The Ancients World
371 Broadened Perspective
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The Ancients World
Author :easyread
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371 Broadened Perspective

~~~(POV: Eeroxis, Lieutenant of the Monster Horde)~~~

~~~(Location: The Glarxes Pass, Near The Kingdom of Avalon)~~~

~~~(Time: 4:28 PM)~~~

We've been collecting souls constantly, and we're getting closer to the amount needed to summon... It... Why the commanders and generals are so motivated to do this is something I don't understand. "Eeroxis, how much longer until we're out of these mountains?" My commander, Hexer the Brilliant, has tasked me with navigating us through The Glarxes Pass.

He's a hybrid between an elf and vampire and probably the strongest fighter I've ever met. Why he's not a general yet is beyond me. "We should be out by nightfall, and we'll be exiting into a forest called The Red Thicket." Our division has been tasked with scouting out The Kingdom of Avalon. A new City that houses these... Players... Specifically.

Many on the high council believe these players or new people are the greatest threat to our success right behind Slayer Zern. "Good, tell the scouts to go ahead and gather information in case there is something unexpected ahead." At his order, I wave my hand, and a magic sigil pops up. Letting a blue and purple light into the sky. Giving the scouts the signal to move forward.

We're riding on top of skeleton horse puppets. While uncomfortable, they serve their purpose. "Commander Hexer, why have we stopped collecting souls? Assuming that's still our objective." There are many divisions and armies in The Monster Horde, and we've split up our grand army since our invasion of The Kingdom of Feradia.

Now we're scouting out other weak and vulnerable Kingdoms in which we can harvest souls, but it's common knowledge that players are immortal. "That's for me to worry about, Eeroxis. You have your orders, and I expect you to follow them." He's not in the mood for questions, so I'll leave him be. Still, is scouting The Kingdom of Avalon out really our only objective?

The generals report directly to the high council, and the commanders report to the generals. As a lieutenant, I report directly to my commander, which is Hexer. My thoughts are stopped as we turn a corner, and we get a fantastic view of The Kingdom of Avalon. While the capital isn't in sight, the massive cities close to the border are.

It's a shame that we won't be attacking this place. It'd be foolish to. Despite how strong Hexer is, I doubt that he can survive an onslaught of immortal fighters. "It's such a shame that wherever we go... We have to destroy such things... The Kingdom of Avalon is lucky they are spared this fate..." Hexer surprises me with his words...

As a half-breed between a human female and orc, I might not have the best taste in poetry and deep thoughts, but I know I'm far smarter than the rest of my kind. Having been born around three months ago, I've come a long way. "Do you ever wonder why we're enemies with humanity and humanoid creatures?" I can't stop my question from coming out...

I wonder about this a lot, and I see that this war is pointless in certain regards... We're fighting them because they are who they are, and they're doing the same to us. "You're thinking about something I find myself thinking often... Perhaps it's because it's in our natures to hate and harm each other..." That'd be a pathetic and sad reason if it's true... It's just speculation, of course.

~~~(POV: Hexer the Brilliant)~~~

~~~(Location: The Glarxes Pass, Near The Kingdom of Avalon)~~~

~~~(Time: 4:40 PM)~~~

Eeroxis has proven to be a competent fighter and an excellent lieutenant. He's broken the notions I've held about orcs, but that doesn't mean by any measure he's a genius. Given more time and experience, he'll learn what's needed to become more than he is. I find it a great sign that he thinks about the same things I think about, in a sense.

More importantly, my own plans are coming along nicely. The high council and the generals are starting to get worried. They're noticing that my power is far greater than they realized, and they're making moves on their end to find out how to handle me if I need to be put into check. Overthrowing the high council and the generals is my goal.

Taking the main seat of power for myself and changing the goals of The Monster Horde. Summoning ancients evil beings isn't what will win this war we find ourselves in. While I can't stop it right now, I intend to find someone that can. Specifically, Slayer Zern. I have it on good intel that he's, in fact, a player and is near The Elven Kingdom, if not in it already.

What he's doing there is none of my business, but if I can just talk to him and get him to understand my plan. I'm sure that he'll help. "Eeroxis, what are your thoughts on Slayer Zern?" I'm curious about what he thinks of such an existence. Slayer Zern is strong, but I know that I'm stronger than he is right now. That'll change, though.

Players are reported to grow in strength at exponential rates, and that includes Slayer Zern. "Well, I know that the council's attention is pretty much focused on him and figuring out how to get rid of him. Personally, I think he's doing things of his own agenda." Bravo Eeroxis. That's exactly what Slayer Zern is doing. He's on his own side, and he's not our greatest threat.

Well, the greatest threat to the plans of the high council, but to me, he could be a powerful ally. "That's a smart conclusion, Eeroxis. I'm impressed. Now here's a challenging question. Why do you think Slayer Zern exists? His being here doesn't make sense..." Eeroxis won't know the answer to this, but he has a lot of potential to be an important ally to me.

Helping him learn how to think in complex manners can be beneficial to both of us. "In truth, I don't know, commander Hexer. Best guess, Slayer Zern isn't who everyone believes him to be." That's a logical conclusion that's based on the current evidence. That'd be something I'd consider too, but at this moment, there is no answer. It's not something we can know for sure.

~~~(POV: Cera Adamo)~~~

~~~(Location: On the road in a carriage, Elven Kingdom)~~~

~~~(Time: 5:12 PM)~~~

We're heading to a different city that might have what we need to get into the capital, and riding in this comfortable carriage is something that I find nice. "When do you expect us to arrive?" Hailey is quick to ask the question that's on my mind as well. We're supposed to be arriving in a city by the name of Gradule, and it's North of Wessixs.

Helda pinches the bridge of her nose as she's getting tired of all the questions that Hailey is pestering her with. I understand. She's my annoying sister. "We'll get there by sunrise tomorrow, and that answer won't change no matter how many times you re-word it." My eyes are closed as I'm listening to this conversation.

Sally is resting her head on my lap and sleeping herself, getting a nap in from time to time helps the stress that a person goes through. "Fine, how about the capital? What's that place like?" That's something that I'm also interested in, but Helda isn't in the mood to explain things right now. She's had to deal with a lot of shit since we started this trip to Gradule.

Ashburn and Melimora have been talking to each other outside as they walk. Wanting privacy and movement. They're beside the carriage. The revelation that Ashburn likes Melimora has changed said girl, and while she's still pretty neutral. She's showing some form of... Affection? Towards Ashburn. She might even be considering him as a partner.

I wouldn't exactly know since I'm in here. For now, I'm just enjoying the peace and quest that's coming with this ride... Well... Almost peace and quiet.


A/N: Below this line, I'll be keeping Cera's player information. That way, I won't have to place it into the story above anymore. It takes about 180 words up.

[Slayer (Zern) Lvl.196]

[Exp: 40/100%]

[Title: The Son of Arch-Angel Michael (Hidden)]

[Stats] [Strength - 7095][Endurance - 7045][Dexterity - 7215][Speed - 8240][Focus - 19,660]

[Mana aura control: 6/100%]

[Health: 76,560,000,000/76,560,000,000] [Mana: 216,600,000,000/216,600,000,000]

[Stat Points: 50] [Armor rating: 500]

[Inventory] [Dice of Wayland (Divine)] [Hardened Tree sap Armor (Very Rare)] [The Witness (Legendary Sword)] [Fenrir's Whistle (Divine)] [Sally's Dresses 5x] [Camping gear] [Food Rations 3x] [Dried meat 4x] [Fishing poles 2x] [Fish 8x] [Festival Garbs 2x]

[Passive Perks]

[Inheritor of the Sword] [Son of Heaven] [Slayer of Evil] [Holy Willow Trees Savior] [Finder of Legends] [The Divine who has Legend] [Destined for Greatness] [Dungeon Diver] [An Overachiever]

[Active Skills]

[Heavens light Lvl.59 325/5900] [Protected by Heaven Lvl.59 225/5900] [Slash Lvl.77 4600/130000] [Parry Lvl.53 80/5300] [Double Strike N/A] [Kingslayer N/A] [Raging Machine N/A] [Winged Glory] [Angelic Flight] [Divine Pressure Exertion] [Divinity Pulse] [Controled Fun]

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    《The Ancients World》