The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
1582 Why Should I Save Her?
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1582 Why Should I Save Her?

Qian Yikun glanced at Mo Fei again. Why was he here? 

"Because I am the only one who can arrest her. She is wanted by me and no one else should have the right to kill her," said Qian Yikun bluntly. That was why he was here. 

Gu Juexi scoffed at what Qian Yikun said when the leading doctor turned to face them. It was a man in his thirties with a delicate face that showed after he removed his mask. 

"She is out of danger now. Four broken ribs and some injuries to her heart and lungs, so it will take a while before she can fully recover," said the man as he removed his gloves.

"Which one of you is taking the patient?" The man asked again and scowled when a bell started to ring in the room. "Looks like they have found this place. Please don't get me into trouble like this again, Gu." 

"Do you expect me to take care of you for the rest of your life then?" asked Gu Juexi coldly. 

Realizing that a man like Gu Juexi probably couldn't take any jokes, the man's face fell and he left the room without looking back. He came back to the room again after around ten minutes when the other doctors had left the basement after informing Gu Juexi. 

"Looks like she offended someone prominent this time. They will find this place in no time with their progress. Take her with you and leave now," said the man seriously. 

"Who had she approached recently?" Gu Juexi looked at Qian Yikun and asked. 

"She visited Africa a while ago and assassinated a diamond tycoon." 

"A diamond tycoon who happened to have a son by the name of Cong?" Gu Juexi scoffed, and Qian Yikun fell silent. 

"Are you two idiots?" Gu Juexi growled softly. He probably wouldn't have interfered if it weren't that Mo Fei and Ye Yuwei were quite close. 

As for Cong, Gu Juexi had encountered him once and was not really familiar with him. Cong was a rebellious guy and had always liked a life filled with blood and guts although he was born into a wealthy family. Being on different paths, he and Cong had been minding their own businesses without interfering in each other's lives. 

And of all people, Mo Fei had to get involved with Cong.

Qian Yikun lowered his gaze. It had been too late when he tried to stop Mo Fei. She was an arrogant woman who made little of everyone and had underestimated Cong. 

So it was reasonable to deduce that the person who offered 100 million to send Mo Fei to Africa was the successor of X Country. 

"You don't mess with Gu Juexi if you are doing legal business, and you don't mess with Cong if you are doing illegal business. Mo Fei was really daring to have targeted that man." Feeling impressed, the man couldn't help but whistle in admiration. 

That was a saying within the underworld, stating how Gu Juexi and Cong were the leaders of the legal and illegal businesses and reminding people that it was dangerous to offend either of them. 

Qian Yikun began to find the situation tricky when Mo Fei was so reckless that she got involved in this. 

"Mr. Gu, you are the only one who can save her now," Qian Yikun looked at Gu Juexi and said. 

"Why should I save her? Just so you can arrest her?" 

Qian Yikun was speechless and began to wonder how Ye Yuwei had fallen for this man. 

"Give me a reason. I might save her if I am convinced," Gu Juexi grabbed a stool, sat down casually, and said. 

"Just admit that you like her, Officer Qian. Who says you can't fall for a criminal by trying to arrest one?" The man said cheekily, earning him an icy glare from Qian Yikun. 

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    《The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy》