure your right" the lady said though she seemed unconvinced, "Well, good luck anyway!"

"Have a good day ma'am" Liang Fu Jiu said, before running into his building.

Jin Jia Li smiled reaching up to pull off the fake scar. This new secretary of hers seemed innocent and pure. Good! She liked them that way, it was fun to watch them squirm. Especially the innocent ones. For this one she felt like preparing something even better than normal.


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